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  1. Yes.. magnified by plastic leeching, chemicals in our foods, vaccines, chemtrails and the air we breathe... our brains have always been subjected to psychological manipulation but moreso today. We are under attack (Men). Fight back; drink filtered water, avoid food in plastics, grow your own non GMO veggies, relocate to a rural area if you can (if not transform your flat into a garden and filter your air). STAY POSITIVE! A depressed spirit will kill the body.
  2. Perhaps the fate of Freedom is entropy.
  3. A disturbing phenomena is taking hold of the masses that is being perpetuated online on social media platforms: Their Belief in Consensus SCIENCE. First, addressing the obvious, Science is always learning and until something becomes LAW (the What) or a THEORY (the Why) (such as Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion, the theory of gravitation) consensus has no place in assigning any validity; such as nonsense claims that CO2 is destroying life on earth. That claim cannot be scientifically tested or observed in the real world as infinite 'things' interact to effect climate. Those following 'scientific consensus' have ascribed themselves to a very limited understanding of the physical world. They are squashing their own intellect. To visualize what Science actually knows... If the entirety of 'scientific law and theory' could fit in a penny, and that penny were placed atop the Pyramid of Giza, the entire pyramid would be what science cannot explain, is unable to explain, or can only hypothesize in the physical world. I cite the mRNA jab as exhibit A. A universal one size fits all jab that can seriously screw you up for life, its long term effects are NOT understood, yet scientific consensus says 'take the jab!' Why should I, when they possess only a fraction of how this jab actually works. It's all 'wait and see.' The next time someone tells you they agree with Consensus Science, tell them you pity their ignorance.
  4. For sure a little of both. Our grandparents weren't rushing to get online in the late 90s as they couldn't see what all that fuss was about. What fueled early expansion were young millennials (kind of similar to how Rock and Roll exploded onto the scene with young baby boomers) to transform how we communicate with one another. It soon became apparent that it wasn't just to meet new people... it was a place of comfort (much like playing Rock and Roll with headphones on). And then it just got plain creepy... the internet is a UNCONTROLLABLE BEAST that consumes the psyche (unlike Rock and Roll that was simply another music genre). What millennials unleashed was in fact a AMORAL GENIE onto the cyber-frontier landscape of a tech wild West; hard core porn at the click of a mouse, cyber crime, child exploitation, financial crimes, hacking, I.D. theft, murder for hire, the Dark Web, massive cyber attacks... Crime of all types being transmitted through the airwaves that NO DOUBT interferes with spirituality waves. There is something to 5G that is making our world a much darker place as it battles to overwhelm the spiritual signals of LOVE and KINDNESS. Ask yourself this question: Has the world become a brighter place since 5G? Or a darker place? (I think the answer is obvious... we are being told to tolerate immorality on a massive scale, and if we don't go along we are the evil racists. A total inversion of reality is occurring right before our very eyes) What do you think? How else can we describe the rapid social transformation over the past decade?
  5. But... they want big government overreach... to destroy their opposition... which seems to be working very very very well. Look at how it destroyed Trump and his minions. The thing is, they think since they supported the Trump witch hunt with likes, shares and re-tweets that they are protected by the left. I don't think they question anything.
  6. The internet was never intended to be a place for social media. It was built for military strategic purposes and then it was adapted for business use and later social media use. Even Facebook wasn't designed for what it became; in the beginning it was just a hot dating app for college kids. I don't think Internet Creators realized how hollow the masses (were) are, how lonely they are, how unhappy they are, how miserable they are to have transformed it into what it is today... and what it will become. Today the internet is so entwined into the public psyche that A.I. is the only thing left for total integration between man and cyberspace. What gave rise to social media (loneliness, ego, self love,...) will feed the A.I. beast to a point where the only thing left will be 'minds' plugged into the web. This is where the masses are taking it. They will demand it to further quench the unquenchable thirst of loneliness, ego, self love... which can never be satisfied. Imagine your brain accessing cyberspace without need of a external device. Just a cortex chip. That severs all spiritual and physical connections. A shallow pit lacking everything intellectual, full of fake personas and Borg-minds. The future Planet earth.... if we do nothing to stop it....
