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  1. After reviewing several academic papers on the emergence of SARS CoV-2 this Map illustrates the improbability that the virus is zoonotic. (No bat or pangolin carcasses at the Wet market tested positive for the virus)    


    HYPOTHESIS (Emphasis on unknown):  


    Bat CoV from Yunnan province were being studied at the Wuhan Lab for CoV human transmission. Partially funded by NIH. They developed Bat SARS CoV chimerics and cultured them with human cells to study viral infectivity.  Were Pangolin CoVs used to develop a chimeric?


    SARS CoV-2 infected a Lab employee (asymptomatic carrier) that went undetected until citizens in Wuhan began falling ill.  


    China's Bat lady stated if this were a natural chimeric then the outbreak would not have generated in Wuhan. She questions if it came from the lab.  The China CDC tested 900 animal carcasses from the Wet Market all came back negative and they determined that was not the source.  It appears China CDC is making an honest effort to find the source.  Zoonotic transmission has not been proven.  


    The main coverup is coming from the WHO and United States to PROTECT SCIENCE.  NIH funded Bat CoV chimeric research at the Wuhan Lab, where segments of other viruses were spliced together and cultured with human cells.  This type of science incurred great risk of lab escape and according to Fauci, "worth the risk."  Clearly the scientific community has a direct interest in blaming the origins of this virus on zoonotic transmission (without proof).  This Virus has killed millions DUE TO SCIENCE.  The cover up is huge.


    China MAP showing geographical distance.  I repeat the Bat Lady...  if this were a natural chimeric virus the outbreak would not have generated in Wuhan.



  2. On 5/8/2021 at 10:13 AM, AfanofDavid said:

    Is China practising biological warfare against the West?





    Other facts:  Fauci directed funding to the Wuhan Lab 2014-2019 for Gain of Function research.  That Lab was screwing with Bat coronaviruses.  The wet market that was blamed was later CLEARED.  2017 China stated it was developing Ethnic Bio weapons.  Look at mortality rate by country:  All South East Asian countries have extremely low mortality rates.  


    The fact this isn't being discussed means the CIA knows and is part of it.  Our own country is part of it.  We are being destroyed by powers from all sides.  


  3. 2 minutes ago, wideawake said:


    Yes and yet most people believe the propaganda from the media.

    I hate going in public now having to face the brainless, I rather stay home after work and weekends, enjoy nature, have my beer and live life as if they don't exist. I guess that's my new normal.  🙂



    I'm not sure if TV ratings are a good gauge but the MSM seems to have viewers in the single digit millions.  Such as small fraction of the whole.  I gave up watching the Evening Propaganda and pretty much my normal looks like yours.  It's all about focusing on my locality and reacting to that, everything else is white noise most of the time.  



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  4. 15 hours ago, hueman.being19 said:



    I think the 159's are the ending of the 911 spell, from 9/11/01 to 5/19/21 is 19y 8m 8d's. (clock face/clockwise) 9:11+8:08=5:19.


    If you are correct you and me are hitting the Vegas strip for one final blast, Rainman.  


  5. 33 minutes ago, wideawake said:


    Now, if there's a major pipeline shutdown by a cyberattack, I would be willing to bet that China or Russia had nothing to do with it and that the same scumbags that are behind this plandemic are the culprits and it's not by mere happenstance.

    It is sickening how far they are willing to go to meet their goal.


    Just an opinion.



    You're right.  Plus the fact that the O'Biden administration doesn't much care about it.   We are being destroyed from all directions.  


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  6. 4 hours ago, Wearefree1 said:


    Why do most people choose to stay silent and not speak up? Even though it is the right thing to do.


    Why are people literally conforming towards tyranny? It blows my mind. Don't people see that if we don't do something, there is no world to go back to? 


    Afraid to speak up because of embarrassment. Well your friends won't be here in this world if you don't.


    Too busy to research all this stuff because of a busy job? Well there won't be much of a job to go back to, to be honest if this plan gets executed.


    I don't know, am I going crazy here?



    No, you are not crazy.  And the internet isn't to blame.  It is human nature to seek comfort.  


    The American Civil War was fought by about 5% of the population.  That is 95% that either couldn't (old, young, sick) or just didn't care.  


    There was no German underground to free the Jews that were being incinerated next door.  95% of German citizenry didn't want any trouble, the remaining 5% were most likely there but not very heroic (depending if you think Schindler was a hero).  


