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  1. Four stories posted, 83 views, not a single like or comment. I bow out of a dead audience.
  2. Presenting; "Death Audit"
  3. Presenting; "Refuge Among Them"
  4. Presenting; "The Plasmodial Painter"
  5. A few years back when I had surrendered myself to the joys of fictional pursuit, often coffee blasted, seldom nourished, I found occasion to write single page stories of twists and foil, sharing them with family and friend (for whom among us truly enjoys friend in the plural). They were written in 2016, surviving in hard copy. I resurrect them here, scanned from the original, for your fictional reading enjoyment. There exists 26 shorts. They will appear in random order. (About The Canvas Republic: A name falling out of thin air to somewhat resurrect the happier pre-internet era where people would read short storybooks, or watch The Twilight Zone, as modes of mental entertainment never intended to exceed 30 minutes per day, the remainder of which broke down as follows; 8 hours of restful sleep, 45 minutes of eating three complete meals, 10 hours working at a job requiring manual skill or mental sharpness, 3 hours spent communicating in person with people important enough to enjoy it, 15 minutes expelling the previous day's meals while reading bathroom literature, 30 minutes devoted to hygiene, and 1 hour to yourself.) Presenting; "Who Do We Worship?"
  6. Ok, while I know viruses do exists (microbiology... you can actually see them) I can assume that they don't for arguments sake, just to point out a very real possibility that some of those people that did die were dying out of fear and nothing else, much like how a placebo works. How many people do you reckon died from fear?
  7. Exactly. Screwed over by evil that has corrupted science.
  8. The world is a petri dish my friend, one shot of Lysol could kill 99% of us... but it is the 1% who will survive precisely because we prepare at different levels. No need to be abrasive about Humanity.
  9. I respect your opinion. We live and die by our own logical thought processes. I wish you good health and long life.
  10. PLAN A: Defend the Home. Our Safest Option. Highest survival odds. PLAN B: Bug Out Vehicle. Our Passage to Safety. Mid range survival odds. PLAN C: Bug Out on Foot. Our Last Resort. Lowest survival odds. That pretty much summarizes our plans. We keep bug out supplies ready to go. Behind the supplies, tacked to the wall, is a Nuclear Target Map of the United States. We hope that we never need it, just as we hope our bug out supplies will never get used. But hope will get us nowhere fast. We must think, we must prepare, we must be strong to weather storms. Have a plan. Tailor it to YOUR NEEDS.
  11. When I was a kid I broke my mom's vase. She loved that vase. What did I do? Covered it up... best superglue job ever. She found out about 10 years later when I had the courage to fess up. No different here really. Science spliced it together and they infected the world. Does anyone think they will fess up to it? Hell no. So they are doing the next best thing... supergluing the entire planet with these damn jabs. Pretty fricking obvious to me. That way when they do get caught they will say... "but we fixed the problem... and the population problem... aren't we the heroes" and no one that gives a fuck now will care then.
  12. I think we are missing the huge fraud...........SCIENCE CREATED IT.
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