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Found 1 result

  1. Every 100 year’s a HARD reset, black plague, cholera, spanish flu and now corona. 3/11/20 was a worldwide exercise to provide cover for governments to publicly prepare, getting FEMA/military in place without any questions. They always use 3 digits to spellcast ex; 911, Hawaii missile alert 113,311's Fukashima/corona - Boston bombing 415,415 Notre Dame fire FF's. They have been at this shit for centuries and have gotten really good at it. If you know reality is scripted, and you saw how they predictively programmed every previous FF, It's as simple as seeing the next 3 digit pattern in movies/TV - dialog, address's, clocks/watches, tag #’s, tail #’s, signage and obvious hidden in plain sight stuff, ex; the "Cruella" trailer, a 159 on the red bus, It's that simple. I started seeing the 159's about a year ago, I have found them as far back as the 1984 "Night of the Comet" movie. These numbers can be inverted/mirrored or in different combinations of pairs. The 311 corona stuff was everywhere, if you knew what to look for. This is not gematria, not a dream I had. If you know what to look for it's hiding in plain sight. It's predictive programming, they mock us! They have had great success with these 3 digit spells, and credibly boast of nothing being able to stop the storm, nothing. 911=emergency, 519=mayday mayday They time their spells to allign with significant astrological event windows and the 5/26 "blood moon" total lunar eclipse makes sense. I see the 159's in the 519 pattern, and I think that they are the ending of the 911 spell, from 9/11/01 to 5/19/21 is 19y 8m 8d's (clock face/clockwise) 9:11+8:08=5:19 The 19 is obvious and the 8's represent the solar / lunar analemma's (shaped like an 8) that cross path's during the blood moon eclipse. finis temporis - 88 outatime. The alpha88omega luciferian symbolism. America has too many guns for a succesfull NWO invasion so they will divide and conquer. The world in 2021 Economist cover shows a slot machine, 4 wheels, 3 spinning, 2nd wheel stopped, with a nuke above a president, America splitting, tick tock. This attack will take all 3 U.S. power grids offline for a 6 month contingency. Bombing us back to the stone age and starting a staged, prefabed civil war. The 5/19 FF is being programmed as an asteroid impact off of the west coast causing the "San Andreas" type earthquake / tsunami. Currently flooding the southern border, emptying prisons/jails, not restocking local stores, most people are fast asleep. biden said the quiet parts out loud, Dark Winter, Directive 51, Build Back Better. Dont let that worry you. Build Back? What .. Remember when the NWO takeover was a conspiracy? They aren't hiding shit and that's scary. My imagination cant come close to what hey have been working on for centuries, the Chaimera's released from the DUMB's, they are stacking the deck. America split and down a -1/4. check these lyrics out - R.E.M - It's The End Of The World As We Know It – "That's great, it starts with an earthquake, in a government for hire and a combat site, Team by team reporters baffled, trump tethered crop, Left of west and coming in a hurry, Continental drift divide, Mountains sit in a line” -------- Me, I don’t feel fine. I think band's we hear have been read in. Just sa a recent family guy episode showed 3 different clock's, 1:00, 5:00 and 9 oclock. -coincidences- think this chicken little may be onto something? God Bless us all! They have us 6' apart for a reason. If every civilian got together held hands and prayed, we could stop this!
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