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  1. Pensioner who served wine and mince pies during lockdown jailed
  2. Blindingly obvious... Book burning on a massive scale. This is, without doubt, a massive move by the cult owned WEF. Ban a seventy year old man that the worldwide (cult owned) media label a crackpot from an entire continent? Anyone now that is unconvinced or 'on the fence' concerning anything David has spoken about for years must be gobsmacked. FFS wake up and smell the roses. 2010 was my turning point in life. I knew that something wasn't 'all that it seems' with this er...ermm 'world' we live in and I started learning (by chance) David Ickes teachings. I would not be here if it wasn't for David. I nearly committed suicide around 2010/2011. You can all laugh all you like. Through his books and teachings I understood what I was taught and programmed to believe from a very early age and follow through in life were... as David would say... BOLLOX.
  3. Desperate Chinese residents brawl over food & strip shelves as 21 million people plunged into world’s strictest lockdown
  4. One of the planets number one cult owned wankers stepping down
  5. I thought Brian had bottled it where David was concerned. Here we go boys and girls
  6. Dog in France Catches Monkeypox from Gay Owners, Prompting cult owned CDC to Update Guidance on the Virus
  7. The “next generation” Moderna vaccine may only need administering once a year.
  8. Continuing on from a post I made in this thread on May 19 from my local rag Inquest concludes young man died from AZ jab
  9. Adolf Sturgeon tests positive lol... Scotland's triple jabbed, mask wearing nazi leader tests positive....
  10. Some actual real news in my local rag.... Redditch man 'died from blood clots' after AstraZeneca Covid jab
  11. There is no need to subscribe or buy into anything. If you cannot see through the last twenty four months you are a lost cause.
  12. To quote myself a few days ago the English Prime Minister has said today 'further lockdowns cannot be ruled out' When that pompous, embarrassing twat says something like that you know it's literally just around the corner
  13. And some idiots like Jennifer Smith should never be chief reporter for the Daily Mail...
  14. The answer to your question is plain and simple.... It isn't over yet by a long shot.
  15. And don't forget the most important thing that the mainstream media sell (tell) you.... David Icke is a crackpot, conspiracy theorist.
  16. David Icke - 'There is no such thing as coincidence' I am still surprised Maxwell and Roberts are both alive.
  17. ....and don't forget it will be all down to human cause climate change.
  18. British footballer Alfie Nunn dies suddenly in Dubai aged just 35 The former UK football star is reported to have suffered a "heart attack on the pitch"
  19. Can't wait for ROSE/ICKE VI. I have been constantly asking Brian for this in the comments on his YouTube channel. I honestly didn't think Brian had the bollocks.
  20. Nothing more than a Government Propaganda Tool rouse to disguise the real news... ANTI VAX Djokovic. Hidden between all the Kardashian this, and the Jackboot Johnson that is the shite they want you to digest, intake and believe... On this occasion it's the John Carpenter 'They Live' headline... IF THOU DON'T TAKE THE INJECTABLE THOU CAN'T LIVE A NORMAL TENNIS SUPERSTAR LIFESTYLE The cult owned, Government Propaganda Tool mainstream media literally controls the perception of the 99%. Once you realise this you understand how this 'world' we live in works. I had a life changing experience in 2010 and David Icke literally saved me from suicide. Only by chance I saw a video on my YouTube feed by David. You can take the piss all you like. I owe my life from 2010 till now to David.
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