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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9821291/Covid-19s-new-victims-Doctors-warn-jabbed-people-make-bulk-fatalities.html If you need any more proof that the MSM is nothing more than a Cult owned Government propaganda tool read this article. I was literally laughing my bollocks off. If I had a quid for every lie in that article I could fill the empty tank of my Bentley Continental.
  2. Unfortunately the answer to your question 'When will people wake up?' in this cult driven shit show is literally one word - NEVER.
  3. David regularly has a 'free shipping' weekend so always keep an eye out for it.
  4. David said well over twelve months ago that this shit show by the cult was a 'virus of the mind'. These last sixteen months have shown (proved) that ALL worldwide mainstream media is a cult owned psychological propaganda tool. It has been blatantly IN YOUR FACE throughout and the blind sheep continue to follow and believe every word. There is a small collective on this planet laughing their bollocks off watching the turmoil unfold.
  5. Sex sells newspapers. There already had been numerous 'contracts given out to friends' stories about Hancock (and more) over the last year and it made no difference. His life may as well be over. He is fucked (no pun intended).
  6. Big brother is watching you. Resignation this weekend.
  7. This time its Fruit Shoot not Coca Cola
  8. The wolves are at last surrounding the lying bastard
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