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Found 16 results

  1. When the "pandemic" started, I looked through some old newspapers online and found a lot of references to corona virus and flu in the 90s, and we had something called yuppie flu, if you look that term up you will find some information about yuppie flu and it sounds a lot like long covid or SADS. In the early 2000s they started to kick off the flu propaganda for the next 10 years they were going on and on about h1n1 and h5n1 for years in the papers, hyping it up every year and pushing the annual flu vaccine. The annual flu vaccine usage realy ramped up around 2008/9 with the first fake pandemic scam, there they sold tamiflu to governments instead of vaccines and they were proved to be useless, the UK government in fact had half a £billion in tamiflu expire in storage and nothing was done about that. Even when whistblowers came forward and said the whole thing was a scam, there was no inquiry in to how the government could be bilked of half a billion for a hyped up health threat. It was in these years that they lay the foundations for their future pandemic scams. https://apnews.com/press-release/pr-prnewswire/2f7bf8466865d212eeaa584340f0e260 https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/tamiflu-fraud-bilked-$1.5-billion-from-government-alleges-whistleblower-2020-01-13 https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Sleep-Disorders/NARCOLEPSY-CATAPLEXY-AND-EPILEPSY-after-taking-TAMIFLU/show/2187228
  2. Yuppie flu was actually not a flu but flu like symptoms because of overworking. Now it is rightly called CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) or even more to the point M.E. I should know, I've got it. To do with the mitochondrial power organ simply not keeping charge, like a bad battery. What it does have to do with is very probably polio vaccines, as there are studies out there that link M.E with polio. A whole other Pandora's box. The flu like symptoms are merely exhaustion, not a viral flu as such, so it shouldn't be counted as flu.
  3. There a similar flu in the 90s, back in march 2020 I posted some old newspaper articles that I found about yuppie flu. It was a similar sort of virus in the winter that people got and described it as feel tired and lacking energy and they were talking about vaccines back then as well. I think it as since renamed to chronic fatigue syndrome https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_fatigue_syndrome but you can still find reference to yuppie flu around. I read this book and it talked about how winter flu symptoms are a result of lack of sun and in summer it goes away because everyone gets enough sun.
  4. I'd forgotten about that. Yuppie flu was a thing back then. Of course it was attributed to working long hours in buildings devoid of fresh air and suchlike, but it did coincide with the increase of electronic devices like phones and personal computers.
  5. ...And when this "Yuppie Flu" became a phenomenon what was the major technological advancement around that time? It was THE MOBILE PHONE. Nothing to see here folks, move along...
  6. Long COVID is what used to be called "yuppie flu" https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/search/&q="yuppie flu"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
  7. The US FDA i think it was have said at the end of the year the PCR test can no longer be used because of it is inaccuracy. Mean while billions of PCR tests later and after locking people up for weeks in isolated hotel rooms against their will and ruining people's plans and closing businesses, the test was completely meaningless all along. No PCR test, no pandemic, no justification for mRNA. If there was no PCR test telling them it was sar-cov-2 and no media hysteria about the whole thing. Without a doubt it would have just been classified as a bad flu outbreak and they would have been pushing the flu vaccines like they did previous years. I was searching through old newspapers and found a similar situation in the late 90s they said that there was a flu outbreak and people were getting yuppie flu which was like bout of over tiredness that would hit people for weeks on end and they were talking about flu vaccine shortages back then. I read an interesting book that blame seasonal flu on the differences in the sun's radiation levels or rays throughout the year. Causing these annual bouts of sickness in people. I think it was called the rainbow something. If that sort of thing was true and they knew about it then they could exploit it, knowing it was going to happen because of the suns approximation and timings and other signals that it was going to be a bad winter for sickness ahead of time. They could then get the ball moving on the new virus claims to coincide with this phenomenon.
  8. Found this website where you can search old newspapers in the UK. Being interested in the year 1993 to see what sort of articles they had on the topic of flu or vaccines. Search for yourself. Some interesting articles there. Beijing flu and yuppie flu is mentioned and "running out of vaccines". Same old lies but guess what? No mention of any kind of lockdown. https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/search/results/1993-01-01/1993-12-31?basicsearch=flu&exactsearch=false&retrievecountrycounts=false
  9. Masks can kill the flu but not Covid. Covid is more contagious than flu the covidians assure me. Like long covid or repackaged yuppie flu...which apparently now the vaccine solves. The 'deadly' variants they are now admitting could be blamed on lockdown. "Regrettably, we may unintentionally have encouraged more serious variants with lockdowns instead of allowing milder variants to circulate and ultimately prevail." No shit Sherlock..so we was right all a long & you destroyed our lives for nothing. But they still blame the non vaccinated like they blamed those who refuse to mask, or social distance or stay locked up. Cept the guineas dont seem to notice, the experts have got fuck all right. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9293147/Dr-JOHN-LEE-country-held-hostage-one-five-refuse-vaccine.html Life just seems to be a constant barrage of big pharma adverts.
  10. If you have recovered from something then you no longer have those symptoms. This 'long Covid' is clearly something else. Anyone remember "yuppie flu" from the 1980s? Sounds strangely similar to me.
  11. But the illusion is that it is new. ME/CFS/fibro/yuppie flu have been around for a very long time but generally not taken seriously - all in your mind, have some CBT and GET. The difference is that covid is newsworthy so it becomes long covid instead of ME/CFS - but the symptoms are the same.
  12. I wouldnt bother replying to the septic troll. Of course long covid could be Pneumonia or post viral fatigue aka yuppie flu rebranded for the media like Kawasaki disease was & much more. Variants are the biggest joke & Ally is trying to inject the idea Mike Yeadon is not an ex Pfizer chief scientist, as hes obviously tried to debunk him & cant, so types a stupid bait post instead that proves nothing.
  13. Of course, post viral fatigue aka yuppie flu as I stated..renamed long covid. Basically any assumption.. I mean Symptom of anything you have after testing positive of the bullshit virus thats never been isolated..is a symptom.
  14. Part media hype & mass hysteria..part excuse to bunk of work...part yuppie flu.
  15. Could also be, yuppie flu (CFS) or good old post viral fatigue.
  16. Yuppie flu sounds like long covid aka chronic fatigue, post viral repackaged. Correct term: media fear virus syndrome.
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