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Found 1 result

  1. Has anyone here (of my age) ever seen The Tomorrow People? The original series? I was thinking the other day, this Covid fascism is very like the episode Living Skins. In that episode people were encouraged to buy so-called "bubble skin jump suits". It was a huge fashion craze but behind it was a plot to absorb and take over "the saps" (homo sapiens). Once you put on the bubble skin jump suit, it becomes part of your skin and takes over your personality. Somewhat like the Covid vaccine with its chimpanzee DNA. The Tomorrow People were a group of kids who represented the new Homo Superior. They were telepathic and could "jaunt" with their special belts (as in Star Trek). They were protecting the earth from hostile aliens like The Thargons and Sarsons. In Living Skins, the idea was once enough people had started to be taken over by the bubble skins, the actual ball-boys would come to take over the earth. These were represented as extra large baloons. Now, pay attention. Here is the irony: The Tomorrow People defeated the bubble skin conspiracy by discovering the common cold caused the skins to drop off and shrivel. They sprayed the cold virus into space where it entered the atmosphere and wiped out the bubble skins. So.... Anti vaxers = homo superior Vaxers = homo sapiens The vaccine = the bubble skin jump suits Bill Gates and co = the ball boys.
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