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  1. Just finished watching this speech.  Terrible and divisive.  Among the nonsense; he stated White Supremacy is our biggest domestic threat, that what happened on 6 January was the largest attack on the United States since the civil war.  


    Still shaking my head.   America isn't back... we have only sunk deeper into the abyss.



    FULL TRANSCRIPT:  https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/Full-transcript-President-Biden-s-first-speech-to-Congress





  2. World War is a false premise.  WW I was confined to Europe and the middle east.  WW II was confined, including Africa and the Pacific.  Places like South America, Iceland, Greenland, the United States mainland, Mexico, Central America, Canada (the New World) were not battlefields.  


    If WW III were to occur it most likely would NOT involve nuclear weapons contrary to what we might think.  If they are used it means the continental U.S. is under foreign troop invasion.  And that isn't likely due to logistics.  


    The globalists know that America must fall from within first.  Look around, does America seem more united or less?  They are busy little bees.  Reel in any hatred you might have and appreciate one another regardless of political party.  LOVE is the only real weapon we have, because if that fails, and civil war erupts all bets are off.  

  3. 17 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:



    If silver is effective then it's not a virus but bacteria or a fungus.


    You have been misinformed my friend.  There are numerous studies that it kills Viruses.  Here are other studies,


    "Silver nanoparticles have mainly been studied for their antimicrobial potential against bacteria, but have also proven to be active against several types of viruses including human imunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and monkey pox virus"


    PUBMED:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22024958/


    Also attacks Herpes Virus,


    PUBMED:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28403676/


    And  "Ag-NPs at nontoxic concentrations were capable of inhibiting HSV-2 replication when administered prior to viral infection or soon after initial virus exposure."


    PUBMED:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24682984/

  4. I am skeptical about everything, that is my nature.  However I have listened to numerous accounts (including Lazar) and there is enough evidence supporting the existence of aliens from other worlds.  I'm not there with a moon base though, just not convinced.


    It seems to me that aliens from other worlds transition in and out of our physical reality.  They exercise control over another reality that is not bound by physics as we understand it.  Such as how we know light speed is a physical limitation in how protons travel... they are familiar with instantaneous speed in how dark matter travels beyond physical limitation.  


    We are not alone.  I'll bank on that.  



  5. Disclaimer:  I make my own colloidal silver and my family has been using it for years.  We use it today as a preventative measure against SARS-Cov-2.


    I have a miracle story for you.  It is real.  And it has nothing to do with colloidal silver (we will get to that later).  In March 2020 my wife got a 2 a.m. urgent phone call from the teeny tiny island where she was born in the Philippines.  Burias Island, no tourism, just happy filipinos living life the way they have for centuries, fishing, raising families, and otherwise fending off materialism from the outside world, aside from the windward shore lined 6 inches deep with material invaders consisting of everything plastic.  It was her sister, they had the cure for coronavirus. A Burias woman had given birth to a stillborn child. As she grieved the stillborn baby opened it's eyes and began to speak revealing the cure for the coronavirus; egg whites and that everyone in that Burias village must consume two.  Upon telling us my oldest daughter laughed out loud, until I reminded her of Bible miracles that by comparison were even more ridiculous.  So we all consumed egg whites out of respect for the greater unknown.


    Our lives continued without hiccups.  Months earlier our daughter had relocated and decided to live at home awhile to catch up on family bonding after 10 years on her own.  In the weeks before COVID hit she was hired by a local hospital as a nurse and was assigned rotating shifts on and off the COVID ward.  She was fearful of bringing the virus home and infecting her parents and thought of taking up a room closer to the hospital.  We would have nothing of it.  I created a sanitation protocol procedure to minimize that from happening, and she reluctantly stayed. I casually reminded her of the egg white cure and informed her about colloidal silver.  Plus the fact our entire family was most likely immune based on our extensive travels throughout Asia during the SARS epidemic.


    The hospital would soon be overrun with COVID cases, the ICU converted into a COVID ward, many nursing staff and doctors contracting the virus.  Patients dying in high numbers.  


