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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. This is a very detailed 263 page PDF book about America's classified WIRELESS BRAIN WEAPONS, by a Scientist who actually developed some of them, believing, wrongly, that they would only be used to do good. Covered in the book: - What types of brain weapons, neural interfaces and psychotronic weapons exist - How they work technically (transmitters, electrical signals, extra low frequency technology, standing waves) - Why they were developed, and for what specific uses - Who developed them - voluntarily or not - What the often HORRIBLE capabilities of these psychotronic weapons are - Where and when they have been used to ruin various people - What trained Operators working the systems can do to people with the technology and how - How the scientist who wrote the book was himself almost forced into silence with the technology he helped develop - Over-The-Horizon surveillance technologies allowing people on other continents to be monitored from the United States - Much more in-depth information about these psychotronic brain weapons which IS NEVER DISCUSSED IN THE MAINSTREAM This is the most detailed account of psychotronics ever written. The PDF version is available to read here: https://stopthecrime.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/THE-MATRIX-Deciphered.pdf Anyone read this before? Any thoughts on the work?
  2. She explains how much power 5G radiation has, says that it, theoretically, has insufficient power to damage DNA in cells. BUT she says - there are so few studies on the subject that NOBODY knows for sure WHAT LONG TERM EXPOSURE TO 5G WILL DO TO THE HUMAN BODY.
  3. When David Icke was banned from youtube, because he associated covid-19 with 5g this pissed me off. It is obvious that the 1% who control big corporate business are threatened and confronted by this information. The powers that be care more about an ominous kill-switch than peoples health. The rush to 5g when 4g works just fine for cell phone communications is more about beaming microwaves as evident for the need of towers positioned every 500 meters for it to work. 5g is really not about cell phone communication, it is a military weapon. We all know microwaves are unhealthy to humans. David Icke is right perception is being controlled by the elites and the people of the earth who they wish to exterminate need to rise up and make decision to put them on trial and if found guilty life in jail. Because they have declared war on the populace. It has now gone that far, talk is over. No need to target the naïve 1% but only the ones who know truth of the danger of 5g who have invested and made sure it was put in place at all costs. So in that vane Tom Wheeler former FCC chairman of the USA needs to be interrogated to find the real people involved who made 5g happen. Here is a quote by Tom Wheeler about 5g sacrificing safety measures and pushing it on the public very fast because it is a weapon. "Tom Wheeler--Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future, we won't wait for the standards https://youtu.be/EnYlUYKHdS8" What I'm posting here is evidence that Carbon Nanotubes are in the Drinking Water and have moved into the food supply. The carbon nanotubes do react to microwaves and ignite when in a microwave oven. Water Purification systems now use carbon nanotubes as filters and I don't know the figures how many nanotubes are actually consumed by humans via drinking water. The bandwidth of the oven's range does coincide with the bandwidth of 5g frequencies. Therefore if microwaves ignites carbon nanotubes, what toxicity would an active 5g signal have on human cells loaded with carbon nanotubes? My bet is the immune system would definitely be adversely affected allowing viruses to move in. People have reported burning and tinkling sensations or and electric feeling in their bodies undergoing symptoms of covid-19. Could those tinkling sensations been the precursor of hot carbon nanotubes? To me now there are 3 theories that cause a deadly illness. Wuhan Bioweapon, Leap from nature bat virus, 5g Carbon nanotube inflicted virus flu. Please reply to which theory you think it is. The 5g as dark as it may seem I think is the culprit. 5g only works when its in range of 500 meters and cell phones are supposed to work at very far distances. 4g is fast enough. Our overlords know that hell on earth will occur when the dollar crashes so they spent huge amounts to install a 5g kill switch. Here is a song I created 1 year ago about 5g 5gNetworkbad https://soundcloud.com/tommy-oneil-265181099/5gnetworkbad
  4. Fascinating Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect
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