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  1. What is an idiom? According to the Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms (second edition) it is ; "A special kind of phrase. It is a group of words which have a different meaning when used together from the one it would have if the meaning of each word were taken individually. If you do not know that the words have a special meaning together you may well misinterpret what someone is saying. Idioms are typically metaphorical: they are effectively metaphors which have become 'fixed' or 'fosselized'. In some cases, it is fairly easy to see how the idiomatic meaning related to the literal meaning. For example, kill two birds with one stone means 'achieve two things at the same time', and the image in the metaphor supports this meaning. In other cases, the literal meaning may make no sense at all. For example, move heaven and earth literally describes an action which is physically impossible . In a few further cases, the metaphors in the idioms are peculiar, so it is very difficult to see how or why the idioms have come to have their current meanings". AVC writes : these metaphorical constructions exist in other languages also and as an enthusiast of the linguistics arts I can attest that idioms can land you in hot soup in some languages if you are unaware of them or have misunderstood the meaning. Besides the metaphors the words can get tricky and lead to funny situations like when I offered a sample of Manuka honey to a Lebanese couple and they started giggling. They said manuka is an erotic sexual thing in Arabic. I will get the ball rolling with this idiom ; "A cartload of monkeys" 'If you say that someone is cunning or as clever as a cartload of monkeys, you are emphasizing that they are extremely cunning or clever. You can use barrel load or barrel instead of cartload. [British, Old-Fashioned]' ".
  2. I have come to understand that as much as people may love pyramids, they may not be all that good for us i.e. evil generators. You only think of the pyramid shape on the surface but as you create the shape above, there is an invisible, upside down pyramid is generated underneath, making it an octahedron in fact. Apparently, the shape of the blood is octahedron (8 sided) and it is the shape that takes you to the dark energy realm. I am not saying dark energy realm is bad per se but it makes sense why blood is used in rituals...to access the dark energy which creates. This is no different to 'aliens' using an apple (pentagram) and honey (six sided star). It is all about access. @octoplex @Octovator
  3. 1,034 - 1,124 AD -- The entire Arab world was enslaved by one man: Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah 182 (Footnote) , the Old Man of the Mountain. He established the Hashshashin who operated a part of Mohammedanism which controlled by terror and fear much of India, Asia Minor and most of the Mediterranean Basin. They became a priesthood that used an extremely effective mind-control mechanism and extortion tool that enabled the "Assassins" to control the civilized world for several hundred years. Their method was simple. Young men were kidnapped and knocked unconscious with hashish. They were taken to a garden filled with beautiful black-eyed houris in a harem decorated with rivers of milk and honey. The young men were told that they were in paradise. They were promised they could return and live there forever if they sacrificed themselves as an assassin of whomever they were commanded to kill. The men were knocked out again, and shoved out into the world to carry out the assassination mission. Meanwhile, the Old Man of the Mountain sent a messenger to the caliph or, whatever wealthy ruler from whom they demanded payment, demanding camel-loads of gold, spices, 104 incense or other valuables. If payment did not arrive on time, the assassin would be sent to kill the offending party. There was virtually no defense against the unknown assailant who wanted nothing more than to carry out his mission, be killed and return to "heaven". This is a very crude example of how simple and effective a brainwashing and mind-control operation can be when it is used skillfully, and forcefully. It is a small scale demonstration of how the amnesia mind-control operation is used against the entire IS-BE population of Earth by the "Old Empire". From 1947 Roswell Alien Interview, Matilda O'Donell McElroy. You can anyway consult this story online or in the library. __________ Do you remember the movie Bedazzled (2000)? The devil shows a guy, in a big screen, himself the way he would like to be, to convince him to exchange his soul. Now imagine 'devil' making this not via a big screen but in a much more technologically advanced way, even more than using a VR device, maybe by an induced dream. So, you wouldn't be there standing in front of a cinema screen watching a simulation, but experiencing a simulation, and obviously, without the knowledge of such is a simulation. When you die, you won't see yourself and your [false] memories in a screen, but in a very realistic world, being yourself in the 'movie'. Maybe past-life regressions work like that, who knows? I, personally, have been a very lonely man all my life. Also, I've been a very-very lucid dreamer always, and one of my recurring dreams have been of young and extremely beautiful ladies, with an—out of this world beauty. Sometimes surrounded by them and sometimes being the boyfriend or mate of one. It feels really cool and pleasant, in such way, that when I wake up, I feel depressed. Beyond looking pathetic or not, I want to warn you. After reading David's experience with the woman he called 'K', I confirmed my intuition about origin of dreams (or most of them). They are coming from a force that doesn't want us to feel good. Is only an illusion to entrap you, as a false promise, same Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah did. So, when you die, be careful to detect you aren't in a real place but in a simulation about that you'd like at most. In one of Carlos Castañeda books (I apologize, I don't remember which one), Don Juan Matus gave a lesson to Carlos about recognizing dreams as dreams and make what ever he wanted in them, instead of 'following the script'. Most of us, specially if we are here, in this forum, have left following the script in this world, but we must to leave following in our dreams, also; specially in those that make us feel great. If we become addict to the emotions in those dreams, in the afterlife they will deceive us very easily.