    Her parents were not living as recluses. We were having fun at the Indian Gaming Casinos for the entirety of 2020 where social distancing was non-existent tho masks were required.  Homemade cotton masks.  Useless as toilet paper walls.  Grapevine reports were that many of the gaming staff contracted the virus, but that didn't shut down the casino!  Native Americans were not playing those lockdown games.  Daily we used the CS nasal spray... hitting our mucous membranes; eyes, nasal passages and mouth.  Twice a day.


    To this day no one in that Burias village has contracted the virus, open to outside visitors.  We are fine.  Not even a sniffle.  Now I don't know why, was it acquired immunity, egg whites, colloidal silver?  Who knows.  But we sure as heck will not be getting a vaccine for a virus with a 99% recovery rate.  Sorry New World Order, we are not yours.  


    Oh, almost forgot to mention.  Colloidal silver has been tested with potent effect against SARS-Cov-2.  Read it for yourself.  (Shhhh... don't tell the FDA) 




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  6. ADD wasn't a thing until 1980.  ADHD took root in the mid 1970s.  I find it strange that there isn't a graph online showing the annual prescriptions of pills to treat these 'disorders' from 1980 to present (not even sure they are real disorders... pretty sure I had them like many kids but I turned out ok without drugs and it cleared on its own). Evidence that Big-Pharma hijacked psychology to treat a normal human condition. 


      I did find drug production though from 1990 to 2009... and production equals demand.   Both of these drugs have side effects that include psychosis... the inability to determine what is real or not real.  Toss in violent video gaming that uses fake guns to shoot fake people, and toss in access to real guns and mass shootings on real people go up.  Really a no brainer.  


    I would love to see mass shootings and psychotropic drug prescriptions on the same graph.  





  7. 1 minute ago, oz93666 said:

    That's right , but look at how low the numbers are for mass shootings 1 or 2 deaths per 10 million population .... as we all know the cabal are behind all these , either flat out CIA operations , or people on medication having dark spirits whispering in their ears 


    I know.  Sad that our media covers only two things related to guns; cops shooting blacks and mass shootings.  Unfortunately very few people do their research and the cabal pushes mass shootings to fuel mass hysteria.  

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  8. 1 hour ago, Beaujangles said:

    As kids we all had guns...little silver ones and we would put caps in them to make the fire sound. Me being female and my girl friends too.  No-one really wanted to kill anyone... it was a pretend game and we all knew that.  Now kids play video games that kill and the visual blood effects are right there. But thats ok. 🤨



    I had a few of those myself.  To steal and chop a quote from Robert Duvall, "I love the smell of cap-smoke in the morning.  It smells like... Victory!"   And we knew 'killing' our friends with caps wasn't real because we didn't have psychotropics messing with our neural pathways.  

  9. 2 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    But be careful not to swallow Media lies ....

    All gun deaths and gun crime are dramatically down , all over the world ...



    You are correct, and so am I.  Gun deaths are down, but mass shootings are up.  This graph is from a 2014 congressional study (Mass shootings have gone up since then... could not find a updated graph from a legitimate source)



  10. Pictured is a beloved toy of my youth.  Back when toy companies one upped the other in the glorious pursuit of childhood warfare firing plastic bullets with a range of 20 feet.  Toy companies grooming the next generation of patriotic warriors.  The only thing missing?  Psychotropic drugs.  They weren't invented until the 1950s and didn't become widespread until the 1990s, where today some 7 million kids (under age 17) are clinical mental cases.  


    School shootings when I was a kid?  Never heard of any.  Most likely zero.  By todays standard I most likely had ADHD and a host of other psycho ailments that would have qualified me for a cocktail of mind altering drugs.  Thank god they were not available to me then.  Despite my learning disabilities I succeeded, drug free.  And so did my friends.  


    Adults taking psychotropics range around 70 million.  Is it any wonder mass shootings are up?


    Pills, not guns, are responsible for the lions share of mass shootings today.  Pills issued by the medical profession are behind the renewed push to enact severe gun control.  The same 'profession' is pushing warp speed jabs into the arms of a global population.  Medical Tyranny is alive and well.