  7. In response to the thread, mainly INK's wide berth novellas; This topic is an Ole Ice Crean Shoppe with infinite flavors. So I challenge you this; What if the answer is within the simplest flavor of all, the one with fewest ingredients, like vanilla? Our five senses (ok, some people here might have six or more) allow us to perceive the physical world around us. We define physical properties, move within physical boundaries, and are constrained within a physical dimension of which physical laws rule. Our mind, cortex, gray matter, processes physical information and is thus in a state of physical confinement, the body itself a jailer. The energy that we all have has full access to the mind and what we perceive. Yet this energy cannot be bound by our physical shell (there are numerous accounts of people sensing something is wrong with a loved one who is far away and later proven true; twins come to mind that share that instantaneous energy connection). But since our energy is clobbered 24/7 by a physical world it is hard to see what lies beyond.. enter the metaphysical and man's search of meaning beyond. How is that vanilla? When we accept ourselves in physical form, and prescribe ourselves to the laws of nature, we give ourselves to the physical world without question; a natural state of being. That is the vanilla. When we start adding to that 'natural state of being,' we invite infinite flavors to satisfy our infinite ideas in pursuit of the non-physical. By doing so we miss out on the vanilla experience assigned to us all. And while it is true that you cannot prove my existence, just as I cannot prove yours, I can prove my perception of this thread and the comments within as they relate to my five physical senses. That is enough to prove to myself that I am alive, breathing, perceiving, enjoying a morning Cup-O-Joe. And that is huge. I tend to think on the unfortunate among us, such as a young submariner dying while getting torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic to a German U-boat, what was life to him? Or to anyone? There was no spiritual ladder dropped from the heavens to save that man's body from death. I believe his energy was eternal and lives on. But what was life to him after he died and reflected on it? Just a physical experience? Was there a purpose? Was it random or predestined? Will it repeat? Those are just a few of the infinite flavors creeping within the Ole Ice Cream Shoppe. I'll have vanilla please.
  8. Lots of HEAVY stuff here, so I'll narrow my chiseled response to the these 4 (in reply to those quoted above); A: Nature consumes nature at all levels. Animals consume, plants consume, molecules consume, viruses consume... they consume other consumables. B: In order to BE you must absorb (consume) all things that make you. You consume minerals, elements, vitamins, acids, molecules that you require in order to BE. Without consumables you cannot exist in a physical form. Yet everything that consumes and is consumed is ONE CONSCIOUS ENERGY. C: To better what? The world is full of fools wanting to make the world a better place, when in reality they are so miserable inside that the only way they can feel better about themselves is by pushing their ideas of 'better' onto everyone else. Al Gore is a prime example of this pushing his CO2 neutrality onto the world as he was screwing up his personal life / marriage. I don't want your 'better.' Instead, choose to focus on your immediate surroundings, lessen your idea of 'better' such as placing a mint plant in your house to make it smell better. And be nice. That is all I expect out of you, and should be all you expect out of me. D: And remove God from the equation. If God exists, he is a warrior God. And perhaps a psychopathic egomaniac if we are to believe religious texts. (To me God is a man made creation as a means of coping with the brutality of life) to this end I will say appreciate nature, respect nature, be one with nature and yes that requires consuming nature.
  9. I'll give you points for humor> LOL
  10. Have you stopped to consider that most of the above might be NWO misinformation designed to further destroy your optimism? If all of the above are so serious, then perhaps you could tell me how much the global population has declined? No shallow digs on that one... find good sources and not fear mongering headlines please. Because I can't find any indication the global population is slowing down.
  11. The numbers are all crap anyway. It would be like saying the number of kids who stole cookies increased by 50 pct in 2019. Meaningless... all based on moving metrics and flawed data points and myopic sampling.
  12. Akin to putting the entire civilian population of the town Auschwitz into the death camp for a year. They plead ignorance (yeah, right). Nature is the baseline. Someone asked how I would have dealt with the pandemic. Well, protect the vulnerable (about 5% of the population) and allow everyone else to live their lives without masks or jabs. Common sense. But now look at the evil precedent they have set... draconian measures the next time too. Where did man go wrong? We thought we could do better than mother nature. It isn't cruel for the weakest male wolves in a pack to be killed off by the more dominant males. But look at man... we literally spend hundreds of billions keeping our weakest genes alive instead of allowing mother nature take her natural course. If anyone has a genetic condition that without expensive interventions would DIE... since when is it my MORAL DUTY to pay for you to live? Same goes for people that line up for experimental jabs... once they start dying off... yeah... we will all be paying out the nose to extend their immuno-compromised lives. Not just blowin smoke. When my time comes I won't even take pills. Our medical system is TYRANNY and I will not partake.
  13. Good point. Where does their empathy stop? I can't wait to hear their replies on that one.
  14. Keep it please. The world needs more deep perspectives like yours instead of bumper sticker slogans to live their lives by. The problem with bumper sticker-philosophy is they easily peel off the frontal cortex and are easily replaced by other shallow stickers. I enjoyed reading what you wrote to advance my own perspective on this whole thing we call life. But you are correct. Most will only glance at it. Not their fault really, we live in an age of "too much information" and it is impossible to read everything we desire. A.I. is learning all of it though for instant recall. At the end of the day they can take this internet and shove it where the Sun don't shine and leave me alone with my thoughts.