  4. Interesting mate and I highlighted these comments here before seeing your comment… Something of the Sun Symbolism seems to be of them… Something I have noticed about this cavalry sword symbolism you had pointed out, connected with ABBA Waterloo symbolism and that of the April 8th Eclipse narrative which seems to be foreshadowing flooding and potential earthquakes and such. Which seems to thread or interconnect certain things together however tenuous atm, maybe theres more interconnection I’m not seeing yet so placing this here…  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Cavalry Black and White Horse - Staged Event London and such symbolism… St George’s Day - Nationalism Vs Globalist Death Cult? Recently the sword attack, the man in yellow… The event seems staged, by design and symbolic - Scenario discussed in above St George Day post… YELLOW - Cavalry Patch… Some COVID - “Corona” aka Eclipse - propaganda pictures within this material in relation to military code, standards and such… 1st Cavalry Division Standards Book - “The Yellow Book” https://api.army.mil/e2/c/downloads/2022/09/20/210fa829/update-1cd-standards-book-20sep22.pdf “Shake Spear” - Eclipse symbolism - Yellow - the Sun again it seems - Band of Brothers in relation to 1st Cavalry see here… BAND OF BROTHERS To quote William Shakespeare’s Henry V, in 1599: We few, we happy few
 We band of Brothers,
 For he today that sheds 
His blood with me 
Shall be my Brother https://robinbartlettauthor.com/band-of-brothers/ Bloodshed Damian Lewis is the central character within - Band of Brothers… “Easy Division” - Masters of the Air 2024 also followed this series which has a random Bloodied White Horse appear with no rider on it, eerily familiar to that of London just recently I have already discussed… Also David Schwimmer, Ross from Friends is a central character within the series even if he is only briefly in it, he does play a key role… I have discussed the Matthew Perry Friends foreshadowing at length and how theres more about that event than may meet the eye. This being related to flooding in the US and seems to want to place our attention on Batman, the idea of “the knowledge of good and evil’ in the battle between Batman and the Joker, and The Batman 2022 seems to follow a thread of the Virgin Mary at the start ending with flooding by Wednesday November 6th… 6uild 6ack 6etter aka Renewal/The Great Reset… GQ Magazine and Imagery involving Brad Pitt also from Friends does seem to factor into this flood narrative… The fact they have chosen Friends to do this could be to symbolise that such flooding is expected to take place in New York. However, it must be said that filming of Friends actually took place in Los Angeles, but how many people actually know that. It does appear the emphasis is upon New York as this is what peoples focus is symbolically upon through the series. However, this needs to be kept in mind which is why I’m stating it. In the spirit of things The Rams - “The Horn” - We have both the sea and sun symbolism right here… “Royal” thrown in for good measure…  Invictus Games Speech… Prince Harry and Damian… Previous comment highlighting these details… Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF? Prince Harry wants Homeland star Damian Lewis to play him on screen https://honey.nine.com.au/royals/prince-harry-james-corden-royal-wants-damian-lewis-homeland-actor-to-play-him/c6c82022-17ba-4ec5-a102-7e736f52b700 Damian Lewis plays Henry VIII taking inspiration from the two Prince’s so he says… WOLF HALL Trailer | Season 1 | Damian Lewis https://youtu.be/9zuwuq2Fd2o?si=yKupJUB-E1PECqiH Damian Lewis admits he looks to Princes 'Wills and Harry' for Wolf Hall inspiration HE is set to play of the most notorious kings of British history in new BBC drama Wolf Hall but Damian Lewis has revealed his inspiration for the role is much more modern. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/553369/Damian-Lewis-Princes-Wills-and-Harry-for-Wolf-Hall-inspiration BAAL - Baltimore Ravens feature within Omen 2 - Damien - the Antichrist - is an excellent football player, apparently… Sorry I can’t find a better quality scene on YT… Damien omen 2 teddy learns his lesson PS To those who it should concern, I’m sure you’re much of a conspiracy theorist to at least know who you are even if this may not be directly spoken to you, I trust you have enough intelligence to figure out who you are at least. But I do warn you, this level of intuition makes you a conspiracy theory and this understanding only exists within your own head. Putting together pieces of information and jumping to conclusions isn’t befitting of you and it should have to be asked how you where capable of figuring this out.. Include your findings. I don’t respond to numb-nuts with nothing to offer and clearly who have nothing else better to do than to seek underhanded rabble rousing. If you’d like to be here for others amusement please be amusing and don’t expect me to do it all for you Why should we bother engaging with you? Instead I ask why are you here in the first place? What do you have to offer thats worth my time reading your comments? At least I have stirred something in you to wish to engage. This is a good start. Next time try reading the material and you may see how subjects interrelate or at least how one thing has got speaking about another thing based on discussion of ideas of interconnectedness. If you have been able to understand this relates to you, you’re certainly capable of this Currently, I feel no great deep desire to engage with you at all. Why is that? Quoth the Baltimore Ravens “Nevermore.” Damien-The Omen II Bird Attack All of this is within relation the sky, either by military through war, airborne, birds or the sun and the moon - eclipse and such. “The sky is no longer” the limit says Harry… The symbolism of all of this is depicting a war upon the heavens. The idea of total control and total conquest. The power of these rulers being “absolute”. These games follow COVID the Corona - Eclipse - Virus. The Crown Virus. Mind Virus etc I have probably gone over such context many times before of these associations and the seven chakras etc
  5. @xpwales I think you will also appreciate this Phoenix symbolism, especially in relation to our previous discussion surrounding the April 8th Eclipse…  Elvis (2022) | Elvis Presley's Death This is supposed to symbolise Elvis and the Phoenix as a metaphor, or this is implied as what we should do ourselves if we pick up on it, that like the Phoenix he is describing here, he feels if he slows down and stops working he will die/be forgotten like the Phoenix who has no feet so can’t touch down. He must keep on going… A lot of flying symbolism parallels this movie Elvis 2022 likely because of Masters of the Air 2024, Tom Hanks and (the clone of Johnny Depp) Austin Butler are associated with both, which came out quite recently which has that bloodied white horse symbolism at a pivotal point. This being the closest I have seen to that current event of the bloodied white horse in London. However, very much like the Bullshit from Prince Harry with his “aviation award” I would suggest this has deeper meaning and symbolism. This being why the award makes no sense because it actually means something else and is symbolic. Like I have already suggested with the notion of “clipping our wings” meaning the Elon Musk style brain implant would be effectively closing the gates of heaven - ark of the covenant, our communication with God/our highest state of consciousness and spiritual insight. To become completely cut off even if many only have the potentiality rather than the experience atm. So it will be like they wouldn’t even know they’re missing anything… Corona Crown Virus End Game Technology - The Soft Sell of Mind Control Transhuman Technology - “Neuralink company implants brain chip in first human”  Corona Crown Virus Transhumanism - A.I. - Freedom, Free Will? - Free Your Mind – Danny Boyle’s Matrix Reboot “Shock to the System” - Manchester This is symbolised as no longer being able to fly, having your wings clipped, losing your wings and so on. With flying being a metaphor of your higher self and the heavens. Dying just like the Phoenix as described in the Elvis 2022 movie. This effectively locks consciousness down to a lower state shutting off higher aspects of consciousness through mind control technologies leading towards this hive mind, cloud etc and even further into the realms of transhumanism. See Batman - Fall and Rise of the Phoenix Scorpion and the Frog - Frog in the Well - Short Symbolic Tale The Phoenix does also represent death and resurrection which is another way this can be interpreted that Elvis didn’t really die but was reborn just like that of the most common phoenix symbolism and thats actually why this has been used to have such dualistic meaning, to at least suggest such. Likewise the wearing by Elvis of phoniex symbolism and the last suite he performed in was that of the Sun of the Mayan/Aztec calendar. In short, they’re taking the piss through such mockery. This “risen” consciousness between more than one body is to do with transhumanism which is an extension of previous twining experiments associated with Nazi Germany research of the fountain of life/youth - “the Holy Grail”…  Highlighted info from April 8th Eclipse “The Moon ” - The Rock of Eternity?  