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  1. Wow I'm so sorry to hear that! It is horrific, and if the worst happens I bet they will put covid on the death certificate...
  2. Hey, I'm Tabby, from Ireland but living in Spain. I have followed David Icke for about 10 years and now see the world falling apart in an even more horrific way than I ever had imagined possible in my lifetime. I have been here for a long time but recently discovered the forum part I would love to get in touch with more likeminded people as we need to stick together and fight right now. What are your thoughts on Cov-19 - Covid is a ridiculous hoax to gain full power over the people and the vaccine goes hand in hand with taking our rights away. Once our rights are stripped of us and we are dependent on the state they can cut our benefits to try to enforce it to the furthest degree. 9/11 - Set up to gain control as well as the invasion. Vaccine.. don't even start me on how the death of "covid is recorded" whenever vaccine deaths are ignored and a coincidence...
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