    As a people we are told laissez-faire capitalism doesn't exist for the dangers it would create.  I tend to agree with the dangerous side but say look again, it does exist in certain sectors, especially anything preceded by the word BIG.  Big-Pharma, Big-tech, Big-brother who practice this corrupted form of capitalism as a means of exercising total control.  


    Instead of listening to the gun control argument we as a people need to push for pill control, our motto, "Sane minds are safe minds."  The underlying cause of gun violence is a society made sick by a medical profession entrusted to heal us.  


    You might ask, what can we do?   Pill control won't be popular.  They have a huge lobby group with plenty of political muscle.  It has to be grass roots.  For starters we can limit the size of pill bottles from 30 pill capacity to 10 pill capacity.  We can ban pill buying loop holes, ban concealed carry of loaded pill bottles, or the open carry of empty pill bottles.  We can establish pill free zones at our schools.  We can enact miles and miles of red tape legislation making it nearly impossible to purchase pills, while at the same time crack down on the illegal pill black market.  We can make it a felony to be in possession of a pill for ex-felons.  We can confiscate pills on reports from people that you might be mentally unsound.   


    If we persist in our efforts we will achieve Pill Control.


    Of course this won't happen, or will it?  





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  11. When I first read that headline I puked.  It is an article you can google that blames rising CO2 as the number one culprit killing the Amazon.  Of course they know how lungs operate, or do they?  


    Human lungs inhale O2 and exhale CO2... shut off our O2 supply we begin to die.  The more O2 we breathe allows us to run marathon races.  


    Amazon lungs, like all flora, inhales CO2 and exhales O2.  The more CO2 the greener and bigger they grow... producing more O2 for us greedy humans.  All in all a good arrangement.


    More CO2 is good for the Amazon.  Rising temperatures make them even more efficient (think Jurassic Period Green).    Increasing CO2 fertilizes the Amazon and reducing CO2 will suffocate it.  


    What is really harming the Amazon?  Well, not rising CO2 or minuscule rising temperatures.  Not even slash and burn farming, natural fires, or clearing land for raising cattle.  'Natural regeneration' has restored 25% of all deforested hectares in the Amazon since about 1970, much of that due to carbon fertilization.  That is Mother Nature doing her job without man lifting a finger.  The remaining hectares are in use.  Once man leaves it alone it grows back.  Slash and burn farming is evidence of that cycle.    


    What is harming the Amazon is the illusion distorting public perception of a once 'fire-proof' (yes, I puked at that headline too) Amazon rainforest is dying when it is not.  I know this.  I have studied the data.  You should too.  





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  12. 54 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    The problem is that it has become socially acceptable for people under 18 to have a smart phone


    This means that even those parents who resist the nag factor and refuse to give their children the latest smart-crap will still be unable to protect their children from what other children will show them on THEIR smart-crap


    All phones should be banned from schools. My generation made it through school without them and we didn't need to have our exam standards lowered to enable us to get into university either


    I'm so sick of this shit


    Because there is no profit in protecting children; there is a solution, just not a profitable one. We have credit cards that authorize transaction approval in mere seconds.  Doing so doesn't violate privacy.  In a similar fashion full access to the internet is a simple matter of authorizing user access based on DOB.  Everyone with a birth certificate and SSN is already known.  What would be wrong with adults applying for internet access, much like applying for credit?  Neither violates privacy.  The access gatekeeper would be GOOGLE, BING, all search engines.  


    Kids and adults that don't want full internet access would have access to a limited internet (think parental control level).


    We can make excuses and shrug our shoulders in defeat, but nothing changes unless we push for action.


  13. 31 minutes ago, Ethel said:


    I am not interested in Brian Rose, and that isn't his quote either. It goes back a very long time, and many people have said it.



    Good - we're on the same page then. Given that I was abused by a paedophile at the age of five I have a lot invested in the concept of defending children.


    But that has nothing to do with parents who are allowing their children to become addicted to technology and look at all sorts on the Internet. Okay? 