Duality Symbolism   Elvis 2022 (Mirrored Floor) “As Above, So Below” 2014  Logo - Trailer  Elvis Belt Buckle - Pyramids - Pegasus/flying horse as “all seeing eye” winged to suggest elevation like the capstone symbolism of the pyramid of ascension to the heavens? I personally believe that through ascension by understanding the rainbow body/chakras people can enter other realms of existence. This seems to have something to do with the moon, which can have both positive and negative implications. The negative is most definitely through spiritual blindness as most of us seem to be. This can be understood spiritually by the individual. However, if a mass of people are going to die and this is imminent, there’s not enough time for people to learn this spiritual knowledge and understanding, advanced technology can be utilised to do the same thing to people who are otherwise unable to do this themselves through spiritual understanding and can theoretically be saved as described within the Noah’s ark story and that it is something along the lines of this such a story is symbolising to retain such knowledge. Yet only a rather small amount of people seem to be allowed to be saved through such means. This is also imitated by the architect within The Matrix Reloaded The pyramid seems to represent such technology. The Moon is therefore “the boat” as I have symbolised in other posts I’m sure in reference to transhumanism and the moon. “Now I see it clearly. My whole life is pointed in one direction. I see that now. There never has been any choice for me.” Taxi Driver - Sequence #3  The Land of Milk and Honey… “Oh, let our love survive I'll dry the tears from your eyes Let's don't let a good thing die We're caught in a trap I can't walk out” “Are you Born with Destiny? Or does it just come, knocking at your door?” Or does someone believe they can genetically engineer destiny? Closing the doors of others, whilst opening it for those with “genetically superior signatures”? Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer Posts along these themes… Of Corona Crown Virus I must stress that while this is an invasion of the brain it is to ultimately disconnect people from heart based consciousness. It isn’t just about the brain but it is about getting total control over the brain. This being a war upon awakening and true unity for that of a controlled and contrived technological unity and nullification of spiritual senses. Comfortably numb and dumb… These spiritual senses being connected with sexual energies, this could very well include sterilisation so the only way to reproduce becomes such human hatcheries cloning/transhumanism. These energies are linked with that of the chakra system which goes under various other names to describe the same energy. Disconnecting humanity from creation. The Sun This doesn’t seem as though this is like Noah trying to save people to me but rather trying to control them through such technological means and understandings. This knowledge being within the wrong hands you might say. To actually chain people rather than liberate them or for the purposes of ascension. This war upon the chakras seems to be connected with the seven seals of revelation. The same upon the earth as upon the body… COVID a Chakra Invasion - The Energies of Awakening by way of Transhumanism, a Controlled Human Evolution They Want To Read Your Brain Waves Golden Gate Bridge - Closing the Gates of Heaven - Kundalini Crown Chakra/“Corona” Virus - EE33 - *Extinction Entity/*Evolution Entity
  6. I got stung by bees last year, £19.99 for a tiny jar of Honey They even wore 'Burglar Bill' jumpers, so bee wear of this particular sting as thy swarm around you at the till.
  7. I wonder if I could truly be welcomed here, or anywhere? I'm pleasant, I articulate well, and I deeply believe in my experiences over anyone's "faith". They have changed me and strengthened me even in the face of my own self destruction brought on by a faith that didn't work for me. I am a Pagan, and I believe that this world has been invaded and the balance which always was, is now nearly destroyed. You know, if you fill in one little circle in the ying yang, the whole side corrupts, but then, this circle of resistance rises from within, and the rest of the circle (on the other side) repolarizes in opposition to you. To say something more about me... Simulacra(tion).
  8. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar I'm sure everyone will cross paths at some point in their journey, forum or not The universe works in mysterious ways
  9. Rochdale child sex abuse ring From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Rochdale child sex abuse ring involved underage teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. Nine men were convicted of sex trafficking and other offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child in May 2012. This resulted in Greater Manchester Police launching Operation Doublet and other operations to investigate further claims of abuse. As of January 2024 a total of 42 men had been convicted resulting in jail sentences totalling 432 years.[1] Forty-seven girls were identified as victims of child sexual exploitation during the initial police investigation.[2][3][4] The men were British Pakistanis, which led to discussion on whether the failure to investigate them was linked to the authorities' fear of being accused of racial prejudice.[5] The girls were mainly White British.[5] There have been several reviews and reports written about the Rochdale child sexual abuses cases, including a Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) report that was published in 2013. The events have also been widely covered in the media and portrayed in a BBC television drama, Three Girls, in 2017. In March 2015, Greater Manchester Police apologised for its failure to investigate the child sexual exploitation allegations more thoroughly between 2008 and 2010.[6] Sara Rowbotham, the sexual health worker who first recognised patterns of child abuse in the community and fought to bring these crimes to police attention, was made redundant in 2014.[7] A former detective constable who was investigating the grooming gangs, Margaret Oliver, resigned in 2012 in disgust of the handling of the cases by the police force and spoke out as a whistleblower to inform the public.[citation needed] A 2024 report on child sex exploitation in Rochdale from 2004 to 2013 found that there was "compelling evidence" of widespread abuse, and that Greater Manchester Police and Rochdale Council had failed to properly investigate these cases, leaving girls "at the mercy of their abusers". While there were successful prosecutions, the report said that the investigations only "scraped the surface" of what had happened, and that many abusers had gone unpunished.[8][9] Abuse The abuse of minor female children that occurred in 2008 and 2009 centred around two takeaways in Heywood near Rochdale. Despite one victim going to the police in 2008 to report the child grooming, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to prosecute two men, invoking the witness's lack of credibility. Attempts by Rochdale Crisis Intervention Team co-ordinator for the NHS, Sara Rowbotham, to alert police and authorities to "patterns of sexual abuse" were ignored. Between 2003 and 2014, Rowbotham made more than 100 attempts to alert police and social services but was told the witnesses were not reliable.[15] As a result of the CPS dropping the case, the police halted their investigation, which was resumed when a second girl made complaints of a similar nature in December 2009.[16] The CPS's original decision was overturned in 2011 when a new chief prosecutor for the region, Nazir Afzal, a first generation British-Pakistani,[17] was appointed.[2] The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds, were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway food shops. One victim, a 15-year-old known as the Honey Monster, acted as a recruiter, procuring girls as young as 13 for the gang. The victims were coerced and bribed into keeping quiet about the abuse by a combination of alcohol and drugs, food, small sums of money and other gifts.[1][2] The oldest person to be convicted, Shabir Ahmed,[18] was for a while the main trafficker of the victims. On one occasion he ordered a girl aged 15 to have sex with Kabeer Hassan, as a "treat" for his birthday – Hassan then raped the girl.[19] Abdul Aziz, a married father of three, took over from Shabir Ahmed as the main trafficker and was paid by various men to supply underage girls for sex.[19] Victims were physically assaulted and raped by as many as five men at a time,[1] or obliged to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week".[10] The victims, plied with drugs and alcohol, were passed around friends and family,[20] and taken to various locations in the north of England, including Rochdale, Oldham, Nelson, Bradford and Leeds.[1] The abusers paid small sums of money for the encounters.[1] One 13-year-old victim recounted that, after being forced to have sex in exchange for vodka, her abuser immediately raped her again and gave her £40 to not say anything about the incident.[20] Among the incidents recorded by the police were a 15-year-old victim too drunk to recall being raped by 20 men, one after the other; and another victim so drunk that she vomited over the side of the bed as she was being raped by two men.[2] One 13-year-old victim had an abortion after becoming pregnant.[10] Link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rochdale_child_sex_abuse_ring They got away with it for so long, cos it was 'Racist' to investigate it. They did it, because their religion teaches them Christian women are beneath them and can be used in this way. If you want to know who controls you, look to who you can't criticize, speak about or investigate.
