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Found 2 results

  1. So far I kept this quiet but have been training for some time since the lockdowns started. The idea is simple and basic: Things could escalate in a number of ways, from crime waves to attempts at forced isolation. Part of the reason this mess started is we have an apathetic and often physically under par population. A submissive, subdued population is a sure invitation to the wolves. There are many non lethal ways to defend your life and person. It's also an obligation. I always figured the shrewdest self defence is to run faster and harder than your attacker (or attackers). It simply puts a distance between yourself and any threat. First step then is physical fitness and mobility. Martial arts teaches strong- mindedness which is even more important. Not to be afraid or negative. So, take your pic. Karate Boxing Kung Fu Judo - Ju Jitsu Thai Boxing Jeet Kune Do The Shaolin monks lived under various threats but trained in effective defence. They were very peaceful but very well trained.
  2. Anyone feel the same way? I notice that often the tone of discussion on this Covid Crisis sometimes gets pessimistic. Almost as if, we are all doomed. Protest is futile. It's a New World Order. I then think to myself if Fidel Castro had felt the same way, there never would have been a change in the political situation. One example is, for instance, when Trumps supporters literally forced their way into The White House, you would hear people cry it was all staged by the FBI. Or it was a trap to lure people into a scenario where they could be buried where they fell. Rather than the most obvious and simplest explanation: People got so damned furious they successfully made their point. Personally I get frustrated hearing the line this is all "part of the plan" as if we no longer have a choice and can't get out there and make things happen. And here I don't mean violence. I mean organization, information and support to those who are now under pressure. And a recognition we are not all inevitably doomed. More to the point we are in a major crisis point but, hey, some of us are fighting back, refusing forced vaccines, handing out leaflets and standing on principles. I read the other day hundreds of people publically burned their facemasks. And now Spain has just suspended the vaccine - at least till they look at the facts. We are not doomed to a dark and hopeless New World Order. We just tend to reap what we sow. Think defeat and you end up with defeat. Fight for change and that change may come. How many optimists out there?
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