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  1. Dunno if any of this is true or just being funny but I thought of it when reading this thread.
  2. This all might be old information I came across, as for it's validity perhaps looking into it is worth the time? Given we are seeing India go through the hammer with Monsanto and others encroaching on the farmers it all sorta.. connects.. Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe) A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (Blackwater’s Black Ops, 9/15/2010) revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after b
  3. I am no longer surprised, I knew everyone knew this but I will mention on some of the imageboards I explore there are numerous bots that exist for the purpose of quelling Covid-19 discussion, certain ET discussions, certain spiritual discussions and filling the board with nonsense/disinformation. The other thing is for the non-bot like responses is that I've been directly hassled by individuals who promote a technocratic agenda or use esoteric double speak as to try and derail the sharing of spiritually helpful information. All the same I am glad our community here has a strong fou
  4. Empty Indian Hospitals amid MSM claiming otherwise - Leakreality.com Uncensored news, politics, latest news, unbiased news, humor, (leakedreality.com) Another day on planet earth.
  5. It's no mystery to those spiritually inclined that the global elite and that of the negative spectrum consciousness has it's anathema in everything wholesome, unity and Love. They recoil and flee innately from that of higher vibrational frequencies, yet you see them constantly pushing for keeping people in Fear consciousness as well as other unwholesome emotions. You see the foe spin media, coordinate with one another like pros, they invert the sacred symbols and teachings to cause people shame, guilt and fear of spiritual exploration. Therefore we must look at the agenda, behind t
  6. You're welcome, I am glad to share and ultimately I think we're all doing swell. Some actual physical action is needed on a mass scale of course but where we each can make the most difference is with our local physical community actions with others. It's going to be that love, that resonance that we have along with working on our own inner shit that will help turn the tide. We need to help our neighbors, our family, our friends when we can realize there is a whole world out there beyond computers/media/distractions meant to keep us from what really matters. We must fight against the falsities
  7. The cosmic serpent as well as serpent symbolism isn't one sided, there are aspects of duality to be seen on this level of understanding. For the longest time the vile ones, those of the Entropic/Luciferian consciousness have inverted sacred symbols and mudras that are fonts of wisdom and assistance to all. Kundalini, the pranic life force inside of us all and that of the significance of the spinal cord hold great treasures for mankind. But you'll know where they invert the serpent, where their stakes are death, destruction and harm. Fear is the opposite on the spectrum to Love righ
  8. Just my understanding from a spiritual and lightworker perspective: The global awakening consciousness has an effect on the DNA in the human body, effectively specific to the awakening of the quantum self. What we can describe as unity consciousness/holy spirit/shekinah/violet flame is awakened. It's simply the Ascension event spoken about along with the shift into the Age of Aquarius. It's my full belief that the DNA modification the Global Elite are attempting to push on people is an attempt to counter that. When David spoke about his talk with a lightworker seeing the disconnect
  9. Didn't the Bill Gate's Foundation and friends do initial testing for experimental vaccine delivery system in India? That and the recent vaccine roll outs there? Alright bare with me, if we know the modified adenovirus is sometimes not working either as intended or (on purpose fucked off) then the over abundance of spike proteins are causing issues in the body. It actually begins working just like an adenovirus shedding. Do you think this might be why they're dying and why the the bodies may be coming back as positive if the delivered mod adenovirus in the vaccine are well acting i
  10. Ironically isn't India one of the places the Gate's Foundation peddled out testing for these experimental vaccines to begin with? >The Supreme Courts of India are currently conducting an extensive investigation into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s devious actions abroad, which mainly involve testing deadly vaccines on poor, and oftentimes illiterate, children in developing nations without informed consent. According to Health Impact News, the case focuses specifically on illicit human experimentation that occurred with the two available vaccines for HPV, Cervarix (Glax
  11. And this is all true because these archons/qlippoth/fear spectrum awareness things were spoken about all over the globe, and well people see it in cases of "demonic possession" as well as seen in the global elite and company who's resonance field changes at times to reveal the possessing factor. So intimately are we all connected which is why each of us is given that choice if we want to put it in the biblical sense of accepting the Anointed mark of the Shekinah/Holy Spirit (Christ Consciousness) or that of the Mark of the Beast (Archonic Consciousness). I'd also understood that th
  12. David has already sort of pointed it out, a lot of lightworkers know it too. Essentially the UFO reveal might be due to their reptoid/whatever overlords returning out in the open because of the Ascension event making things very up in the air for their control. The huge pushes for outwards control is indeed a prison planet lockdown agenda pushing a technocracy while seemingly the ruling elite want to depart with their masters of whom are 'Archon' controlled and influenced to another planet. They've already sort of went with their huge move to possibly sterilize and kill off a vast
  13. It's clownworld x1000% but we all can't fall into fear, after all the pricks behind this all are making their final gambit moves on the chessboard as awareness comes to humanity. My significant other has grown cold to me, thinks me stupid over trying to share information with them. For every medical professional who suffered Bell's Palsy, strokes, clots, illness, miscarriage and whatever horrid side effects from this vaccine, from everyone who's lost a loved one, to every horrid violation of human rights and freedom of speech. Some folk just shut down, some refuse to look at the evidence, some
  14. Thank you, this is rather important. I'm actually glad someone spoke up about this, bless that doctor.
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