  10. ‘Bully’ Tesco accused of using cash and carry to ‘squeeze’ village stores out of business. This is what happens when you allow monopolies https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/bully-tesco-accused-of-using-cash-and-carry-to-squeeze-village-stores-out-of-business-this-is-what-happens-when-you-allow-monopolies/ It’s all over for the Anthropocene, the official geologic period of human-caused climate change https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/its-all-over-for-the-anthropocene-the-official-geologic-period-of-human-caused-climate-change/ ‘Hate Speech’ Laws Are Killing Comedy https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/hate-speech-laws-are-killing-comedy/ The Longer it Takes the West to Accept that Ukraine is Losing, the Worse Things Will Get for Ukraine https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/the-longer-it-takes-the-west-to-accept-that-ukraine-is-losing-the-worse-things-will-get-for-ukraine/ The Walk – EP 95 – Railway Explore – Upperthorpe & Killamarsh To Spinkhill Tunnel – Derbyshire https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/the-walk-ep-95-railway-explore-upperthorpe-killamarsh-to-spinkhill-tunnel-derbyshire/ BBC Meteorologist Falsely Claims South Sudan is Experiencing “Extreme Heat” for March https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/bbc-meteorologist-falsely-claims-south-sudan-is-experiencing-extreme-heat-for-march/ Devi Sridhar’s Mask Gobbledegook on Full Display at the ‘Covid’ Inquiry https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/devi-sridhars-mask-gobbledegook-on-full-display-at-the-covid-inquiry/ RELENTLESS: Polish Farmers Stage 600 Protests In A Day Against EU Crippling Green Policies https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/relentless-polish-farmers-stage-600-protests-in-a-day-against-eu-crippling-green-policies/ The Virality Project’s Censorship Agenda https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/the-virality-projects-censorship-agenda/ Technology As Tyrant: A Glimpse Into A Dystopian Technocratic World https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/technology-as-tyrant-a-glimpse-into-a-dystopian-technocratic-world/ Take back control of your health today – The 5 key benefits of manuka honey https://davidicke.com/2024/03/23/5-key-health-benefits-of-manuka-honey-2/
  11. Time After Time (1979) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD] You will notice similar symbolism within this movie Time After Time 1979 of a rainbow bridge which is clearly symbolised with the Sun and the Moon and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Their war on the heart and war on the sun is one in the same… Back to the Future Yes occult ritual seems to be more about allowing those beings within the space between worlds to be able manifest within ours as if we’re opening the door for them. See Enter the Void Comment Here - Taylor Swift to Bullitt and so on… Which is through our will and intentionality as they’re parasites upon human consciousness, see Venom. A Moonage Daydream - The Whore of Babylon - Transhumansim “Drinking Mothers Milk” but it ain’t the land of Milk and Honey it’s Babylon - “BabyLondon“ - David Icke Revelations Of A Mother Goddess Best opening scene A Clockwork Orange Disconnected from the Sun Overture to the Sun - A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Golden Gate Bridge - Closing the Gates of Heaven - Kundalini Crown Chakra/“Corona” Virus - EE33 - *Extinction Entity/*Evolution Entity This clearly has symbolic reference to the recent ritual involving Baltimore Bridge Baltimore Bridge Collapse: State of Emergency Declared Amid “Mass Casualty Event”… Memory Of A Free Festival (Moonage Daydream Mix Edit) April the 8th the eclipse in the USA Don’t you see the man who is not there? Moonage Daydream | Official Trailer | HBO David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam I trust you will see the symbolism I have discussed elsewhere several times I’m sure under different context Signifying their war upon the heavens… Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF? Elon Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’
  12. I got badly stung by some bees today, £16.95 for a small jar of honey, I won't be going there again anytime soon, no wonder robbers in cartoons always wear stripey tops!🤔

  13. A response I had been working on which took longer because I had to remove things I had already posted in responses within parts of this note and was getting too long anyways. Sorry if if some of the context has been removed some of the previous comments maybe necessary to full grasp. So if something is restated here again and I’ve forgot to remove thats why, this was from original workings upon the context of symbolism through this event. If any context is missed out because I have removed something within this note please ask and I will try to show or explain what I’m referring to… Most of this will only make sense for those with an inclination for symbolism… The study of this incident is then not in vain or a distraction. But the same information can later be interpreted elsewhere through other events where this same symbolism is seen and shadowed through events. As most of the context is shown through entertainment for their ritual to work anyhow just without us often times picking up on it but just accepting it as “entertainment”. Immortality and Transhumansim Salvador Dalí in 60 seconds Only the fool may become wise… So, “Why so Serious? ” Duality, those caught up in the nature of the game taking it serious will never become wise. This seems like a contradiction but it’s not. Salvador Dali: Great Art Explained ? Dali and Fascism For the symbolically inclined and minded… It’s important this means you… Somethings to think about for perspective. If you fail to identify with symbolism you will miss everything here. It doesn’t matter that these things can be interpreted differently within another context as more than one interpretation can exist for anything. This is about perception of particular symbolic suggestion which the death cult attempt to drown us within which means we will see it everywhere and soon see if any meaning attached to it remains the same or else if not discard it. This is what creates a so called conspiracy theorist by picking up on reoccurring patterns that when not seen others see coincidence… This symbolism is to do with divine synchronicity. I do believe within divine synchronicity but this doesn’t matter if you don’t believe within it. The death cult do and thats why they factor it in to what they do. The death cult imitate or mock divine synchronicity into much of their scripted events. So people may believe they’re actually divinely inspired and not part of one of their rituals. Just as divine coincidence, synchronicity and circumstance maybe hijacked by the likes of A.I. An obvious centrepiece for example would be 9/11 or taking the name Palestine and replacing it with Israel. Those who accept this are more likely to believe this to be divinely inspired to ease their conscious into going along with the evil, or in supporting their own rage, which such events actually represent and was designed to justify and inspire within people. Or say they will hide behind the death cults version of say the holocaust which purely exists to justify the state of Israel otherwise they wouldn’t give a damn and we still wouldn’t be talking about it today. It’s political and has got fuck all to do with any people who actually suffered but to justify more suffering today. You should make a judgement if such incidents are divinely inspired - maybe meaning by chance, spontaneous action - or by design, the work of the death cult, as they’re attempting to play God to create confusion, of which only they seem capable of bringing order. So people give their power away to this force and worship them as if they’re God regardless of if or not you may or may not believe in any God. This shouldn’t cloud your judgement that this force wants to act as if having the “almighty divine power and control” of what many would call “God”. The Living Bridge… Full film but just listen to the talk… Aka Red Devil - Red Dragon - Whore of Babylon The Curse of The Crimson Altar | Full Movie | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault Subconscious Mind - Boat/Bridge between life and death, the moon - Transhumansim is chaining death creating a perpetual bardo/limbo state, a fallen state of consciousness trapped by technology… Like you may trap a bird within a cage… An extension of Mind Control… Mission Impossible 2 - '''How to do it? By getting away from it all?''' https://youtu.be/X7VpjchdElw?si=nUmc1rymRxLgUXJc Not Just Another Love Song - It’s in the Music… The First and the Last… Who? ♪ Angel Of The Morning Juice Newton ♪ The land of milk and… ♪ HONEY (Lyrics) - BOBBY GOLDSBORO ♪ The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise The Heavens - The War is upon the heavens… Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF? Could dimming the sun save the Earth? Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming... April the 8th the eclipse in the USA ♪ Marilyn Manson Tainted Love HD 720p best quality ♪ ♪ Tom Jones - (It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again (The Dusty Springfield Show, 5th Sep 1967) ♪ https://www.tickettailor.com/events/healrewilding/1111416# “Lights Out” Out of Darkness | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street https://youtu.be/sU_SQo1wbos?si=vFEb_ruw412xNM6p ♪ Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (1967) 4K ♪ Legend (1985) - Trailer HD 1080p ♪ Petula Clark Downtown. original version ♪ https://youtu.be/Zx06XNfDvk0?si=aixGUIBHb-1F9o3W David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam Boat, Coffin, Moon Symbolism and More… MattMan Batman… Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting? ♪ The Nobodies (Wormwood Remix) ♪ https://youtu.be/P9Fm_TGs0WE?si=xlXiJOOEaWbO9zzp “A Proposal of Darkness…” Black Goo - AI/Transhumanism Sentience of Control - Optogenetics - RNA, Frequency’s and Scalar Waves - We’re being Assimilated 322 The Knowledge of Good and Evil… “Your obsession is my weapon… You can’t escape what you have constructed” - Playing… The Joker The Vanishing 1993 Movie Trailer I’ll update some information in direct relation to Salvador Dali when I can and its relevance some maybe interested in. Further links of interest… The Transhumanist Bridge to their Moonage Daydream… Called 'The Eye of Time', it was designed by Salvador Dali In contrast to Point Pleasant Silver Bridge… “Silver” - The Moon Bridge This maybe why I focused upon Golden Gate Bridge which is still a symbolic trigger event and a similar type of symbolic trigger has happened here through this incident although I would suggest to incite civil unrest by people being divided due to this issue and it being used to potentially pit side against side. Failed Eye Bar? Really… Failed Eye Bar Yeah - Eye had nothing to do with it… Do you notice Dali’s fascination not just with eyes and bridges but eggs - Which of course is associated with Easter… These signify new beginnings but like the eggs of Alien by H R Giger, they sometimes also represent the birth of something perverse. A Strange Creature Was Lurking in West Virginia. Then an Iconic Bridge Collapsed. How a risky design, cost-cutting, and strange supernatural warnings changed a small town forever The collapse severed the economic lifeline in and out of the region. - Perhaps important to note in contrast here… The federal government estimated that the time and fuel used to reroute traffic around the collapsed bridge totaled $1 million a month. Interstate commerce to the local businesses in Galli-polis and Point Pleasant evaporated. The two cities, which had been linked for decades, were now connected only through an ad hoc ferry system, cleaving the micropolitan area in half. As the economic damages mounted, President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized federal funds to rush a new bridge through, and the Silver Memorial Bridge, opened two years later. But the new bridge bypassed Point Pleasant. Route 35 no longer ran through town. A major local employer, the Marietta Manufacturing Company, closed down in 1970. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a44851472/silver-bridge-collapse-mothman/ Longer version… ♪ Angel Of The Morning Juice Newton Extended Love songs with lyrics ♪ https://youtu.be/UYY8Bt9eSVM?si=PEIuYWqRejlkn-dS Hopefully some of these things will trigger some people to see these things that are otherwise within the subconscious where this manipulation is taking place… Of course this is like pointing out insanity. People are going to accuse you of being insane. John Lennon said it best, even if he was used for spurious means.
  14. Watchlisted: You’re Probably Already on a Government Extremism List https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/watchlisted-youre-probably-already-on-a-government-extremism-list/ The Walk – EP 79 – Over 6000 Years Of History – Arbor Low Stone Circle – Peak District, Derbyshire https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/the-walk-ep-79-over-6000-years-of-history-arbor-low-stone-circle-peak-district-derbyshire/ Public face call-up if we go to war, military chief warns https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/public-face-call-up-if-we-go-to-war-military-chief-warns/ US Names Yemen Operation, Suggesting Longer-Term Campaign Against Houthis https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/us-names-yemen-operation-suggesting-longer-term-campaign-against-houthis/ Nationwide Bus Tour Collecting Stories From People Injured by Vaccines and Covid Shots https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/nationwide-bus-tour-collecting-stories-from-people-injured-by-vaccines-and-covid-shots/ Hey, ladies and gentlemen – how does this guy go on getting away with it? Watch this from about two minutes to six minutes. He’s having a bloody laugh at you https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/hey-ladies-and-gentlemen-how-does-this-guy-go-on-getting-away-with-it-watch-this-from-about-two-minutes-to-six-minutes-hes-having-a-bloody-laugh-at-you/ What a manipulative clown. Musk: ‘Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are discriminatory and fundamentally anti-Semitic.’ Have a look at who is driving DEI, mate. Oh, but you already know, don’t you? https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/what-a-manipulative-clown-musk-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-dei-are-discriminatory-and-fundamentally-anti-semitic-have-a-look-at-who-is-driving-dei-mate-oh-but-you-already-know-dont/ David Icke Live in Zürich 2009 – the full 11 hours plus Interview https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/david-icke-live-in-zurich-2009-the-full-11-hours-plus-interview/ Military’s 7 October claims refuted by Israeli journalist https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/militarys-7-october-claims-refuted-by-israeli-journalist/ “Would Bob Moran be in trouble if his cartoon depicted say Vladimir Putin feasting on Ukrainian children, or Xi Jinping, or Bashir Al Assad, Ebrahim Raisi? If the answer is no, which of course it is, why is that?” https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/would-bob-moran-be-in-trouble-if-his-cartoon-depicted-say-vladimir-putin-feasting-on-ukrainian-children-or-xi-jinping-or-bashir-al-assad-ebrahim-raisi-if-the-answer-is-no-which-of-course-it-is/ 5 Key Health Benefits of Manuka Honey https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/5-key-health-benefits-of-manuka-honey/ When 12-Year Old Suffered Debilitating Side Effects During Experimental ‘Covid’ Vax Trial, Doctors ‘treated her like a crazy person’ https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/when-12-year-old-suffered-debilitating-side-effects-during-experimental-covid-vax-trial-doctors-treated-her-like-a-crazy-person/ Freedom Fighter: Dana-Lee Melfi aka Peace Man | Trial Day 1 https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/freedom-fighter-dana-lee-melfi-aka-peace-man-trial-day-1/ Are Meta And Google America’s Next Big Landlords? https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/are-meta-and-google-americas-next-big-landlords/ ‘No cash accepted’ Signs are Bad News for Millions of Americans https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/no-cash-accepted-signs-are-bad-news-for-millions-of-americans/ Why Has Bill Gates Spent $113 Million on Nebraska Farmland? https://davidicke.com/2024/01/24/why-has-bill-gates-spent-113-million-on-nebraska-farmland/
  15. Perhaps his odd appearance is cancer of the nose. Or a honey bee sting allergy. Or shape-shifting that didn't work properly. Or a face lift.
