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  1. Pink cardigan arms flailing as he speaks... "I am very pleased at the global submission so far. My Mosquito Legion will soon multiply into trillions of little soldiers that will transport blood from the loyal vaccinated to those that have not been vaccinated. Each one a bio-factory of death that will eventually make our planet a better place to live."
  2. I audio recorded the original interview. I also copied his warning letter to WHO. We will need evidence for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials... and miles of rope!
  3. I won't argue your perspective. To be sure governments have lied to the people for a very long time.
  4. Very few will do as you suggest. Just be one of them. History serves us well when we pay attention. Every Jew that walked into a gas shower thought someone else would save them. Primarily, they believed the propaganda and could not fathom a holocaust.
  5. Had not seen this. Thank you very much. Surprised YT has it up.
  6. No, some are safe under option 1.
  7. mRNA vaccines instruct our cells to manufacture part of a virus, the SARS Cov 2 spike protein. That has never happened to any living thing on earth until now. Think of it... the body is manufacturing parts of a virus. Everyone taking the vaccine to date has volunteered under malconsent and emergency dictates. We say it violates the Nuremberg Codes and they say vaccines do not fall under Nuremberg. There are two ways this plays out; 1: The vaccine will eventually kill the host in any number of ways. 2: The vaccine is a binary agent that will keep the vaccinated alive as the unvaccinated die off from the next release. If I were a globalists I would have devised option 2 since the guinea pigs are already enslaved.
  8. Immoral is the right word. There is nothing noble or moral about uprooting people from the place of their birth and forcibly placing them in other cultures. Assimilation means dismissing my culture for another, and that fails when forced.
  9. Yes. The agenda is deliberate. Germany has done the most as a result of post WW 2 disassociation. Speak to a German today and they still suffer from that point of their brutal history. Post WW2 Europe, wrongly so, saw America as the model for Melting Pot Theory... the idea that all cultures can come together and be united as one. So they evolved into the EU under the premise that by doing so there would never be a WW3 amongst EU nations. They have succeeded in that part, but have failed in the social part of Melting Pot Theory; mixing cultures is a terrible thing and has proven to be a huge failure. The reason America was strong during WW 2 wasn't due to mixing cultures, white men ruled. Non-whites were excluded. The white population in the United States was enormous compared to others. Non-whites were mainly given service jobs in the military. The Tuskegee Airmen was an experiment to see if non-whites had courage and could fight. The Navajo Code Talkers were to be killed if in danger of enemy capture. America today is a racial mess. Mixed cultures resent the other. As the white population decreases the non-white population is rising with resentment to right past wrongs. Illusions of brotherhood are made evident with each news broadcast. America is tearing itself apart on skin color. That is the path EU nations are on. Leaders are forcing Melting Pot Theory upon the global population to prevent a nuclear holocaust at the expense of the human toll as racial clashes increase and nations fall apart from within. That falling apart is the final straw needed for one world government, where all wealth is removed from the working class, and the China CCP Model takes over, albeit under a different name. That doesn't mean brotherly love is a bad thing. It just means there will never be enough people practicing it to stop social destruction.
  10. Leeching BPA into plants and soils enough to be harmful is not a thing. Organic matter prevents that from happening. Otherwise all plastic irrigation tubes within AGRI business would have long been abandoned. The question being, does a plastic bottle destroy the soils in which it degrades? The answer seems to be no. They are unsightly objects reminding us of our littering habits that can on rare occasion be harmful to hungry animals and sea life.
  11. Well put. Ethnic slurs are a mirror reflection on those that use them. Saying them reflects inner hatred toward humanity including ones own self. It's all about brotherly love and treating one another with genuine respect. Something that social media does not promote by the mobs they produce.
  12. This topic is sensitive. I'll tread with reason and logic. I ask that you read with reason and logic. I challenge you. Name one banned word. Just one. None should come to mind. Ahh.. but for the N-word. We live in an age where we have wrongly bestowed words with power, when they have none. Words provoke emotion, inspire action, convey communication, cast insult, bully the senses. There was a reason during my youth where our common kid-chant was, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." I can remember saying that often as a kid whenever insults were hurled my way. Note that I said 'insults,' not 'harmful insults.' No word is harmful as they are unable to inflict harm. Yet they can insult the senses. That chant armed me for life, to this day no word can hurt me, nor should it. The N-word is no doubt a racial insult. Saying it can provoke emotion. That emotion can invoke harm. And that is the problem. We often hear there are limits to free speech, 'you can't yell fire in a theater!" Well no... you can, if there is a fire. So there is no ban on words and what you can say. But there are consequences. Yell fire in a theater when no fire is present and you risk paying a fine, or possibly face misdemeanor arrest depending on the fallout. Threaten the life of a President and the secret service will pay you a visit. Words have consequences. While all people should practice the kid-chant as a means of dismissing all insult, AND SERIOUSLY SO, ignoring the insult lends no power to the word. It becomes meaningless and backfires onto the hurler. It reveals the hurler's inner character to all present. It builds up the character of the person that it was intended to hurt. He or she can endure a verbal storm unscathed and be stronger for it. Hate speech? Banned words? Those are the ways of petty tyrants, communists regimes. They are not the hallmarks of a free society blessed with Liberty and Freedom. As I write this I have no underlying urge to say the N-word in it's original form. But I choose to defend those that might say it in order to protect my own free speech. At some point I may even choose to say that word to illustrate a free speech point. There are critical times in history where standing up for the worst of what people can say or do, within boundary of law (First Amendment), requires uncommon courage in the face of mobbish social outrage. I take that stand. All words matter. Or no words matter at all. That is as black and white as it gets.
