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  1. Nice to see the use of comparisons to Nazi Germany is starting to hit a raw nerve. Especially the comparisons to the arm bands Jews were asked to wear in occupied Poland. Roman Polanski addressed this not too long ago. The fact such a comparison hurts to the quick is a sign truth is a powerful tool. Absolutely, the Covid ideology and its consequences relate to the Nazi values many millions gave their lives to oppose. Let's be clear that these people seek restriction of free movement and forced vaccination by threat of loss of citizen rights. Likewise genetic manipulation, just 20 years ago, was a concept most people equated with the worst kind of fascism. It's encouraging to see more and more resistance is snowballing. I recently met a Russian woman on a psychology forum and we now correspond. She asked me what I thought about the vaccine and we both see eye to eye. As the saying goes, for evil to triumph all good men need to do is nothing. If someone were to ask my view on Nazi ideology and the current, ugly wave of fascism sweeping the (once)civilised world, I would openly draw that parallel. If it offends, great! I see no harm in drumming in that message since so many Germans were conned into acceptance of National Socialism in 1939. And Polish Jews had to walk on the roads, bow to German officers and wear star of David arm bands. Just as is idealised today by modern fascists.
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