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Found 13 results

  1. I for one will not be having this vaccine for reasons I repeat in public, when asked. I get an awful lot of people respond that they want to go on holidays, so have no choice. I very calmly just point out appeasement is pretty much a blind alley. A person without backbone or principle becomes merely a victim. I doubt the people who fought Nazism in 1939 worried over missed holidays. The bottom line is I made my choice. I wonder though how many people will be in my camp ultimately. To make a principled decision means to take that path no matter what, and to prepare to go it alone if you have t
  2. My husband died on the 19th May, I believe as a direct result of the Astrazenica vaccine. The problem is there was no post mortem and I only found out hours before the funeral that I could have asked for one. An hour after I found him laying on the bedroom floor dead I received a phone call, yes a phone call, from my doctor to say that he was going to put this down as a heart attack because he thought a post mortem would be too traumatic for me. How he could decide that is beyond me because I have only met the man twice, he had more dealings with my husband and couldn't even get HIS med
  3. Yes, just heard that Medvedev is finalising a legal rule to allow forced vaccines, in the interest of the State. That is obviously a fundamental shift. It's unlikely that would happen here but I suppose some E.U. countries could follow Russia. This crisis so far has plenty of copycat elements. Not yet sure whether Russia's plan will simply link employment to the vaccine or use that kind of coercion. At the moment I'm in contact with a Russian female from Irkuts who's anti-vax so will ask her. So far my opposition to this has been academic and based on principle. Should there be an attempt to
  4. The TWO greatest mysteries of this Pandemic: - Not ONE vaccine formula of over half a dozen has been open-sourced (meaning that anyone could produce or improve the vaccine) or 'opened to public and scientific scrutiny' - Private FOR-PROFIT companies have been allowed to treat a Global Health Crisis as 'A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY' 8 Billion lives at threat, a World Economy at NEAR-STANDSTILL, and vaccine makers get to treat the vaccines as BUSINESS SECRETS. You'd think that the G8 leaders would get together, DO A BUY-OUT of the most pro
  5. New topic which I hope will be filled with verified, backed up, documented facts. Not theories or hearsay but a place to collect the actual reasons why this man should not be trusted (to put it mildly). Also happy to hear alternative thoughts, for example some video clips I've seen of Gates are edited to be quite misleading and not giving the full facts of what he was actually saying, when the video was watched in totality. I don't think this exempts this man but does weaken our argument for anyone who cares to research. Anyway, this topic will involve quite a lot of re
  6. Anyone feel the same way? I notice that often the tone of discussion on this Covid Crisis sometimes gets pessimistic. Almost as if, we are all doomed. Protest is futile. It's a New World Order. I then think to myself if Fidel Castro had felt the same way, there never would have been a change in the political situation. One example is, for instance, when Trumps supporters literally forced their way into The White House, you would hear people cry it was all staged by the FBI. Or it was a trap to lure people into a scenario where they could be buried where they fell. Rather than the most obviou
  7. Just an idea to show the absurdity of your "social media friends" posting proof of vaccine photos.
  8. David, Garrett, I just found this: https://ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2019/04/biosynthetic-dual-core-cell-computer.html And it confirms what you have been writing about in "the Answer" any many of your other books and presentations. Confirmed by no lesser than the world famous Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich: we are not "nutters" any more! "Tapping into these natural processes to build logic circuits is a key goal of synthetic biology. In this case, the ETH Zurich team found a way to slot dual-core processors into human cells by first modifying the
  9. Greetings, My name is Clint and I’m reaching out to you in dire a plea for help with exposing the fact that COVID-19 is legally classifiable as a biological weapon, and that Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID) along with the NIH issued US tax-payer money for the creation of this disease. In other words, the Dr. leading the public health efforts on this pandemic is the one who appropriated funding to engineer the virus, and there are statutes that can be enforced to pursue this violation of US and international law. Included below is a documentary and written summary
  10. Take a look at the blurb on the Beeb website this morning, 3/1/21. It seems that the powers that be have decided that the Oxford Astro Zeneca type of vaccine (viral vector/traditional) should not be given to those over 65. Why that age, I wonder - why not 62 or 70? Some 65 year olds are at death's door and some are fit as butchers' dogs. Reasoning: apparently it is not effective enough at lowering C19 symptoms in those above that age (it doesn't seem to be killing any of them either!). They, the powers that be imply - (I'd bet) from now onward that these older folks will be injected (ofte
  11. Follow my comments on Brand New Tube, 'Britcatty' - UK. My concerns here, as expressed on Icke's forum are in the main regarding the risks (short and longer term) of these new coronavirus/ mRNA type gene therapy vaccines. I am not, however, anti- traditional vaccine therapy but this new 'science' carries many dangers of which we know little - DATA is inconclusive in many areas and animal studies yielded results that I did not find convincing or encouraging in any way. I am not an immunologist though i.e. no expert! However, to me the law matters. If you are interested in the l
  12. Nobel Prize Winning HIV Scientist Claims Beer Bug Was Man Made Robert F Kennedy Jr says the jab makes you 4x more likely to get another flu type Robert F Kennedy Jr says The jab makes you 6x more likely to spread the flu
  13. I have been meaning to look into these cretins for a while, ever since Bill Gates began his global vaccination agenda, and I kept forgetting because of other distractions such as the george floyd BLM psyop leading to antifa, and all the other crap going on. Today I figured I would check in on HighImpactVlogs youtube channel and see what's new when I found the following video where he talks about the vaccine topic and those who support it and those who are fighting for their right to not be stuck with a needle by these globalist demons. That prompted me to start my amate
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