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  1. A few years back when I had surrendered myself to the joys of fictional pursuit, often coffee blasted, seldom nourished, I found occasion to write single page stories of twists and foil, sharing them with family and friend (for whom among us truly enjoys friend in the plural).  


    They were written in 2016, surviving in hard copy.  I resurrect them here, scanned from the original, for your fictional reading enjoyment.


    There exists 26 shorts.  They will appear in random order.


    (About The Canvas Republic:  A name falling out of thin air to somewhat resurrect the happier pre-internet era where people would read short storybooks, or watch The Twilight Zone, as modes of mental entertainment never intended to exceed 30 minutes per day, the remainder of which broke down as follows; 8 hours of restful sleep, 45 minutes of eating three complete meals, 10 hours working at a job requiring manual skill or mental sharpness, 3 hours spent communicating in person with people important enough to enjoy it, 15 minutes expelling the previous day's meals while reading bathroom literature, 30 minutes devoted to hygiene, and 1 hour to yourself.)



    Presenting;  "Who Do We Worship?"







  2. 2 hours ago, Pabloisawake said:

    There is no virus. That is the fact that matters. People are not dying. No extra burials or cremations, no extra hospital admissions.


    Dr Kaufman has broken this down; c19 has never been shown to exist, that is a fact, not a theory.


    The NWO can not create viruses. There will never be a virus outbreak.


    THIS IS VERY RELEVANT. One has to then ask so how are they planning the mass cull of 7.5 BILLION people?



    Ok, while I know viruses do exists (microbiology... you can actually see them) I can assume that they don't for arguments sake, just to point out a very real possibility that some of those people that did die were dying out of fear and nothing else, much like how a placebo works.  How many people do you reckon died from fear?  


  3. 10 hours ago, Ynot Hump said:

    I aired my own personal view earlier in the thread but just wish to add a point


    There are TWO KEY FACTS at play here


    FACT ONE - Yes there really is a virus. The population is being screwed over.


    FACT TWO - No there is no virus. The population is being screwed over.


    Instead of all the arguing and bickering here the one fact regardless of a virus existing or not is






    Exactly.  Screwed over by evil that has corrupted science.  


  4. 1 minute ago, Pabloisawake said:

    I will live as long as I want.


    There are no viruses to kill me and the NWO can only decimate those who consent.





    The world is a petri dish my friend, one shot of Lysol could kill 99% of us... but it is the 1% who will survive precisely because we prepare at different levels.  No need to be abrasive about Humanity.  


  5. 4 minutes ago, Pabloisawake said:

    Nonsense. You can not create a virus. They do not exist. I already posted Dr Kaufman rebuttal to the idea it has been isolated.


    There is no evidence of any c19 Virus. FACT.


    I respect your opinion.  We live and die by our own logical thought processes.  I wish you good health and long life.  

  6. PLAN A:  Defend the Home.  Our Safest Option.  Highest survival odds.


    PLAN B:  Bug Out Vehicle.  Our Passage to Safety.  Mid range survival odds.


    PLAN C:  Bug Out on Foot.  Our Last Resort.  Lowest survival odds.


    That pretty much summarizes our plans.  We keep bug out supplies ready to go.  Behind the supplies, tacked to the wall, is a Nuclear Target Map of the United States.  We hope that we never need it, just as we hope our bug out supplies will never get used.  But hope will get us nowhere fast.  We must think, we must prepare, we must be strong to weather storms. Have a plan.  Tailor it to YOUR NEEDS.
















  7. 4 hours ago, ink said:


    That maybe correct (I don't consider so) but if science did .... then they made a real shit bio-weapon (may as well just used the yearly flu to get the same death rate).


    I think that MEDIA made it (and the worldwide promotion of same) .... without the media there is no worldwide virus killing millions!



    When I was a kid I broke my mom's vase.  She loved that vase.  What did I do?  Covered it up... best superglue job ever.  She found out about 10 years later when I had the courage to fess up. 


    No different here really.  Science spliced it together and they infected the world.  Does anyone think they will fess up to it? Hell no.  So they are doing the next best thing... supergluing the entire planet with these damn jabs.  Pretty fricking obvious to me.  That way when they do get caught they will say... "but we fixed the problem... and the population problem... aren't we the heroes" and no one that gives a fuck now will care then.






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  8. 6 minutes ago, Saved said:

    Biden and Trump serve the same master. The ride to the chosen destination would be more comfortable under Trump but the destination is identical. Both are balls deep in the race and neither give a toss about truth.


    Anybody putting any trust in either party and either man to serve the American people is deceived.


    Not true.  Why do you think the machine went against Trump?

