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Found 5 results

  1. If you beat someone with one stick you’re not going to do much in the way of controlling an individual or group that way. They’ll see where the blows are coming from, they’ll have someone to blame, someone whom can be held accountable for browbeating them. You want them to appear and feel schizophrenic. You want the masses to even deny “you” - the schizophrenics “they” - even exists and have those masses in denial, label all those calling this out “misleading”, “missing context”, spreading “false news”, “preachers of hate”, “sympathisers of the enemy of the day” and least we forget “conspiracy theorists” and the like. Have the population police itself. If they can see you out in the open, eventually they may even take that stick off you and start smacking you with it or break it so it no longer has any power over them. The system of control and coercion is removed… But if you have many sticks hitting you from all around, it becomes more difficult to take that stick away, break it or hit back. You’re just brow beaten into submission, the will of the tyrants can be imposed this way. Their world is created, their system triumphant. This is what’s happening by arbitrarily increasing the cost of living starting with energy costs. It’s deliberately designed to create a depression/recession, whilst simultaneously attempting to justify the states access over an individuals sovereignty, freedoms and powers like never before. Or otherwise, it’s just not possible without the same level of people being able to deny the state of fascism that actually exists, the fascism would have to be in your face without a plausible excuse for it taking place. It’s inevitably designed to lead towards a police/military state, whilst the victims of this unprecedented attack are eventually turned into criminals by design. It’s designed like that because this is what’s happening… Maybe one week you won’t be able to pay your electric bill. The next your council tax. The next your rent/mortgage. The next your food. And so on it goes… The next your medical treatment because you’ve gotten so ill due to this brow beating process deliberately setup by a political system designed to ensure failure. All is an attack upon the collective spirit of humanity. All of this may even push you into “criminal acts” like theft and the likes just to survive. Good, this is what’s desired so you’ll be more easy to be justifiably imposed upon by those wishing to do so. This is fascism and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, whilst one week you maybe getting browbeaten with one stick such as your electric bill, the next week something else like council tax and so on. This allows and justifies a state of imposition that’s being cultivated from a central source. It is contrived. This is happening simultaneously to everyone, whilst it’s designed to appear as if this is only happening to you because a different one is affecting you this week or this month, whilst the opposite is happening to someone else at different times. If this wasn’t the case a simultaneous resistance to what’s actually taking place would be far more likely. The predator likes to make its prey feel isolated, you’re more likely to conform through the fear of being eaten up if you don’t. Whilst if you can’t conform, this enables and allows an unprecedented access over your life like never before, which otherwise can’t be justified and rationalised. As for this to work, it has been essential to ensure a passive mass public towards such actions, for the ability of others to impose their will upon you to get you to do whatever it is they want from you. It’s a method of enabling tyrants access over your sovereignty that otherwise they can’t justify until they’ve broken your spirit and subjugated you through acts of sabotage, deliberately designed and coldly calculated seeking to allow others to be able to enforce their will upon you. If it be for so called “SMART Meters” due to lack of payment on an electric bill or the clearing of all your debt if you submit yourself to a number and a tracking chip embedded in the back of your hand and enter yourself gracefully into the cashless society due to this “liberation” and removing the shackles of slavery placed their by one in the same owners. Many would say no, but maybe more likely to accept these only through fear of the consequences of not accepting them, by arbitrary creating a situation where they can be imposed against an individuals will as if it’s due to their own behaviour, mismanagement or their wrong doings. It’s not. It’s an agenda and it’s one of fascists. Whilst those whom can see what I say is true, but due to their shame of compliance through cowardice, through fear, they deny the likes of such is, or even the very notion that it could be taking place. It’s all just a coincidence and a matter of circumstance. Nothing about it is remotely suspect, even if it has been coldly calculated and planned for… I hope this helps anyone else under any doubt, or