    Again you are not crazy.  Stay involved, a resistance is required.  Don't let them shame you or frighten you out of existence.  



  7. All South East Asian countries have extremely low COVID-19 mortality.  Suggesting SARS CoV2 could very well be a Ethnic Bio weapon accidentally released by the Wuhan Lab during Gain of Function Research.  Once Dr. Li made his findings public the CCP went into swift damage control mode, placing the cart before the horse by announcing a new novel deadly SARS virus before a single death occurred.  Dr. Fauci funded that research and has a personal stake in aiding a CCP coverup.  The circumstantial evidence is convincing.














    In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.



    • Biology is among seven "new domains of warfare" discussed in a 2017 book by Zhang Shibo (张仕波), a retired general and former president of the National Defense University, who concludes: “Modern biotechnology development is gradually showing strong signs characteristic of an offensive capability,” including the possibility that “specific ethnic genetic attacks” (特定种族基因攻击) could be employed. 



    On December 30, Li Wenliang dropped a bombshell in his medical school alumni group on the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat: seven patients from a local seafood market had been diagnosed with a SARS-like illness and quarantined in his hospital. Li, a 34-year-old doctor working in Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, told his friends to warn their loved ones privately. But within hours screenshots of his messages had gone viral — without his name being blurred. “When I saw them circulating online, I realized that it was out of my control and I would probably be punished,” Li said.



    Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, learned on Dec. 31 of a “cluster of 27 cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology reported in Wuhan, China,” 




    Genetic evidence has confirmed that the virus originated in Chinese bats before it jumped to humans via an 'intermediary animal', but the exact location of the transition is unknown. 

    Chinese authorities previously said the first cases of the virus emerged at a local seafood market in Wuhan.




     Zhang insists he first uploaded the genome to the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) on Jan. 5—an assertion corroborated by the submission date listed on the U.S government institution’s Genbank.



    A study conducted by top genetic experts has revealed that Indians should be thankful to their genes for tiding over the Covid pandemic with a relatively lesser mortality rate as compared to the US and European nations.



    All South East Asian countries have extremely low COVID mortality.  Suggesting SARS CoV2 could be an Ethnic Bio weapon accidentally released by the Wuhan Lab during Gain of Function Research.  Dr. Fauci funded that research and has a personal state in aiding in a lab leak coverup.  


  8. This article was published August 2019 by DEFENSEONE;


    Weaponizing Biotech: How China's Military Is Preparing for a 'New Domain of Warfare':  

    "Biology is among seven "new domains of warfare" discussed in a 2017 book by Zhang Shibo (张仕波), a retired general and former president of the National Defense University, who concludes: “Modern biotechnology development is gradually showing strong signs characteristic of an offensive capability,” including the possibility that “specific ethnic genetic attacks” (特定种族基因攻击) could be employed."



    My theory is that China was developing ethnic bioweapons at the Wuhan Lab.  The above is an admission that it was under development and showing strong signs. Then it was accidentally released while still under development.


    CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE:  USA mortality rate 177 per 100,000.    China mortality rate 0.35 per 100,000.  Furthermore when you review the top 94 countries with the highest mortality rate NONE are South East Asian countries; Countries with the lowest mortality rates are all South East Asian countries (South East Asian genetics are among the lowest groups affected by this virus)


    How do you explain this?













    FULL LIST:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_death_rates_by_country






  9. Upon sending my sister a laundry list of reasons why I am not getting the jab, she replied she already did.  That opened up a brief dialogue.  She is religious and sent me a PODCAST of a religious podcaster interviewing a mormon doctor, telling me that this podcast convinced her the shot was safe.  So I played the podcast and here is the recap (PODCAST link is pasted below);


    The host opened by stating the Church has endorsed the vaccine, that it was a duty to be "good global citizens."  The vaccine is the only way forward. Individuals should seek out qualified doctors if they have questions about efficacy or safety of the vaccine. 


    The doctor being interviewed has a degree in Epidemiology and works in emergency medicine, with limited research into COVID-19.  Both host and Doctor characterize COVID vaccines as a Miracle.  The doctor praised how fast these vaccines were developed based upon 20 years of research plagued by serious problems.  


    She gives a misleading explanation of how mRNA vaccines work; "The vaccine inserts mRNA into your shoulder and your cells pick up the mRNA and make Spike proteins that your body can develop an immune response.  There is no virus in this vaccine..."   (Failing to mention that your cells are being fooled into making VIRUS Spike proteins.  So while the vaccine itself isn't a spike protein, it has the instructions for making a VIRUS part) 


    And the doctor goes on to say just TRUST the Primary Source and get the jab.