  13. In case you haven't heard, cows are killing planet earth. Methane farts, excessive land use, energy to feed them and get them to market to feed a few billion people are all bad for our planet. Gates has a solution... kill them off and eat soy burgers. Toss in the fact that the true haters of planet earth, those that want us to leave and populate a dead universe beyond our blue marble, megalomaniacs like Bezos that want humans to leave earth and build space colonies, or Stephen Hawking who issued a stern warning that earth had 100 years left to support life and we should leave as soon as possible to populate the planets. Those types who are willing to invest billions geoengineering dead planets like Mars have missed a cheaper and simpler solution; Raising cows on the Moon. The subliminal reasons for doing this have been with us for many generations. Cows jumping over the moon. The fact that cows Moo (n). The moon is made of cheese. All of these hints cannot be coincidental. We were designed to do this. And why not? The moon has plenty of water. Large greenhouse tracts could be built to control the pasture environment. Cow poop could be used to fertilize moon soil to grow grasses. Instead of killing earth they could invigorate life on the moon. Perhaps best of all is the effect of low gravity... cows would get fatter and the meat more tender and juicy. Transporting cows to earth is really not a problem... all you do is tie them together in a long string and blast them toward earth. A processing facility connected to the I.S.S. would slaughter and package them for re-entry. Why stop at cows? We have 8 other nearby planets to export our carbon footprint... AND pollution. These planets are already dead and they can't be destroyed any further. Mercury could be used as a trash dump for batteries. Venus gets plastics. Mars gets more cows. We can terraform Jupiter as a liquid toxic waste planet. You get the idea. All of this will be better for planet earth... we won't have to give up beef and we can all stay put on the little blue marble we call home.
  14. Just finished watching this speech. Terrible and divisive. Among the nonsense; he stated White Supremacy is our biggest domestic threat, that what happened on 6 January was the largest attack on the United States since the civil war. Still shaking my head. America isn't back... we have only sunk deeper into the abyss. FULL TRANSCRIPT: https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/Full-transcript-President-Biden-s-first-speech-to-Congress
  15. World War is a false premise. WW I was confined to Europe and the middle east. WW II was confined, including Africa and the Pacific. Places like South America, Iceland, Greenland, the United States mainland, Mexico, Central America, Canada (the New World) were not battlefields. If WW III were to occur it most likely would NOT involve nuclear weapons contrary to what we might think. If they are used it means the continental U.S. is under foreign troop invasion. And that isn't likely due to logistics. The globalists know that America must fall from within first. Look around, does America seem more united or less? They are busy little bees. Reel in any hatred you might have and appreciate one another regardless of political party. LOVE is the only real weapon we have, because if that fails, and civil war erupts all bets are off.
  16. You have been misinformed my friend. There are numerous studies that it kills Viruses. Here are other studies, "Silver nanoparticles have mainly been studied for their antimicrobial potential against bacteria, but have also proven to be active against several types of viruses including human imunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and monkey pox virus" PUBMED: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22024958/ Also attacks Herpes Virus, PUBMED: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28403676/ And "Ag-NPs at nontoxic concentrations were capable of inhibiting HSV-2 replication when administered prior to viral infection or soon after initial virus exposure." PUBMED: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24682984/
  17. Spot on. And here is a study proving effectiveness of colloidal silver against SARS-Cov-2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32958250/
  18. I am skeptical about everything, that is my nature. However I have listened to numerous accounts (including Lazar) and there is enough evidence supporting the existence of aliens from other worlds. I'm not there with a moon base though, just not convinced. It seems to me that aliens from other worlds transition in and out of our physical reality. They exercise control over another reality that is not bound by physics as we understand it. Such as how we know light speed is a physical limitation in how protons travel... they are familiar with instantaneous speed in how dark matter travels beyond physical limitation. We are not alone. I'll bank on that.
  19. ADD wasn't a thing until 1980. ADHD took root in the mid 1970s. I find it strange that there isn't a graph online showing the annual prescriptions of pills to treat these 'disorders' from 1980 to present (not even sure they are real disorders... pretty sure I had them like many kids but I turned out ok without drugs and it cleared on its own). Evidence that Big-Pharma hijacked psychology to treat a normal human condition. I did find drug production though from 1990 to 2009... and production equals demand. Both of these drugs have side effects that include psychosis... the inability to determine what is real or not real. Toss in violent video gaming that uses fake guns to shoot fake people, and toss in access to real guns and mass shootings on real people go up. Really a no brainer. I would love to see mass shootings and psychotropic drug prescriptions on the same graph.
  20. I know. Sad that our media covers only two things related to guns; cops shooting blacks and mass shootings. Unfortunately very few people do their research and the cabal pushes mass shootings to fuel mass hysteria.
  21. I had a few of those myself. To steal and chop a quote from Robert Duvall, "I love the smell of cap-smoke in the morning. It smells like... Victory!" And we knew 'killing' our friends with caps wasn't real because we didn't have psychotropics messing with our neural pathways.
  22. You are correct, and so am I. Gun deaths are down, but mass shootings are up. This graph is from a 2014 congressional study (Mass shootings have gone up since then... could not find a updated graph from a legitimate source)
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