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  1. Is this THE most disgusting bit of Global Cult Propaganda Tool news ever printed Absolute jaw dropping lie after lie bullshit in a national 'news (Government propaganda tool) paper' How much money or "what has been promised?' are these wankers receiving?
  2. More crazy bullshit to add to the endless list of bullshit
  3. Now we know WAGS have more than fake tits and botox lips
  4. ASDA offering to kill you as bonus for shopping with them
  5. More bullshit to add to the endless list of Government Propaganda Tool bullshit
  6. all I could think about was you David Icke
  7. BBC presenter Lisa Shaw, 44, died due to complications caused by AstraZeneca covid vaccine three weeks after she had first jab, coroner rules
  8. The Ultimate Paul Verhoeven Headline For those who still can't see through the Global Cult narrative
  9. Should have the word 'Advertorial' with it I wonder how much money the 'ANONYMOUS SENIOR INTENSIVE CARE CONSULTANT FOR THE DAILY MAIL' received to write this drivel. If you are on the fence and still need more proof of this Global Cult agenda then read this bullshit article.
  10. Many thanks for sharing these images Grumpy Grapes. Nearly thirty years and they look like new... and David is still going strong. I am so glad I started following and understanding what David has been saying all these years.
  11. More Google censorship for the Global Cult narrative
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9821291/Covid-19s-new-victims-Doctors-warn-jabbed-people-make-bulk-fatalities.html If you need any more proof that the MSM is nothing more than a Cult owned Government propaganda tool read this article. I was literally laughing my bollocks off. If I had a quid for every lie in that article I could fill the empty tank of my Bentley Continental.
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