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  1. How can you deny the existence of god when or if you could ask god the most important question what would that equate to is what all words equate to is a physiological response or emotion when you realize that a good feeling is correlated to this same feeling then you realize that regardless of the worded answer or language this is the response and when you realize that you can achieve this feeling right now and forever you will know the answer that you will realize you already knew your entire life and has always been there Whereas this answer has always been based upon things you know to be true such as universal law or organically installed logic and or your instinctual comprehension of right and wrong that you have been blessed with regardless of your intelligence or what is considered intelligence this is what you know without words therefore you never have to think a single thought and yet you will receive the most highest intellectual knowledge ever conceptualized and understand it the same as god himself this is of the most high as you think of god as knowing and you are the children of god no different whereas means that on a frequency basis you are physically a representation of god even things you find ugly or distant from god are capable of achieving this and when you realize that you will realize everything is applicable within a premise that whereas we know energy is what everything is made of whereas no different then you or your interpretation of yourself or others is really synonymous and undeniable meaning that based upon any spectrum from high to low energy or frequency is an optional basis from where you find yourself placed as applicable whereas any application derived from said energy spectrum is merely a feeling which becomes analysis and thus an applicational basis for response whereas cannot and should not be automated with knowledge of a higher frequency therefore you choose a applicational frequency or building structure meaning if you put particles and play a frequency a certain mathematical form will take shape and that occurs with all gradients of frequency all are applicational thus all life and everything the same including believe it or not the frequency of god when you are a frequency also thus as reference to this truth one does not have to think in terms of words but of emotion and when you realize that words only trigger emotions as reference then you realize you are so easily programmed but when you realize that there are more words then you have been taught you realize also that it never mattered because the conclusion of words can only be a feeling that you can choose now including a multitude of feelings and emotions or frequencies that represent a physical mathematical form composed of a multitude of physics such as yourself then you will realize that all of time and space is composed of merely this then you can realize that all things are possible and if thoughts and memories and dreams are composed of the same things as this which they are then how does that differentiate the inside world from the outside world there is no difference its all just energy now imagine this how big or how much energy does it take to make infinite space well imagine infinite space with infinite diversity now imagine how big the synapse is that produced that in your brain or electrical current so tiny maybe less then a nano meter therefore think about how big you think the universe really is and how big you are in the universe if the entire ever expanding infinite universe can fit into less then a nanometer thought inside of your head then you will realize your importance and necessity for good that you and everything is or can be in the multiverse and you would never want to hurt anyone or anything in anyway only prevent it from hurting itself by hurting others or itself as long as that doesn’t hurt it such as for example telling someone this.
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