    So I listened and gave my sister my analysis, to which she wrote:  Isn’t this a crazy but wonderful world!! Can hardly keep up. So much swaying from side to side. Its enough to make a person grumpy and hermit-like or postal. Or determined to stand up for the little good there is out there and it’s actually all around. That’s where I try to stay. If I’m not careful I become the bitter one. Then I have to stop it and get out and go serve others. That helps!


    OK, I really couldn't make sense of that.  But I do respect her choice.  Life is all about free will.  What saddens me though is the church endorsement convinced her to get the shot. The PODCAST is pasted below,



  10. 5 hours ago, kj35 said:

    As you've 29 likes already , you don't count I'm afraid. And I didn't join here to disrupt unlike many of the one post wonders I'm referring to. As you were, high horse is waiting.


    A strange phenomena has trapped a portion of humanity within this thing we call Internet.  Perhaps subconsciously we infer another's place by number of likes, number of friends, number of followers, number of shares that forms a grotesque cyber identity in how we view others.  All tragic to our intellect.  


    Everything we encounter yields a first impression.  Within a split second we make aesthetic assessments of what is seen, aural reactions to what is heard, tactile reasoning to what is touched, tasted and smelled.  Yet what we read is an entirely different matter based upon writer's prose and reader's perception.  Poetry the most extreme example whereby verse allows for broad interpretation.


    We all come upon things written we disagree with.  Our highest civil duty is practicing tolerance with how others choose to express themselves.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been called a troll or a Russian bot for simply expressing my opinion on social media.  YouTube banned my channel without explanation; I can only summize it was due to my videos opposing carbon neutrality and left-wing views on climate change, or my steep criticism of Pentagon embracement of the LGBTQxyz culture.  


    Social media operates in a Public Square of ideas.  When people are forcibly ejected from that square it exacerbates social division; I am in, you are out!  And that has got to stop.  We have a right to ignore those with whom we disagree, including bots, trolls and people that are otherwise too immature to engage in meaningful discussion.  But we do not have a right to Limit speech.  


    I have thought about this problem of Public Square ejection awhile now.  The opinions of some are being exterminated from public audience by social mobbery.  When our views are no longer in that public square... freedom, liberty, democracy dies and tyranny reigns supreme.


    Within a landscape of tolerance the life of a troll or of a bot is short lived, for their cries and annoyance are simply overpowered.    


    That is pretty much how I see it.  





  11. 1 hour ago, GOYK said:


    I for 1 blame all our fathers, especially here in britain...the drinking culture allowed the Masonic cult free reign .....  I share everything with my child shes 8, she understands every aspect of the world, fake news broadcasts, corruption etc etc......i wish id av been afforded the  same.


    Traps were laid, snared we lay.


    This is now our fight now.




    "Our fathers" is a huge stereotype being lumped together as a band of drunks.  To be sure some of those fathers were like you teaching their 8 year old sons and daughters.  


    No problem with bars and drinking when government has your best interest at heart.  Life should be enjoyed within reason.  Not everyone who drinks is a drunkard.


    No government that ever was, ever is, or ever will be has their citizenry's best interest at heart.  Power hierarchies corrupt by nature.  The only way to achieve true freedom is to abolish all forms of government where the individual reigns supreme.  If a murderer resides among them they eliminate the murderer.  If a rapist rapes a mans daughter he castrates the bastard and executes his ass.  For more difficult matters communities appoint a Temporary Council where no member serves more than one year. If they defraud the public they are executed.  It wouldn't be long for notions of corrupt governance to be placed into the bin of history as a failed experiment.  


    All MEN are EQUAL.  The principle is clear.



  12. "Traditional vaccines do not pass through the blood-brain barrier. Crossing the blood-brain barrier places patients at risk of chronic inflammation and thrombosis (clotting) in the neurological system, contributing to tremors, chronic lethargy, stroke, Bell’s Palsy and ALS-type symptoms. The lipid nanoparticles can potentially fuse with brain cells, resulting in delayed neuro-degenerative disease. And the mRNA-induced spike protein can bind to brain tissue 10 to 20 times stronger than the spike proteins that are (naturally) part of the original virus."


    "The vaccine produces many trillions of particles of spike proteins in the recipient. Patients who are vaccinated can shed some of these (spike protein) particles to close contacts. The particles have the ability to create inflammation and disease in these contacts."