spell, understand what fascism is and what’s taking place right now. Although, Freemasonry does do a lot of good charity work. So maybe they’ll sort it out? I wouldn’t count on it somehow. They fund the Wars not the Peace. When there’s no one left to fight, and everyone has been browbeaten, then we can have peace As we will all be under the will of the one true globalist tyrant and ruler of the world, ascended upon the throne of dominion of the new “SMART” Temple of Man, symbolised via the construction of the “Synagogue of Satan”. This btw this makes me antisemitic and it will do you if you think likewise. Just thought I’d let you know. It’s a plan being engineered to enslave your heart, soul and mind so you eventually become a soulless robot, drained of life, a drone with no free will, without death but will probably wish you could find it. So chin up. It could be worse. You might not know. You may have complied… Total Invasion - Killing Joke There’s no irony here Baby’s Got a Temper - The Prodigy Science is baffled. They literally have no computer model for this… Know one’s been able to make one up, it’s that unthinkable. Look Here Everyone! (Then You Won't See What Really Happened) - David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://banned.video/watch?id=64026212119981473a7139d1 FULL EPISODE: World Of The Occult with Jordan Maxwell
  2. This is something I noticed about fascism. Myself, I'm not the cleanest of people and, unlike the majority, don't care if a dog jumps up for a fuss. I always found that people who demand clinical cleanliness from others tend to not relate to animals, or are judgemental. There is something about this Covid ideology that's plain alien to my nature. This ideology promotes the view people should not mix or freely spend time together. You will notice this. There are activists who are doing their utmost to keep us apart, through use of the internet, used for distance schooling and shopping. The hope is now to eliminate supermarkets and promote delivered orders from warehouses. You will notice the facemasks and vaccines aren't nearly enough for these people, which is why, so far, those who swallowed the vaccine propaganda gained nothing. Nothing at all! The Covid fascists, in fact, don't think logically since their motivation is instinctive, based on fear, division, negativity and judgement of others, (as being diseased, unclean and uncontrolled). And this is the chink in the armour of this fascist ideology. More and more, people are telling me they complied with demands made upon them earlier on, yet no change has come about. Now, they are starting to have major doubts. To defeat the Covid fascism agenda, it's important to pump out lots of information. It would also help to question the way internet is being used by these people to erode skills, education and jobs. Remember, Facebook, Youtube and Google "censor" free information. Why support them where alternatives can be created? And that means maybe going out and meeting others as people did in the good old days. Also making mail-list groups so as not to have information taken off. We need to identify Covid Fascism for what it is and help others to wake up and smell the coffee.
  3. Nice to see the use of comparisons to Nazi Germany is starting to hit a raw nerve. Especially the comparisons to the arm bands Jews were asked to wear in occupied Poland. Roman Polanski addressed this not too long ago. The fact such a comparison hurts to the quick is a sign truth is a powerful tool. Absolutely, the Covid ideology and its consequences relate to the Nazi values many millions gave their lives to oppose. Let's be clear that these people seek restriction of free movement and forced vaccination by threat of loss of citizen rights. Likewise genetic manipulation, just 20 years ago, was a concept most people equated with the worst kind of fascism. It's encouraging to see more and more resistance is snowballing. I recently met a Russian woman on a psychology forum and we now correspond. She asked me what I thought about the vaccine and we both see eye to eye. As the saying goes, for evil to triumph all good men need to do is nothing. If someone were to ask my view on Nazi ideology and the current, ugly wave of fascism sweeping the (once)civilised world, I would openly draw that parallel. If it offends, great! I see no harm in drumming in that message since so many Germans were conned into acceptance of National Socialism in 1939. And Polish Jews had to walk on the roads, bow to German officers and wear star of David arm bands. Just as is idealised today by modern fascists.
  4. This is my number one pick (below), but I'm sure all of you have many more additions to the list. What are your favourite documentaries (or other videos) over the years that predicted the collective Police State hell we are all currently witnessing today? Please share the best selections you have. I think it's very important we put all these old films together for the record to show we were right all along.
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