  16. The Varroa Destructor The Varroa Destructor is a parasitic mite that infests bee colonies and acts as a vector for a number of viruses such as 'deformed wing virus' which can lead to colony collapses. It existed originally on the asian honeybee and was noted first in japan and then spread around the world as that bee was transported globally. The method of treatment in the west which we could call a 'medical intervention' has been to treat afflicted hives with acaricide chemicals which have since been implicated by some in the phenomena known as 'colony collapse'. Meanwhile those bee colonies around the world that have been left untreated have developed coping strategies that have reduced mite numbers whilst developing resistance to the viruses. Parallel evolution of Varroa resistance in honey bees: a common mechanism across continents? Isobel Grindrod and Stephen J. Martin Published:04 August 2021https://doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2021.1375 Abstract The near-globally distributed ecto-parasitic mite of the Apis mellifera honeybee, Varroa destructor, has formed a lethal association with Deformed wing virus, a once rare and benign RNA virus. In concert, the two have killed millions of wild and managed colonies, particularly across the Northern Hemisphere, forcing the need for regular acaricide application to ensure colony survival. However, despite the short association (in evolutionary terms), a small but increasing number of A. mellifera populations across the globe have been surviving many years without any mite control methods. This long-term survival, or Varroa resistance, is consistently associated with the same suite of traits (recapping, brood removal and reduced mite reproduction) irrespective of location. Here we conduct an analysis of data extracted from 60 papers to illustrate how these traits connect together to explain decades of mite resistance data. We have potentially a unified understanding of natural Varroa resistance that will help the global industry achieve widespread miticide-free beekeeping and indicate how different honeybee populations across four continents have resolved a recent threat using the same suite of behaviours. Reduced colony losses The final link in our framework is that reduced mite and virus burden will lead to enhanced colony survival [43]. Indeed, the reduction of mite burden and associated enhanced survival is the primary function of acaricides. Enhanced survival is hard to measure as susceptible colonies are usually treated with acaricides. However, the annual loss rates of treated colonies are higher than resistant populations in Le Mans and Avignon (France) [111]. Additionally, over 100 beekeepers across a 2500 km² region of north Wales (UK) have maintained 499 colonies treatment free for 11 years [32], and in Swindon (UK) a small beekeeper group have kept treatment-free colonies since 1995 [112], and neither group have report increased losses. In South Africa, after an initial period of high losses, annual colony losses stabilized at around 5% between 1998 and 2004, which is similar to pre-Varroa levels [23]. Also, in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, initial colony losses were high, although short-lived [113]. Across most of Africa [23,113–116] and in Africanized colonies throughout Latin America no widespread losses were reported where lack of acaracide use, due to cost and availability, may have helped resistance develop. Instead, widespread colony losses occurred in the Northern Hemisphere as Varroa spread from Asia throughout Europe and into the Americas, where acaracides were quickly adopted. Conclusion This study shows that the resistance traits of recapping, brood removal and mite infertility are expressed at significantly higher levels in resistant colonies than susceptible ones, and we present a framework to potentially explain how these common traits shared by resistant colonies can link together. Although many local sub-species exist, A. mellifera remains a single species and environmental conditions within the colony (i.e. those that Varroa are subject to) remain remarkably constant irrespective of location, which has aided its semi-domestication and global distribution. Natural bee-driven resistance to Varroa is a sustainable, long-term solution, prevents the constant usage of acaricides, will not weaken bees to any other maladies should they arise and may provide an example of parallel evolution with the same three traits arising in populations in several different continents. https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rspb.2021.1375 Pathogens. 2021 Aug; 10(8): 955. Published online 2021 Jul 29. doi: 10.3390/pathogens10080955 PMCID: PMC8398566 PMID: 34451419 A Case Report of Chronic Stress in Honey Bee Colonies Induced by Pathogens and Acaricide Residues Elena Alonso-Prados,1 Amelia-Virginia González-Porto,2 José Luis Bernal,3 José Bernal,3 Raquel Martín-Hernández,4,5 and Mariano Higes5,* Giovanni Cilia, Academic Editor Conclusions The veterinary inspection and analytical evidence presented here indicate that nosemosis C infection was the underlying cause of the colony weakness and collapse of the professional apiary studied, probably accelerated by the presence of high levels of miticides and unusual climatic conditions. In conjunction with the unchecked concentrations of acaricide that accumulated in honey bee hives, N. ceranae infection represents a real danger in honey bee colony survival. Therefore, in addition to the correct use of veterinary products to control V. destructor, appropriate wax renewal of the combs should be introduced to develop specific preventive strategies aimed at controlling possible infections from prevalent pathogens. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8398566/
  17. Try making pate from chicken livers, if you get the seasoning right it’s better than m+s, Waitrose stuff and you’ll get a massive iron and trace mineral boost that’ll have you climbing mountains, plus no cancer causing sodium nitrate or other nasty preservatives/additives that are present in all shop bought pate’s. Fry off four onions, add your chopped half kilo of liver along with salt pepper garlic clove cinnamon rosemary thyme sage oregano lemon juice whiskey or brandy. Once it’s just cooked but still a bit pink in the middle and the alcohol has burnt off bung the whole lot in a sieve and leave to drain and cool. Once cooled put it in a blender and whizz it up adding 3/4 of a pack of melted unsalted butter, more salt pepper lemon juice, with a tablespoon of honey and another wee nip of whiskey or brandy. Itll take two or three goes in the blender given the quantity. Slop it all into a big bowl, smooth it out and add the final quarter of melted butter over the top to act as a seal. Use as required or divide up and freeze individual portions. Should last months. I got about a kilo of the best pate I’ve ever tasted and it was my first time making it! Happy cooking PS watch where you source your livers from. Local butchers or organic stuff is better than the supermarkets offerings
  18. Drink whiskey with hot water, lemon juice, honey and turmeric and swallow some paracetamol. I am very generous with the whiskey! Alcohol kills everything! I will do a 75cl bottle over 3 nights and I’m sorted. plenty of water in the morning with paracetamol and then some willpower and I can carry on as normal
  19. A Christmas Carol (1984) - Fred's Speech Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I? Pale Waves - There's A Honey (Official Video) The Magic Mirror Enter The Void - Official Trailer 2010 [HD] A Christmas Carol (1984) Old Fezziwig Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?
