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  1. Hi David, Absolutely Brilliant stuff. The choice is pretty clear at this point. Freedom will win. It’ll be hard Road but it is destined to win, as freedom is humanity’s natural state. The universe of love can never be defeated. Thank you you for all the amazing work. X Michelle
  2. Hi All, How do I pay to watch the event on 06/11/22. not internet savvy. Best wishes, Michelle
  3. Seems like it’s pointless posting as it’s hidden apparently but hey it’s all good, and anyway glad to express my thoughts Keep up the good work everyone Xx Michelle
  4. Hi All, i hope you are all well. Just seen the latest dot connector podcast. Just Magic! Those darn pesky thoughts, rice krispies adverts last thing at night. Be strong people! We will win. Truth and love always does in the end. What a beautiful spirit! Rice Krispies are tasty though. Freedom much better. Keep up the sensational work. Much love and mucho gracias, Michelle
  5. Hi, Apologies for the late reply and thank you for your response. I agree that David is accepting of all walks of life. After all he is a brief experience in this world of a greater infinite experience too aha . I too also agree that the ‘transgender movement’ whatever that may be has been hijacked by the fake woke liberals. I sadly know people who I even consider friends are so asleep it’s embarrassing. But they are often lovely people, kind people who do not see and just stick their heads in the sand when I try to explain. My point is that when David uses words like transgender people, it encapsulates a wide variety of people and is often received by people who don’t understand the nuances. I have so much respect for David and in my eyes he is an absolute hero. He has swam against the tide for decades, but still is strong in his truth. This trans woman gets it ! i also have concerns about trans woman competing in female sports at a competitive level. This is such a large issue that a message cannot do justice. My concern is, that are we saying that trans women should not use female toilets or changing rooms. You see where the slippery slope lies. We are all spirits living a nano second of existence. Live and let live is my motto. This is why I am so diametrically opposed to these deep state actors who seem to think they are Greek Gods and goddesses holding sway over their minions. Not happening in my brief experience anyway. Best wishes, Michelle
  6. Hi David, i just saw your last video on ickonic. Fabulous as always. I agree with almost all your points. The pandemic and virus is a scam which I’ve know about since April, largely in part to your London real interviews. I am in the wide awake club and so appreciative of the work you have done over the years. As a transgender woman who’s had known she was female all her living memories, I do have concerns that you portray trans people as some kind of homogeneous group. We are as diverse as any so called group. Please do not isolate one group as some kind of mechanism to this totalitarian nightmare I hate as much as you do. As you have often said, we are only experiencing a minuscule moment until we return to our spiritual expression. Do not deny my brief experience. That been said, keep up the amazing work David. So much respect and love, kind regards, Michelle
  7. Hi All, i have just just seen the latest dot connector podcast. Incredibly powerful. Every sentence, every word resonated the truth. Without the the truth you have nothing in life. i have followed David since April last year and have been wide awake for the past year. Thank you very much because for the first couple of weeks I was fearful. But now as each week passed I realised the enormity of the fraud taking place before our very eyes. I have been watching the video dot connector casts for about Year, in fact I look forward to them. This weeks shook me to the core. In my personal experiences in life I have seen people whom I love and think highly succumb to this obvious manipulation of people. Completely brainwashed. I never thought I would live to see the day that so many people, most of whom I know are otherwise lovely people. They do not see it or, as I’m increasingly beginning to feel, refuse to see it. It is literally the ostriche syndrome. I have so much love for you David and everyone fighting the fight. Though, I must say it is so hard for many people who realise something’s afoot, but cannot say anything because they will lose their form of income. It is the hunger games. I think this is coming soon. I have had utmost respect for what you do. You are a hero in my eyes. The best heroes don’t get the credit they deserve One last thing though, I am a ttanswoman. Though I hate boxes and putting people in them. In fact, I’m a human being who happened to be a boy at birth who knew from my earliest memories this was in correct. In any event as you often say, it doesn’t matter what you are, we are all experiencing a fleeting moment in infinity. Keep up the phenomenal work. You are an inspiration Xx
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