  9. 1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:


    From my research the 'UFO' saucer phenomenon began with the Nazis under the secret weapons programme of Hans Kimmler.


    There were UFO sightings in 1946 in Sweden which it turned out was the Soviets testing Nazi rocket technology.....


    In 1947 there was an eye witness who saw a landed saucer in Sweden, 3 miles from Angelholm airbase..... the occupants were blond haired and blue eyed, Nordics, but not aliens, just Swedes. 


    A little bit of common sense solves the whole mystery.










    But were they interviewed?   Then how do you know.


    Simple process really'


    "Hey, you there... who are you?"


    "Who, me?"


    "Ya.. you!"


    "Oh, why I'm just a blonde hair blue eyed Swede (as he distances himself from the UFO)


    "Oh yea?  What about that UFO thingy behind you?"


    "What, that?"


    "Ya... that!"


    "Oh, just my ride"





  10. On 6/7/2021 at 2:28 PM, DrCornwallis said:

    I mean, c'mon to fk, seriously?


    Why does he have to peddle this 'there is no virus b.s.'? Half the country caught it before Covid was even a brand name.




    Look at it metaphysically.


    Once your psyche accepts the idea that there is a deadly SARS CoV 2 virus then you accept the outcome and what is to follow.  While you might not ascribe to them in one form or another, you most certainly ascribe to the lunacy of others that do.  You make allowances for a 'vaccine' while refusing it for yourself, calling others crazy for getting it.  You make allowances for lockdowns, mask wearing, political measures, while refusing none, some or all.   


    By refusing to recognize it you refuse the remedy outright.  And what is the remedy being forced on us?  A deadly jab.  Children that have natural immunity are now having serious side effects.  Jabbed bodies are literally creating a gain-of-function spike protein. Loss of livelihood.  Communists China being hailed as a role model for containing outbreaks.  The great reset.  This Jab does alter DNA, studies prove that. Treatments that have been around for decades (hydroxy... vitamin D, Zinc, etc) have been proven effective, that alone was sufficient to call off a vaccine, but they lie to us saying they do not work. So why are they pushing the vaccine?  We have been lied to... over a virus that has less than 1% mortality.  That speaks to a much larger sinister agenda.  


    So I get where David is coming from.  Personally I think the virus is real, U.S. funded science spliced it together, it accidentally released from the Wuhan Lab, and we are all watching the coverup of BAD SCIENCE.  But do I know that for sure?  Not at all.  I only piece information together based on what is out there, who is to say ALL information out there isn't a ruse?


    Carry it one step further.  If this virus was manmade in a lab via gain-of-function, it isn't a natural virus, and that would mean David is technically right.  There is no NATURAL SARS CoV-2 virus.  


    All things manmade are SYNTHETIC.  Including this damn mRNA shit.  No way, no how.  At a minimum, this is the largest coverup of SCIENCE SCREW UPS in the history of man; or it's depopulation-101.  




  11. 2 hours ago, Lone Wolf said:

    The ONLY thing that has ever been constant on this planet is climate change...what with magnetic pole shift...variable solar activity...continental drift...perturbations in our orbit due to proximity of massive objects as we speed around the galaxy....etc.


    Humans have little to do with this natural warming period which we are nearly at the end of...we're just at the ending of the latest ice age, which there have been many over the last billion years.


    Volcanism is mostly responsible for increased CO2...not us.


    Co2 has no effect on global temperature...It will just make the planet greener, until a tipping point in the carbon cycle will cause a natural reduction in global temps.



    I agree completely.  Another thing, I wager that most people getting the experimental covid jab are climate alarmists.  They believe everything they are told by their democrat masters.  They have near-zero IQ.  


  12. 18 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:



    I'm all in favour of 'alternative' platforms, but you'll have to forgive my scepticism on this.


    If MeWe is already being 'denounced' on Wikipedia (which I know is hardly trustworthy itself) as being 'popular' among conservatives and 'conspiracy theorists', one must be reminded of what happened with Parler, which gained a lot of attention late last year and early this year, before it was 'hacked' and then shut down by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


    If certain people start pushing or promoting MeWe as a platform for people to 'move' to, then I would just be cautious that people are not being led into another honeytrap.


    See my thoughts on Parler here: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2021/05/23/was-parler-just-a-honeypot-after-all/



    The Left has MeWe in their sites.  It has 15 million users.  The only way to defend MeWe is to join it... strength in numbers.  Without numbers it will fail.




  13. I deleted my old social media platforms years ago once they began censoring and selling my personal information.  My principles outweigh their tyranny.  Anyway, I found what I think is a good alternative on MeWe.  So I opened an account there.


    Just sharing.







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