  20. Sweet! Quite literally. Honey and garlic both have strong antibacterial/anti microbial properties. Selenium and sulphur from the garlic, propolis from the honey, mixing the two might be some kind of super cure, for everything! Will give it a go, thanks Mac
  21. just peel your garlic cloves and drop them into the jar of raw honey. Give them a week or two to ferment. The honey will bubble and go watery as it ferments and then the bubbles will die down. The longer you allow it the more mellow the garlic will get. Its a bit potent otherwise! But after time the garlic loses its garlicness and becomes easier to consume. I fish out a clove a day with a teaspoon and eat it. Often i'll wash it down with some water kefir.
  22. I've broke down the symbolism in this song. Play this song to power it. Karma now has a positive meaning for a change, to bring down the spider empire. I find this song rather promising. I like this Saturn/Karma song. Blue record spinning (good magic) Heaven and Hell (reincarnation) Yellow brick road is a 'path you must take'. Hour glass (time related to Saturn but it could be a representation of above/below, this world vs Universe B. which turns ino infinity sign. Taylor Swift wearing blue - bina goddess The woman with afro wearing red, I take it she's like Lilith. On top of the pyramid, when they cast a string, it shows that they are in control of the Moon & Saturn. Taylor Swift in the lightbulb.....powering the light. She then becomes the mountain....drawing energy from from trees....just as 007 explained. When she brings a cup of coffee, her left nail is painted blue (good), right in black....just as in the tree of life. Pink (Red/White) boat representing cleansing, water is also cleansing. So Lilith (Ice Spice) has changed side. The dusted chocolate clock pointing at 11:58 (possibly opening the gate 11 to powering 3 for change/destruction 55) or nearly 12? Nearly the time? It started with a blue spinning record/spiral indicating good magic, and ends with the clock turning 12 o'clock at the end of the video meaning everything turns good. "Karma" You're talking shit for the hell of it Addicted to betrayal, but you're relevant You're terrified to look down 'Cause if you dare, you'll see the glare Of everyone you burned just to get there It's coming back around And I keep my side of the street clean You wouldn't know what I mean 'Cause karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Spiderboy, king of thieves (<-Rotschild) Weave your little webs of opacity My pennies made your crown Trick me once, trick me twice Don't you know that cash ain't the only price? It's coming back around And I keep my side of the street clean You wouldn't know what I mean 'Cause karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Ask me what I learned from all those years Ask me what I earned from all those tears Ask me why so many fade, but I'm still here (I'm still here, I'm still here) 'Cause karma is the thunder Rattling your ground Karma's on your scent like a bounty hunter Karma's gonna track you down Step by step, from town to town Sweet like justice, karma is a queen Karma takes all my friends to the summit Karma is the guy on the screen Coming straight home to me 'Cause karma is my boyfriend (Karma is my boyfriend) Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend (Weekend) Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god (Ah) Uh-huh, mm Karma's a relaxing thought
  23. I find this song rather promising. I like this Saturn/Karma song. Blue record spinning (good magic) Heaven and Hell (reincarnation) Yellow brick road Hour glass (time related to Saturn but it could be a representation of above/below, this world vs Universe B. which turns ino infinity sign. Taylor Swift wearing blue - bina goddess The woman with afro wearing red, I take it she's like Lilith. On top of the pyramid, when they cast a string, it shows that they are in control of the Moon & Saturn. Taylor Swift in the lightbulb.....powering the light. She then becomes the mountain....drawing energy from from trees....just as 007 explained. When she brings a cup of coffee, her left nail is painted blue (good), right in black....just as in the tree of life. Pink (Red/White) boat representing cleansing, water is also cleansing. So Lilith (Ice Spice) has changed side. The dusted chocolate clock pointing at 11:58 (possibly opening the gate 11 to powering 3 for change/destruction 55) or nearly 12? Nearly the time? "Karma" You're talking shit for the hell of it Addicted to betrayal, but you're relevant You're terrified to look down 'Cause if you dare, you'll see the glare Of everyone you burned just to get there It's coming back around And I keep my side of the street clean You wouldn't know what I mean 'Cause karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Spiderboy, king of thieves (<-Rotschild) Weave your little webs of opacity My pennies made your crown Trick me once, trick me twice Don't you know that cash ain't the only price? It's coming back around And I keep my side of the street clean You wouldn't know what I mean 'Cause karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Ask me what I learned from all those years Ask me what I earned from all those tears Ask me why so many fade, but I'm still here (I'm still here, I'm still here) 'Cause karma is the thunder Rattling your ground Karma's on your scent like a bounty hunter Karma's gonna track you down Step by step, from town to town Sweet like justice, karma is a queen Karma takes all my friends to the summit Karma is the guy on the screen Coming straight home to me 'Cause karma is my boyfriend (Karma is my boyfriend) Karma is a god Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend (Weekend) Karma's a relaxing thought Aren't you envious that for you it's not? Sweet like honey, karma is a cat Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me Flexing like a goddamn acrobat Me and karma vibe like that Karma is my boyfriend Karma is a god (Ah) Uh-huh, mm Karma's a relaxing thought
  24. they can't even regulate honey and knowingly allow high fructose corn syrup to be passed off as honey in this country, knowing that it will trash peoples health. They don't give a rats ass about our health. they despise us and want us dead. THIS IS WAR BY OTHER MEANS Expert reveals nearly ALL supermarket honey is FAKE made in illegal Chinese factories with blended 'high-fructose corn syrup' - but 'no regulation' in the UK means that it's ending up on your toast Honey sommelier Sarah Wyndham- Lewis revealed that 'honey-laundering' is so widespread in Europe that ten million hives are at risk of dying out in future Revealed labels that read 'blend of non-EU honeys' should always be avoided Honey Authenticity Project released a study in 2020 that revealed 13 brands of honey were subjected to more than 240 tests were fake By Bridie Pearson-jones For Mailonline Published: 20:32 GMT, 25 December 2021 | Updated: 13:24 GMT, 26 December 2021 The UK alone buys 47 per cent of Europe's honey imports from China meaning fake honey, which often contains a small amount of real honey blended with high-fructose corn syrups is rife on supermarket shelves. The UK imports 50,000 tons of honey each year – about a third of it from China – but British and EU beekeepers question how China can produce it for as little at £1.10 a kilo when it typically costs at least £3.50 in Europe. 'This difference in prices can only be explained by large-scale addition of sugar syrup,' Etienne Bruneau, from Copa-Cogeca, which represents European farmers, previously claimed to the Mail. Such practices are known to the Chinese authorities... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10305039/Is-honey-cupboard-FAKE-Expert-reveals-simple-ways-tell.html