    I can't argue with arrogance or anyone with emotional ties to abuse.  It would be like arguing gun control with a uppity family who lost a child to a school shooting.  Have a good life.  

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  14. 3 hours ago, Ethel said:

    If parents did their fucking job properly children wouldn't be seeing that stuff on the Internet, or have unrestricted Internet access at all. People who don't sanction and monitor their children's Internet use are bad parents, end of story.


    As for the adults who use porn, that's their choice. If they end up unable to have intimate relationships any more because of their poor choices, it'll be their problem, too.


    Show me a kid under 24/7 parental surveillance and I'll show you a cemetery plot.  It's a fantasy to suggest parents can prevent it 100%.  And many kids raise themselves. There is a reason why brick and mortar porn stores have blocked out windows, restrict access based on age, and are not located next to a school.  But any kid under 18 can view porn in school on their own device.  Google how many teachers and students have viewed porn at school and you might change your mind about parents as the sole gatekeeper to child activity.  


    Brian Rose has a quote I like and is easily adapted;   “I do not agree with everything you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


    But once you refuse to DEFEND kids I'll smoke your ass.  

  15. Porn is Freedom of Self Expression... adults can freely choose to act out in various ways... between adults.  What IS ILLEGAL is the exploitation of minors, the corruption of minors.  How these big internet companies and porn sites are allowed to post their content online that can be easily accessed by a child is a CRIME but not a single one has been jailed over it.  Buttons that say ENTER only if you are 18+ are a joke.  Most don't even have that step.  You wanna know why?


    The do-gooders don't care, they see the internet as a huge free market of ideas where kids viewing porn is unfortunate but not their problem.


    The evil-doers don't care, they appreciate inaction by the do-gooders so they can freely exploit children.


    The ELITE loves all of it.  

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  16. They are claiming the right of sunlight over all mankind.  Less light also means less crops, less greening of the earth, less Vitamin C and D.  These mad scientists will be present and on trial at Nuremberg 2.0.  


    I know the bible says something about a red moon.  Sunlight bouncing off chalk might produce that effect.  So they might be onto something!


    Anyways... this is the MSDS sheet for Calcium Carbonate (Chalk dust).   

    If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention.


    So I guess we all hold our breath?


    https://www.pure-chemical.com/msds/Calcium Carbonate.pdf



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  17. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    It's been pointed out before that it is the inter-NET and the world wide WEB which are both things used to entrap prey


    The internet is like the synapses of a giant brain that is wrapping itself around this planet. What consciousness is running through that brain? The silicon consciousness that the artificial intelligence pushing cabal are raising like a demon


    They intend to make ALL electrical appliances interconnected or 'smart' as they call it as part of what they are calling their 'internet of things' but which many of us are labeling the 'smart grid' because it essentially creates a technological panopticon gulag where we are constantly monitored and micro-managed by the artificial intelligence at the centre of the smart grid


    Are we being studied right now through the internet....you bet your ass we are



    I had not heard the analogy of NET and WEB.  Very accurate.  We are creatures of habit.  Break your habits and AI won't know you.  

  18. (Reposted to include more data)


    The very real effort toward carbon neutrality is an attack on carbon based life.  After analyzing patterns of atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global fossil fuel usage there is no lock step correlation between the two.  So something else is regulating carbon sinks and atmospheric CO2 (the SUN).  Anthropogenic production of CO2 has been good for our planet; CO2 fertilization has made earth greener and has increased bushels per acre of farm grown food (the benefits of CO2 are never discussed by the IPCC or their legion).


    So what is the agenda beyond the obvious? (depopulation, globalization, CCP world government)   Beyond all that... could CO2 be poisoning extraterrestrials?  I believe we are visited by alien life (the evidence is overwhelming).   Olivine (silicates) are part of geoengineering as a means of sequestering CO2.  The effect is reduced CO2 isn't good for carbon consuming plankton and silicates feed diatoms.  Diatoms are alga that naturally extracts silicon from the ocean.  If olivine feeds diatoms then ocean chemistry changes favoring diatoms.  Plankton will suffer huge decreases.  Increasing silicates into the ocean a good idea?  Here is a study;


    "Here we analyse the intended and unintended effects of one specific geoengineering approach, which is enhanced weathering via the open ocean dissolution of the silicate-containing mineral olivine. This approach would not only reduce atmospheric CO2 and oppose surface ocean acidification, but would also impact on marine biology. If dissolved in the surface ocean, olivine sequesters 0.28 g carbon per g of olivine dissolved, similar to land-based enhanced weathering. Silicic acid input, a byproduct of the olivine dissolution, alters marine biology because silicate is in certain areas the limiting nutrient for diatoms."



