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  1. Pictured is a beloved toy of my youth. Back when toy companies one upped the other in the glorious pursuit of childhood warfare firing plastic bullets with a range of 20 feet. Toy companies grooming the next generation of patriotic warriors. The only thing missing? Psychotropic drugs. They weren't invented until the 1950s and didn't become widespread until the 1990s, where today some 7 million kids (under age 17) are clinical mental cases. School shootings when I was a kid? Never heard of any. Most likely zero. By todays standard I most likely had ADHD and a host of other psycho ailments that would have qualified me for a cocktail of mind altering drugs. Thank god they were not available to me then. Despite my learning disabilities I succeeded, drug free. And so did my friends. Adults taking psychotropics range around 70 million. Is it any wonder mass shootings are up? Pills, not guns, are responsible for the lions share of mass shootings today. Pills issued by the medical profession are behind the renewed push to enact severe gun control. The same 'profession' is pushing warp speed jabs into the arms of a global population. Medical Tyranny is alive and well. As a people we are told laissez-faire capitalism doesn't exist for the dangers it would create. I tend to agree with the dangerous side but say look again, it does exist in certain sectors, especially anything preceded by the word BIG. Big-Pharma, Big-tech, Big-brother who practice this corrupted form of capitalism as a means of exercising total control. Instead of listening to the gun control argument we as a people need to push for pill control, our motto, "Sane minds are safe minds." The underlying cause of gun violence is a society made sick by a medical profession entrusted to heal us. You might ask, what can we do? Pill control won't be popular. They have a huge lobby group with plenty of political muscle. It has to be grass roots. For starters we can limit the size of pill bottles from 30 pill capacity to 10 pill capacity. We can ban pill buying loop holes, ban concealed carry of loaded pill bottles, or the open carry of empty pill bottles. We can establish pill free zones at our schools. We can enact miles and miles of red tape legislation making it nearly impossible to purchase pills, while at the same time crack down on the illegal pill black market. We can make it a felony to be in possession of a pill for ex-felons. We can confiscate pills on reports from people that you might be mentally unsound. If we persist in our efforts we will achieve Pill Control. Of course this won't happen, or will it?
  2. Just wait until they covertly infect COWS.. and cull millions upon millions so Gates can once again come to our rescue. Somewhere in the Gates Compound he wearing a pink cardigan while speaking with his flailing arms.. "If we can cull cows as carriers of COV 2 then I can sell my meatless burgers to the WORLD!"
  3. When I first read that headline I puked. It is an article you can google that blames rising CO2 as the number one culprit killing the Amazon. Of course they know how lungs operate, or do they? Human lungs inhale O2 and exhale CO2... shut off our O2 supply we begin to die. The more O2 we breathe allows us to run marathon races. Amazon lungs, like all flora, inhales CO2 and exhales O2. The more CO2 the greener and bigger they grow... producing more O2 for us greedy humans. All in all a good arrangement. More CO2 is good for the Amazon. Rising temperatures make them even more efficient (think Jurassic Period Green). Increasing CO2 fertilizes the Amazon and reducing CO2 will suffocate it. What is really harming the Amazon? Well, not rising CO2 or minuscule rising temperatures. Not even slash and burn farming, natural fires, or clearing land for raising cattle. 'Natural regeneration' has restored 25% of all deforested hectares in the Amazon since about 1970, much of that due to carbon fertilization. That is Mother Nature doing her job without man lifting a finger. The remaining hectares are in use. Once man leaves it alone it grows back. Slash and burn farming is evidence of that cycle. What is harming the Amazon is the illusion distorting public perception of a once 'fire-proof' (yes, I puked at that headline too) Amazon rainforest is dying when it is not. I know this. I have studied the data. You should too. https://www.inputbrasil.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/whitepaper-Brazil-needs-to-monitor-its-tropical-regeneration.pdf
  4. Because there is no profit in protecting children; there is a solution, just not a profitable one. We have credit cards that authorize transaction approval in mere seconds. Doing so doesn't violate privacy. In a similar fashion full access to the internet is a simple matter of authorizing user access based on DOB. Everyone with a birth certificate and SSN is already known. What would be wrong with adults applying for internet access, much like applying for credit? Neither violates privacy. The access gatekeeper would be GOOGLE, BING, all search engines. Kids and adults that don't want full internet access would have access to a limited internet (think parental control level). We can make excuses and shrug our shoulders in defeat, but nothing changes unless we push for action.
