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About Me

Found 18 results

  1. It seems to me as though GeoffB is contradicting himself with these two statements. On the one hand, GeoffB is singing the praises of the highly qualified Dr Michael Yeadon, but on the other hand dismisses Yeadon's criticism of the Corman-Drosten protocol as a "non-story". Are you not aware GeoffB that Dr Michael Yeadon was one of the 22 "life scientists", to use your terminology, who challenged the Corman Drosten protocol? https://cormandrostenreview.com/report/
  2. So it would appear , according to GeoffB, that humanity needs to place it's trust in the Big Pharma spokespeople ( who GeoffB claims to oppose) Meanwhile, people, such as those he quotes above, who have sacrificed their careers are apparently the parasites. Do the awakening a favour GeoffB. and kindly crawl back into that deep dark hole that Big pharma has created for you. According to such forces of evil there are Inert, non-live entities that are killing us. I guess you do have a point.
  3. Hahahahaha!!!!! Why are you here? This is davidicke.com, are you lost? What a joke you are...deferring to so-called "actual experts" and complaining about "strange fringe beliefs..." on this forum. Is your other name "GeoffB"? https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/search/&q=geoffb&quick=1
  4. Oh bullshit. GeoffB is being used and controlled. As are you. You, and he, won't believe/accept that. Will take offense to the idea. Then try to reverse it and claim it is me...that I'm projecting...that all you and he are doing is expressing a "different opinion"...bla-bla-bla... and that I and other's are "censoring" or being closed-mided...or worse.... Sorry...your lack of awareness and misinterpretations is not our problem. Then......of course... By my stating that it will give you or someone else the opportunity to claim I am arrogant or think I'm "holier than thou"...and somehow a hypocrite... Hehe..GeoffB refers to and submits to the Matrix(concensus)(system of belief) for validation and confirmation. The style and language that betrays him is sooooooo BLATANT....I mean soooooo BLATANT. Ego agent remotely/psychically CONTROLLED serving it's larger master. Assimilated. And not ready to break free. The Matrix and it's organs of "information" is not my Source. My Source is Bigger and Beyond this little shop of horrors(egoMatrix), that so many are fearful of letting go of. (this of course will be doubted, rejected). But...Thy Will Is Done. Instantly, Actually. ps; I don't argue or debate. ps;ps; closed mindedness is only a virtue when the mind is Ruled By Truth. And Only Truth. And nothing but The Truth.
  5. There really is only ONE way to sort this out for good. Build a miniaturizing machine like in the film Inner Space (or Honey I shrunk the Kids) and go inside the human body (not mine) to see what's going on. We could also insert GeoffB and anyone who doubts him (I don't btw) to see what funky shit is going on with the vaccines. We could also build a Delorean time machine and make sure Boris Johnson ends up working in a cornflake production facility. Happy New Year (not sure about the Happy bit).
  6. What is chicken pox? And glad you are saying Viruses do exist - that is exactly what @GeoffB is arguing too.
  7. Well supported and evidenced claims, I think you well know chiropractic based health systems are quickly subsuming allopathy and the failed germ theory model. Arguing over viruses will fade away as people realise it is ridiculous like arguing over an episode of a TV soap opera @GeoffB the virus model has failed and will become apparent to more and more people as the model is more fervently applied. It's a really sad way to have people realise but that's the situation we are witnessing.
  8. GeoffB doesn't understand what proof is. He doesn't understand epistemology. He doesn't understand the nature of scientific theorising and how it relates to reality. And he doesn't understand logical inference. Nobody who did would ever claim to have "proved beyond doubt" some theoretical hypothesis. It's a complete waste of time to argue with him.
  9. She can hold her own [ https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/howtospotcovidmisinformation:9 ]. I really don't think people like @GeoffB scare her too much. YouTube blocked her content because it was getting too many views and they can't risk that.
  10. I've been enjoying JR's Covid posts on PCR/Testing: - https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/tag/pcr/ - https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/tag/testing/ Fyi for you guys. I know @GeoffB will especially enjoy these.
  11. By the way, GeoffB, does your employer harvest and sell body parts and genetic material from "aborted fetuses" for "scientific research"?
  12. Hehe. Do you really think your mocking and contempt effects me, or anyone else operating beyond your measly little world? Your ignorance is not something I take pleasure in. And I know for the moment, you are too immersed in illusions to actually look and seek for Truth. You are terrified of It. The ego lies to you. It(universally) lies to everyone. It's "life" depends on lies accepted by it's host. This isn't about singling you out, this is the condition of humanity in this fraud called "reality". So, go ahead,,,,laugh all you want....I promise you, it will turn on you in the end. Will you fall for it? This thing you love hates you and everyone, it expresses this hate through those that unwittingly identify with it. Your fear of loss is a lie projected by it. If you remain in allegience to it, you are a slave to it. If you really "agreed" with everything else D.I. has expressed you would get where I'm coming from. What do you think "wetiko" is? This is about expanding awareness and dispelling illusions. Shining light into darkness--waking up. Infinite Love Is the Only TRUTH GeoffB, IT REALLY IS. Anything else amounts to a sick fantasy. Obviously I wouldn't bother talking like this to anyone in person who has your outlook...but you're not the only one who might read it.
  13. Oh, look! GeoffB thinks this is "funny"!? Gloss over...ignore....pretend....attempt to disassociate.....deny..... There's your "germ theory". GERMAPHOBIA= NEW WORLD RELIGION
  14. Do not say in scientific term. Only in virology does isolation not mean isolation. In all other science, such as biology, isolation means to separate something from everything else. Geoffb is wrong to say that viruses exist since to this day no one have been able to show proof that such a thing exist as a thing outside of a computer program. The criticism of corman-drosten et al was made by scientists and to this day have not been debunked. There is no such thing as a scientific community.
  15. You're right GeoffB, you're ALWAYS right... but it only applies to YOU. Fuck off with your ignorant attempts to IMPOSE your own BULLSHIT Beliefs on others. It just might be someone you disagree with just might have a greater awareness and a better idea and understanding of what is going on than you are capable of seeing in your current state. You and your character assasinations and slanders and outright lies...projection, inversion
  16. GERMAPHOBIA=New World Religion Blasphemers, heretics and scoffers will be...?.....?? Oh, look! There's GeoffB in this clip....he's the one at the end that says; "you don't speak for the people of Israel, listen to the teachings of our god!!" SPIRITUAL SIGHT
  17. Yes I know - ( I worked with AIDS, hospital setting, when it was first 'constructed' )...I was drawing attention to GeoffB insofar as hypoxia/hypoxemia...thank you for your further input as far as hypercapnia and the dangerous drugs being used (before & after) that go hand in glove with the other issues regarding this "enigmatic construct."
  18. @GeoffB You're a busy little Beaver, aren't you...
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