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  13. 7 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    The attacks keep escalating. Search APT short for Advanced Persistent Threat. The APTs are given numbers, eg APT29 , but they also get nicknames like Cozy Bear.







    It's the damn internet.  Why there is no law preventing critical infrastructure from being OFFLINE and therefore inaccessible is a HUGE FAILURE of Congress. 

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  14. More confirmation that SARS CoV-2 genomes are synthetic constructions.


    "The generation of the SARS-CoV-2 from chemically synthesized DNA could bypass the limited availability of virus isolates and would furthermore enable genetic modifications and functional characterization."






    There is plenty of online papers where China did exactly that.  

  15. One puzzle I have been sorting out in my mind is the question; Has COVID been isolated and sequenced?  I had thought it was based on CDC saying so until I found these two papers. Now I am more in alignment with Mr. Icke.  


    The first paper I found on the NIH website linked below:  Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19


    This explains how Korea Isolated the virus:  Swab samples are cultured in Vero cells. "Isolation is confirmed through cytopathic effects, gene detection, and electron microscopy."  (English translation: Does it damage cells, does it replicate, are genes present (common CoV genes)  and under microscope does it look like a coronavirus)


    Next, they sequenced the full virus genome:  "Using reverse transcriptase, cDNA was synthesized from RNA extracted from the cultured cell medium in which the virus was replicated. A next generation sequencing (NGS) library was constructed after amplifying the full-length genes of the isolates using the synthesized cDNA and primers designed based on published SARS-CoV-2 DNA sequence."  (In plain english:  Swab cultures detect what looks like a coronavirus then they confirm the presence of CoV genetic material (CoV is a large group of viruses that have been around a very long time. It is important to note that this does NOT isolate SARS CoV-2!  It isolates common CoV)  They then extract replicated cell cultures and fill in the missing genome gaps with DESIGNED PRIMERS from the DNA genome handbook on SARS Cov-2 (Initially provided by China). DESIGNED PRIMERS ARE SYNTHETIC.  A designed Primer is made in a lab to create short gene segments.  You can read more about designed primers here:  https://www.addgene.org/protocols/primer-design/#:~:text=One needs to design primers that are complementary,when adding a nucleotide one at a time. 





    The second paper I found on Reasearchgate: WUHAN COVID-19 SYNTHETIC ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION


    This confirms that the SARS Cov-2 virus is partially a synthetic genome:  "Abstract   The main result of this updated release is the formal proof that 2019-nCoV coronavirus is partially a SYNTHETIC genome."





    My conclusion:  This is not a virus from nature.  Since when does a virus from nature require DESIGNED SYNTHETIC PRIMERS to fill in the gaps?  SARS CoV-2 is a lab made virus.  People are not being sickened with SARS CoV-2 if the only way they can sequence the complete genome is in a lab using designed primers.  This is insane.  


    Please tell me if I got it wrong here.  I am not a virologist.  









  16. I am reading his book now.  Love every word, even the things I don't agree with.  But agreement isn't the point.  Listening to great intellectual thinkers is such a valuable and precious tool for gaining insight into other world view perspectives.  


    If you are a diehard fan of State Controlled Media this book isn't for you.  But if you are sick and tired of State Controlled Propaganda this book is a must have.  



  17. On 11/3/2020 at 11:02 PM, oz93666 said:


     It bears no relation to what's happening now ....


    The movie depicts a world of chronic overpopulation and over crowding , ,a break down of infrastructure  shortage of everything imaginable particularly food ... government euthanasia centers ,and people secretly being processed into food...


    I agreed with that 100% in the 80s, 90s.  Their predictions of mass starvation, sea life depletion, carrying capacity meant to instill fear into the population.  Kids read those books, they highlighted passages, they took it to heart, and began filling political positions.  Today I no longer take that view because those same lunatics are in charge.  The wealthiest one want to end beef consumption and integrate your mind with A.I.   (They hold the power)  We shouldn't let our guard down against their insanity.  They wouldn't bat an eyes hauling dead bodies from retirement homes to secret protein factories while telling you the meat substitute is 100% soy.  




    It bears no relation whatsoever!



  18. On 8/27/2020 at 3:32 AM, Linda Scott said:


    This is a movie that l watched at Sebastopol Technical School in 1975 which depicts what is happening to the world right now in 2020 . 




    Insects are on the menu more than ever before.  The goal is weening everyone off of meat.  Combine that with GMO food that is mineral and vitamin deficient the only thing left is green chips for daily supplementation to keep us in a zombie existence. 






