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  1. I for one will not be having this vaccine for reasons I repeat in public, when asked. I get an awful lot of people respond that they want to go on holidays, so have no choice. I very calmly just point out appeasement is pretty much a blind alley. A person without backbone or principle becomes merely a victim. I doubt the people who fought Nazism in 1939 worried over missed holidays. The bottom line is I made my choice. I wonder though how many people will be in my camp ultimately. To make a principled decision means to take that path no matter what, and to prepare to go it alone if you have to. Besides, should people be isolated from civic rights on the basis of a vaccine makes you wonder what the vaccine has in it. I guess I'm not overly worried. I have in the past learned to get by on my own, which means not depending upon a system. The main disadvantage most people have is for years they've been programmed to "depend" upon systems, schools, employment, reputation. It's pumped out via the phoney "likes culture" on American internet where we're supposed to court favour and play to the gallery. Yet the truth is the system delivers very little and is a busted flush. It mostly offers negativity, defeat and feeble-mindedness. Personally, the less I depend upon it the better. At a guess, people in my group will probably be around 20 per cent of the population. I expect more restrictions to creep in by stealth but as I so often repeat - it just pushes me even further away from any vaccine. The truth is these days people start to put me on a pedastal as many regret having complied. You get this feeling they wish they could make a stand but feel they cannot. Yet, they can and should.
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