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Found 6 results

  1. WOW... Trump being honest, or setting the stage for a new political psyop/witchhunt 2.0?
  2. Something hit the fan in Iraq, and it ain't chocolate: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/29/followers-shia-cleric-storm-iraq-government-palace-muqtada-al-sadr
  3. After 9/11 Rupert Murdoch did 5 things: 1) He supported the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars with fiery editorials in over 100 newspapers he owns around the world 2) His vile news outlets SLANDERED and DEMONIZED anyone who questioned Iraq, Afghanistan and 9/11 as "Unpatriotic" and "Traitors To America" 3) He pushed the OSAMA - WTC STORY HARDER than anyone else 4) He was MOST responsible for getting GW Bush and crew elected a 2nd term 5) He apparently made massive investments in COMMUNIST CHINA, even though he is SUPPOSEDLY A "ARCH CONSERVATIVE" who HATES COMMIES and SOCIALISTS BASICALLY, RUPERT MURDOCH IS MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR AMERICANS NOT BEING ABLE TO QUESTION 9/11 AT ALL THIS WOULD SUGGEST THAT MURDOCH AND HENCHMEN KNEW IN ADVANCE THAT 9/11 WAS GOING YO HAPPEN, AND NOT ONLY FAILED TO WARN THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ABOUT IT, BUT LIED TO AMERICANS ABOUT 2 WARS THAT WOULD LEAVE MILLIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST DEAD WHO IS THIS MAN REALLY? HOW DID HE GET SO WEALTHY? HOW DID HE GET SO MANY NEWS OUTLETS? WHAT IS THE NATURE OF HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE AUSTRALIAN DEEP STATE? IS ANYTHING KNOWN ABOUT HIS BACKGROUND, LIKE HIS YOUNGER YEARS?
  4. This is how someone explained Occult numbers to me: 666 - The Antichrist 777 - The Messiah 888 - The Antichrist After Defeating The Messiah 999 - God 9/11 is symbolic of: - 9 x II = 18 = 6+ 6+ 6 = "Two NINES or 999s Being Knocked Down" This means: "God knocked down ONCE during the Crucifiction of Christ" AND "God's World Order knocked down a SECOND TIME in the 21st Century, which is Century 7+ 7 + 7" - Building 7 Demolition: "Ritual Demolition Of The 777 Representing The Messiah" Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  5. The beginning where WWF Wrestlers boast on live TV that "the Twin Towers have to be demolished" is spine chilling.
  6. Released in 2000: - Track is called Rollin' (Lets Roll) - Shows the floors of the WTC that were hit - NUMBERS are indistinctly visible in WTC windows in one shot - Green tipped Woolworth Building in foreground was the HQ of Halliburton/Kellex Corporation at the time (Manhattan Project) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kellex_Corporation - Singer goes "one two three" at one point... 3 buildings fell on 9/11
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