    And here is further explanation;


    According to the study, 92 per cent of the CO2 taken up by the oceans would be caused by changes in the chemical make-up of the water, whilst the remaining uptake would be down to changes in marine life through a process known as ocean fertilisation.

    Ocean fertilisation involves providing phytoplankton with essential nutrients to encourage its growth. The increased numbers of phytoplankton use CO2 to grow, and then when it dies it sinks to the ocean floor taking the CO2 with it.

    “In our study we only examined the effects of silicate in olivine. Silicate is a limiting nutrient for diatoms – a specific class of phytoplankton. We simulated with our model that the added input of silicate would shift the species composition within phytoplankton towards diatoms.


    Diatoms are also known as Harmful Algae blooms.  They create HAB toxins.


    Reducing plankton (food) and replacing it with diatoms will kill off marine life.  The added silicon to our oceans is farming the oceans with silicon, possibly to support silicon based life?   Any thoughts on this?

  19. In the Rose-Icke interview Icke said something that applies regarding malfeasance.  We trust those above us because we cannot fathom they would harm us.  But they don't think of us that way.  That is especially true under dictatorships, and has been true under our system. The downwinders, the radiation experiments, Tuskegee experiments, agent orange.  It is no stretch that in order to 'save the planet' they would wipe out a few billion of us and blame it on something else. They will deny everything.  With them anything is acceptable in achieving an outcome.  


    Not all doom and gloom for us.  Tune in to your heart.

  20. On 3/6/2021 at 2:23 PM, Diesel said:

    I respect David Icke but I believe he is wrong on climate change. The seas are changing in temperature with coral reefs dying off. The rainforest has been decimated. Plastic has been found in the snow of the north pole. Human life is destroying the planet. I believe that the change is real but has been hijacked by the elite to further a nwo agenda.


    The fear machine is a 24/7 operation, no wonder you believe humans are destroying the planet.  We are not.  Fewer clouds along the equator allows more heat to reach the ocean, it is natural.  Coral reefs are living organisms that die. They re-emerge.  The rain forest (I assume you mean Amazon) is OK.  Plastic is like native American arrow heads... they are all over the place.  But because it is plastic we go nuts.  Plastic bottles are not leeching chemicals.  They are an eye sore... but Wind Mills kill more birds than plastic bottles kill fish.  


    I would be happy to debate this, to show you evidence that the fear is wrong.  But I need specific examples and numbers, not generalities.

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  21. Makes sense to me.  If the virus can effect sense of taste and smell, the spike protein may as well.  


    Yet they are deceiving us by saying the spike protein is harmless.  Would a spike protein cause serious side effects?  How does that happen?  The CDC website explains it like a second grade lesson, they truly think we are dumb.  The mRNA vaccine doesn't just instruct our cells to manufacture spike proteins, it circumvents DNA instructions. Ribosomes provide a feedback loop to DNA reporting on quality of proteins being made (not all proteins are 100%, some are mutated) and DNA shuts down abnormal proteins. How is it reacting to mRNA vaccine proteins?  What are the long term effects?  They don't know!


    Humanity has learned nothing from Nazi medical experiments, or the Nuremberg trials.  Years from now... decades from now... infertility will be off the charts... and the medical tyrants will assure the idiots it isn't the result of mRNA vaccines.  And the fact checkers will prove them right.


    It is over for those lining up for these jabs.  The question is for how long.  Will it be sudden, or not.  The rest of us will be wandering over Gates owned GMO farms... in search of cattle... which by then will reside in armed compounds to feed the elite. 



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