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  1. I'm talking about sorcery. The same sorcery that oppressed people used to protect themselves. What the West has done in the past was a consequence of non-human forces. What will happen in the future will also be a consequence of non-human forces. We need help from non-human forces to deal with this. This is traditionally called sorcery. This is what I am trying to say. We need help from the outside (the outside of our perceptual field).
  2. I see that there is a lot of confusion about what I said about alliance with "entities" ... I am not referring to anything impalpable and abstract. The "entities", of which I speak, are beings that live outside our field of perception. These beings are an inorganic form of life. These are the "entities" I speak of. These entities have always been here, of course. But it is not up to them to overcome our obstacles. However, they will guide us if we do what is necessary. What we need to do is open up our perceptual field. We need to realize that these entities exist and that they can guide us, if we open our perception. They do not guide us through intuition or imagination. They speak directly to us and give us precise guidance on what to do. Anyone can have this communication with them. To do this, just start using any oracle. Slowly the communication will become stronger, until we make our daily decisions with them. It is necessary that we create this type of relationship with the entities, in order to be able to handle what is about to happen. Of course, what I say may sound absurd. But what I am saying is at the request of those same entities.
  3. What will happen is a massacre. People are going to die on a large scale (much more than now). We need to be prepared. But in order to do that that we need to strengthen our alliance with the entities that can help. Our human reason will not be able to handle this. We need help from non-human forms of consciousness. Our conscience is very limited. We need help to know what to do and what decisions to make. Even so, most people will die. The only way to deal with this is to make the right decisions in our personal lives. But for that, help is needed. All types of oracles that exist can serve this purpose.
  4. Something will happen soon (in the next decades). We need to accept help from the outside. Something's coming.
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