  19. 2 hours ago, Gabriel Huber said:

    Today a US fuel pipeline has been shut down. This pipeline transports almost half of all fuel to the east coast. 
    what are your thoughts? Higher oil prices? How long do you think it will last?




    Good post.  Wise to keep eyes open to things like this.  My thoughts are China is doing it, possibly routing it through Russian servers.  I wouldn't rule out domestic Greenies.  You can bet though that the FBI and CIA know and those slime balls probably knew in advance.  

  20. If Brian Rose cares to drink his own urine, and has the balls to inform a world consumed by social media mobs, I say more power to him.  


    London would rather have a mayor that belongs to a violent religion in serious need of reformation.  He smiles in his heart every time Islamic extremists carries out an attack.  He is pro-gay only because that seed is decaying the West according to islamic views.  He is self serving for his RELIGION.  And Londoners are too damn dumb to connect any dots.  

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  21. 17 hours ago, Vic Sage said:


    In the past few months all my close friends have had their first shot, each for different reasons, with no (discernible) adverse reactions as of yet, but I'm determined to hold out as long as possible, but at the same time feeling frustrated I can't be upfront with them about why I don't trust the mainstream narrative, and being able to justify my choice.


    Welcome. I'm fairly new to the forum myself and what you say here is true based on the overwhelming narrative of Take The Jab.  Things to consider as justification ammunition on holding off.... (I can give sources for each one if you need them, just being brief);


    All COVID vaccines are under Emergency Use Authorization with no conclusive studies completed.  Those taking it are the study group.  Most of the ten Nuremberg Codes are being violated; Mortality is too low to justify injecting the whole population, there is no knowledge of the history of the disease or completed animal studies showing the long term effects, the shot induces suffering and injury in far greater numbers than in the asymptomatic population, the shot induces death and disability in some cases, they have not halted the experiment in light of death and injury reports.  


    Companies have been shielded from lawsuits over injury and death.


    "Warp Speed" has discarded safety protocols.


    There is new evidence that the Spike Protein does alter human DNA (similar to retroviruses).  


    There is mounting evidence that the Spike Protein attacks the vascular system.


    The shot itself is comprised of untested delivery systems designed to trick cells into producing genetically engineered (synthetic) virus particles (the spike protein).  Huge deal:  The shot instructs our own bodies to manufacture a virus part.


    The number of variants is increasing.  There are nearly 100 spike protein variants, of those about 7 are of great concern.  The virus mutates very fast.  To counter new variants scientists are suggesting boosters will be needed which they expect to be annual.  


    Herd immunity by injection is a misnomer.  Herd immunity can be achieved in nature without taking a shot.  That is how Europeans developed herd immunity for numerous diseases prior to vaccines.  


    Former CDC chief believes the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab (a lab funded to do Gain of Function research) as have other top scientists.


    This isn't a traditional vaccine!  A polio shot is a vaccine; a dead or weakened live virus that trains the immune system to fight it.  The covid jab is a SYNTHETIC GENOME LACED WITH AGENTS TO FOOL OUR IMMUNE SYSYEM.  How is that going to play out over time?  


    Then there is the bigger picture. Dot connector.  If I were to tell you that my town had too many homes and we needed to drop the number of homes to near zero, and that I owned almost all the town land, and that electricity was causing house fires, and fires began burning down lots of homes in the town... that is conspiracy; me burning down my town. 


    So why is it then when Bill Gates says the planet has too many people and that number needs to be near zero, and that he is the single largest owner of farmland in America, and that this lab designed Gain of Function virus is killing people along with the shot, that somehow isn't a conspiracy?   Gates has huge investments in every area including vaccines.  No conspiracy here.  


    They war gamed it in 2019. And in 2016 (or 2017).  Read those and you will see how they blamed republicans for being anti-vaxx... and how they would respond to 'conspiracy theories' but censoring social media.  They had the playbook ready to go.


    I know how you feel.  It is like standing in front of a tsunami of information telling us to just take the jab.  We owe it to our individual intellect to be suspect until it is better understood.  I already know I will never take this shot; I will not turn my body into a virus production facility to become a GMO.  They have done that to edible flora... and they stop reproducing.


    People spend far more time studying the ingredients on a bottle of hot sauce then they do on the ingredients of the covid shot, which by the way have no listed ingredients!  The insert is BLANK.  Figure that one out.  











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