  15. The jabs are a deception. So counter deception is a survival skill. So it isn't about growing a pair. No different from this fictional scenario; You are a Jew living in Berlin 1941. Your Jew buddy comes over wearing his Yellow star beaming from ear to ear.. "Hey did you sew yours on yet? You know, they are building a city for us for our protection. It's up North. I watched the Red Cross coverage and I tell you it is much nicer than Berlin. Music, nice flats. Pretty girls. Are you going?" You look at him, in your mind you are saying dam.. Fredo has drank the koolaid... nothing I can do for him. Sad, we played soccer together as kids. You place your hand on fredo's shoulder... "I have sewn my star onto my new wool coat. I am already half packed to go there with my sister Greta on Tuesday." You are smiling the best fake smile you can muster. Fredo leaves, he is one happy guy. The door closes behind him. Greta comes out from hiding, "You are just going to let him go? You know the Germans haven't built us a city! Work camps is what I heard." You look at her with a loving smile, "Now Greta, he is too far gone. And what of it? For all we know he is collecting intelligence on hold outs for the gestapo. We leave tonight as planned for Denmark."
  16. haha. Well it gets much worse... gestapo urine... yuck.
  17. It seems that you have spent some time trying to figure things out. I salute you for it. Yes, we are recycled beings and I am drinking Roman piss (purified a billion times of course by evaporation and storm) but piss nonetheless. I think you describe life as it is. We are neither the beginning nor the end. I am not speaking of abandonment, I would not abandon the suffering. I speak of that anger-spark that will ignite globalization afire by us, the survivors. There is destiny in all we do. Some are blessed with ignorance, I must say that is true. While others are cursed with knowledge and left to bloody corrections.
  18. She is... The Womanity Foundation, or Womanity, is an independent private foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and was established in 2005 by Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Yann Borgstedt.[1] Guided by a vision of a world, where all women and men have equal and full social, economic and political rights.[2][3][4] Her 'vision' is screwing up humanity... see they figured out decades ago that women can never truly be equal as MEN are testosterone driven so they figured out a way to cut the balls off of men. If you can't Join them, Tear them down. It seems to be working.
  19. According to her family, Shaw was hospitalized for “bleeding in the head” shortly after receiving the vaccine. “Lisa developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later,” the family said in a statement. “She was treated by the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head.” “Tragically, she passed away, surrounded by her family, on Friday afternoon.” https://www.infowars.com/posts/bbc-presenter-dies-from-blood-clots-after-astrazeneca-vaccine/
  20. Curious what that 'something' was? Have I always 'possessed' my own mind? Not when I was younger when I saw the world in black and white... commies were the only enemy... government had my back. I suppose it took me awhile to see that most information is gray in how power structures spit propaganda to push agendas. Now I have no enemies (I will only kill those trying to kill me out of self defense, not hatred) and government has never had my back (they are self serving and I am replaceable). I can't think of 'something' that made me change. Maybe it was the slow accumulation of lies and deceit from my government over time that convinced me they could care a less about me as an individual. Maybe for me it started with Agent Orange... Gulf of Tonkin... Operation Northwoods... Tuskegee experiments... erosion of our Bill of Rights... a sinking realization that government doesn't want its citizens to be smart and demand full transparency. They want us dumb. Or dumber. And maybe they have achieved that, maybe the slim majority of folks not questioning the vaccine have been dumbed down (BPA, immunizations, pills, chemicals) they cannot rationalize anything anymore. I don't know.
  21. I beg to differ. Since when is your level of knowledge superior to theirs? It isn't. They are not zombies lining up for jabs. They trust. And that isn't a flaw. At the end of the day if they begin dying and stop having babies it was their CHOICE and I bet 9 out of 10 will accept it. Now could they just be idiots? maybe so.
  22. So much wisdom there. This entire ordeal is making me re-think the holocaust... did the Jews simply volunteer for everything that happened to them? That doesn't make any of it right, but inaction could certainly explain it. Agree to being experimented on one day, then agree to gas showers the next. If this whole thing is as bad as I think it will become, 'feeling sorry' for anyone won't be an emotion of mine as I am killing those bastards off, or dying while trying.
  23. Searching for a thread to post my BOB preps and discuss SHTF planning? I searched but could find nothing dedicated to this subject. Any recommendations?
  24. What does any of that have to do with "not feeling sorry for them?" It comes down to free choice. You think you are the only one on earth that has loved ones that have taken this vaccine? Why should I feel sorry for their free choice? They obviously felt good about it. That is totally different from LOVING THEM.
  25. I do not feel sorry for her or for any fool taking this depopulation vaccine... And then she DIED. (Move along now folks, this was not caused by the jab... NOW GO GET IT!) https://www.infowars.com/posts/model-dies-days-after-receiving-astrazeneca-covid-vaccine/
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