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Found 1 result

  1. So far I kept this quiet but have been training for some time since the lockdowns started. The idea is simple and basic: Things could escalate in a number of ways, from crime waves to attempts at forced isolation. Part of the reason this mess started is we have an apathetic and often physically under par population. A submissive, subdued population is a sure invitation to the wolves. There are many non lethal ways to defend your life and person. It's also an obligation. I always figured the shrewdest self defence is to run faster and harder than your attacker (or attackers). It simply puts a distance between yourself and any threat. First step then is physical fitness and mobility. Martial arts teaches strong- mindedness which is even more important. Not to be afraid or negative. So, take your pic. Karate Boxing Kung Fu Judo - Ju Jitsu Thai Boxing Jeet Kune Do The Shaolin monks lived under various threats but trained in effective defence. They were very peaceful but very well trained.
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