  5. I can't argue with arrogance or anyone with emotional ties to abuse. It would be like arguing gun control with a uppity family who lost a child to a school shooting. Have a good life.
  6. Show me a kid under 24/7 parental surveillance and I'll show you a cemetery plot. It's a fantasy to suggest parents can prevent it 100%. And many kids raise themselves. There is a reason why brick and mortar porn stores have blocked out windows, restrict access based on age, and are not located next to a school. But any kid under 18 can view porn in school on their own device. Google how many teachers and students have viewed porn at school and you might change your mind about parents as the sole gatekeeper to child activity. Brian Rose has a quote I like and is easily adapted; “I do not agree with everything you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But once you refuse to DEFEND kids I'll smoke your ass.
  7. Porn is Freedom of Self Expression... adults can freely choose to act out in various ways... between adults. What IS ILLEGAL is the exploitation of minors, the corruption of minors. How these big internet companies and porn sites are allowed to post their content online that can be easily accessed by a child is a CRIME but not a single one has been jailed over it. Buttons that say ENTER only if you are 18+ are a joke. Most don't even have that step. You wanna know why? The do-gooders don't care, they see the internet as a huge free market of ideas where kids viewing porn is unfortunate but not their problem. The evil-doers don't care, they appreciate inaction by the do-gooders so they can freely exploit children. The ELITE loves all of it.
  8. They are claiming the right of sunlight over all mankind. Less light also means less crops, less greening of the earth, less Vitamin C and D. These mad scientists will be present and on trial at Nuremberg 2.0. I know the bible says something about a red moon. Sunlight bouncing off chalk might produce that effect. So they might be onto something! Anyways... this is the MSDS sheet for Calcium Carbonate (Chalk dust). Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention. So I guess we all hold our breath? https://www.pure-chemical.com/msds/Calcium Carbonate.pdf
  9. I had not heard the analogy of NET and WEB. Very accurate. We are creatures of habit. Break your habits and AI won't know you.
  10. They are killing carbon based life. Why? To understand it think as they do... carbon is a poison. Not a poison to us, CO2 fertilizes the earth. More = More life. Less = Less life. So why are they killing us? More afoot than we realize.
  11. In the Rose-Icke interview Icke said something that applies regarding malfeasance. We trust those above us because we cannot fathom they would harm us. But they don't think of us that way. That is especially true under dictatorships, and has been true under our system. The downwinders, the radiation experiments, Tuskegee experiments, agent orange. It is no stretch that in order to 'save the planet' they would wipe out a few billion of us and blame it on something else. They will deny everything. With them anything is acceptable in achieving an outcome. Not all doom and gloom for us. Tune in to your heart.
  12. The fear machine is a 24/7 operation, no wonder you believe humans are destroying the planet. We are not. Fewer clouds along the equator allows more heat to reach the ocean, it is natural. Coral reefs are living organisms that die. They re-emerge. The rain forest (I assume you mean Amazon) is OK. Plastic is like native American arrow heads... they are all over the place. But because it is plastic we go nuts. Plastic bottles are not leeching chemicals. They are an eye sore... but Wind Mills kill more birds than plastic bottles kill fish. I would be happy to debate this, to show you evidence that the fear is wrong. But I need specific examples and numbers, not generalities.
  13. Makes sense to me. If the virus can effect sense of taste and smell, the spike protein may as well. Yet they are deceiving us by saying the spike protein is harmless. Would a spike protein cause serious side effects? How does that happen? The CDC website explains it like a second grade lesson, they truly think we are dumb. The mRNA vaccine doesn't just instruct our cells to manufacture spike proteins, it circumvents DNA instructions. Ribosomes provide a feedback loop to DNA reporting on quality of proteins being made (not all proteins are 100%, some are mutated) and DNA shuts down abnormal proteins. How is it reacting to mRNA vaccine proteins? What are the long term effects? They don't know! Humanity has learned nothing from Nazi medical experiments, or the Nuremberg trials. Years from now... decades from now... infertility will be off the charts... and the medical tyrants will assure the idiots it isn't the result of mRNA vaccines. And the fact checkers will prove them right. It is over for those lining up for these jabs. The question is for how long. Will it be sudden, or not. The rest of us will be wandering over Gates owned GMO farms... in search of cattle... which by then will reside in armed compounds to feed the elite.