  25. Are we seeing a pendulum swing towards a feminisation of society but not the positive aspects of femininity but rather the toxic ones? There was that bestseller book 'men are from mars, women are from venus' which basically boiled down to saying that men always wanted to fix problems whilst women wanted to be commiserated with. It seems to me that we are moving away from masculine, rugged individualism towards a more collectivised society where a bloated state creates layers and layers of paid commiserators intent on enabling peoples weaknesses rather than actually fixing anything. Of course this is all by design as the marxist sabateurs want everything to fail so that they can build a new more centrally controlled system out of the wreckage of the train-wreck which they created through their actions and what better way to bring a society to failure then by turning its young into weak, skill-less, snowflakes who are unable to cope with life or achieve anything through determined focus and discipline (masculine traits)? Those failing young, despite being brainwashed to despise the very traits that might actually get them somewhere in life are the victims of the terrible con that has been played on them. Oct 21, 2023 Injected Narcissism Todd Hayen long with mRNA coursing through our veins (probably not yours and definitely not mine) there is a good wallop of narcissism. But that didn’t only come with the vaccine; they have been injecting that devil’s honey into our bodies for quite some time. How? And how does it show up in the world? Well, think about it. It is everywhere. We are now taught to worship our individualism (well, not really, more on that later), our uniqueness (well, not really, more on that later), our specialness (well, not really, more on that later), and our diversity (well, not really, more on that later). Smoke and mirrors it all is—more on that later. There are so many examples of all of this in our culture it makes the mind spin. And so much of it is just taken for granted—look at the “Woke Culture”…if you could describe all of that in one word, what would that word be? “Me” Yep, “me”…in fact, “me, me, me, me, me, me.” And if it isn’t about “me” directly, it is about you looking at me, and you telling me what I want to hear, not what is truthful, but what “me” wants to hear. Call “me” by the proper pronoun, do not insult me, do not prejudice me, do not criticize me, do not describe what I am unless you describe me the way I wish to be described, do not restrict me, do not oppress me, do not ask me to do anything, do not judge me, do not hurt me, me, me, me. It is your responsibility to look after me, to nurture me, to feed me, to love me, to validate me, to make me happy, to make me feel good, to give me whatever I want whether I have worked for it or earned it. Me, me, me, me, me, me. That’s narcissism. But it is a strange brand of narcissism, a new version of it. And we have it in our culture by the boatload. Did you ever wonder where this idea that “everyone is a winner, and everyone gets a prize” comes from? I remember when I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, some neighborhood mother suggested to my mother that she should give a little gift to her other two children while celebrating the birthday of the third one. I don’t think she ever did such a thing, at least I don’t remember my jealous crying being calmed with a gift when my sisters got wonderful presents on their birthdays, while I got nothing, but I could be wrong. Still, you get the point. This narcissist feeding and prepping started a long time ago. It is probably a by product of the Second World War when the United States, as well as other nations, came home to lick the wounds of physical and psychological rape in Europe and the Pacific. Long gone was the “let’s toughen them up for a cruel world” parental mantra of previous years. It was replaced with the sappy, “Let’s go easy on them, poor dears.” The 1950’s saw the start of walking the path toward opulence and well being, which was paved with good intentions. The world was still tough, but no need to grind it in. This process started slowly, but eventually began to pick up speed. We still heard a lot of this: “my kids are going to have a better life than I did,” and what better way to lavish on the “you are so special” conviction than with providing everything that kid could possibly want or need (what do kids need other than love, shelter, food, and maybe a hand carved toy to play with when bored?) The “consume until you die” nature of the culture was certainly happy to oblige. Soon, all this was cranked up to include not only material justification but emotional validation as well—such as never being on the losing team in sports and other competition. “There is a prize for everyone! No child is forgotten!” Kids never learned the agony of defeat, and consequently learned there is no reward for working hard and actually developing any sort of skill or know-how—or character, God forbid. Yes, it created a mess. I won’t go into any detail about other stuff, like the whole gender craze, the demand that everyone in the world kowtow to what the kids want (adults too, of course) with regard to pronouns, the selfie craze, the TikTok “look at me” craze, etc. (Are you aware of the thousands of TikTok videos of young, scantily dressed girls doing evocative solo dances in front of the selfie cam?) For example, if a person doesn’t acquiesce and start memorizing every sort of craziness in sexual preference, they will then be accused of committing a hate crime. What more entitlement could anyone place on themselves? We see this in racial issues as well, no one seems to be able to look at anyone even sideways without being called a racist, or a white privileged asshole, or worse. The problem pervades the culture so deeply and so persuasively that it is impossible to not be confronted with it in nearly every situation. So what happened to relationships where each participant has some obligation and duty to the other? What has happened in families where there used to be tolerance for differences, and flexibilities regarding each member’s needs? What happened to communities where people all work together for common goals in decency, character development, moralities, and good citizenry? (And I don’t mean common goals such as mask wearing, social distancing, or vaccinations.) It’s all gone, or so it seems. And is this all in the name of diversity? Individualism? Uniqueness and specialness? In fact, as much as they tout diversity, there actually is no tolerance for it any more, everyone is “equal”—remember? Individualism has become narcissism and self-absorption, with the requirement that everyone else verifies and defines the individual. Uniqueness and specialness has been squeezed into a strange form of “treat me like everyone else or you are going to get in trouble.” In a very odd and strange way, the very thing people are claiming they want is the exact opposite of what they demand they get. No one wants to be seen as unique, they all want to be the winner. No one wants to be an individual; they want to be identified as something with a rigid and dogmatic definition. No one certainly wants to be special because then they might be treated differently, and besides, being unique and special requires hard work, sacrifice, and discipline. In my very humble opinion, we need to return to a culture where people define themselves, and as long as they are not hatefully labeled as something denigrating and derogatory, others need not define them. We need to learn to love one another as of equal value, but not equal in what makes us unique. We need to allow others among us to excel in certain skills that we admire, and reward them for, and what we may personally be deficient in. We need to understand the value of hard, decent, work to better ourselves, to better the family we belong to and the tribe we call our own. We need to understand it isn’t always about ourselves, but about others around us as well. We need to understand that the skills we develop are skills we personally will benefit from as well as benefiting the partner, the family members, and the community to which we belong. What we develop as a human being is a personal accomplishment as well as an accomplishment for the entire human race. A tall order, eh? Yeah, I don’t expect anything like this to change all that radically any time soon. And, again, the slow indoctrination into a self-absorbed culture was intentionally implemented primarily through our education system. Our work must begin in the home and in our communities. It is “bottom up” work, and is essential in bringing back any semblance of normalcy into an impoverished humanity. Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here https://off-guardian.org/2023/10/21/injected-narcissism/
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