  14. Right. Focus on your locality. Ignore them. Resist when they are in view. The trouble with 24/7 media is they feed a constant stream of crap 99.999% of which doesn't effect you. And that is pure gold.
  15. There is no single truth, just versions of the truth. And there is anti-truth. Most of what we see and hear via television, radio, print is propaganda meant to distort your perception of truth to suit their agenda. I give one example: "An Airliner Crashed Killing All 108 People Onboard. Mechanical failure to blame." It is true an airliner crashed. The rest isn't known absolutely. 108 manifested people died. Were they all onboard? Did one leave unnoticed at the last second? Were there any stowaways? What exactly failed? Why did it fail down to brass tacks? Did human error cause the failure? Was it clever sabotage? The questions are endless. What I try and do.. unless it directly effects me, like the weather report, I tune it out. Why should I care what transpires outside of my locality? When it comes to sports, I wager on transgender men winning every time against women.
  16. Why are we accepting it? We have options. We are already united in ideology. The wrong solution is countering their actions by way of counter protest, doing so only validates them. The media is on their side, they know that counter protesting can be easily infiltrated (January 6th). So we IGNORE them. We is a big word, it requires ALL OF US, or most of us, to tune out from their evil messaging. You do it, I do it, others do it. It is passive resistance operating under the knowledge that we don't accept their propaganda, it is unworthy to watch or comment on. Will it go away? If enough of us ignore it.
  17. A definition of the internet. The internet is nefarious by design. A creation of DARPA. It operates like the Borg (Star Trek TNG) in which it seeks to assimilate global cultures. If one terminal is damaged, millions more take its place. It is used to spy on you, track you, censor your speech, propagate propaganda, and modify your behavior via algorithms. It will show a child pornography with a mouse click; no different than putting a porn shop in your child's room. We must recognize it as EVIL. For evil to survive It relies upon habitual human behaviors (get banned from youtube? no worries mate, I'll just open another account... instead of saying NO MORE). We can all unite on the pornography access alone... we will not open a porn shop in our homes with a mouse click. We must reject it for what it is and not make excuses to keep it around. With that basic definition, how can a SUPERCONNECTED WORLD be any good under such evil construct? Recognize there are two internets in play. The mental internet created by Silicon Valley and meant to control your mind (above). And the spiritual internet (aka psychic internet, creator's internet, intuition, the force that unites us, etc..) that if we would only tune our hearts into this frequency we would succeed enormously. The spiritual internet operates at instantaneous speed, it has no physical limitations, hence no physical properties. It cannot be hacked by evil since it operates in a frequency of LOVE. We only need to learn how to use it; and all that requires is sense of self and awareness that we are all equal, we are all deserving, and we are all connected when we ourselves subscribe to this Love.
  18. Yet nothing is a conspiracy theory. We can choose to adopt that CIA term, or dismiss it for what it is as utter nonsense. Let us case it correctly; conspiracies happen all the time and are continuously orchestrated by those in power. How is it then, that when they get caught, it becomes a theory? Let's not let the globalists control our language.
  19. The key of notification to respond to such an event is the Spiritual Internet; listening to and following your heart. If we are connected you will know what to do and when. I call it God's Internet... insanely faster than the speed of light.. it cannot be hacked or used against you. It is where hearts connect. The other internet (I call it the devil's internet) is a very dangerous place to be... it is where our thoughts connect... and we are banned, censored, spied on and tracked. Use with caution, know how to use it, and be very wary of what it provides. Stay in tune with your heart... you already have allies.
  20. I have been paying attention to David Icke for going on 6 years now. I began by watching his 8 - 9 hour presentations before thousands of people on YT. Youtube banned those. ICKE expresses what I already known to be true in my heart. I connect with his message. I am reading my first ICKE book, The Answer.
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