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  1. I've been dealing with this for a long time now. Anthony Wilson from Leeds/Manchester UK you should be absolutely fucking ashamed of yourself. You dirty, insane druggie, rapist, hacker of a prick. Using technology bought from your filthy drug dealing to abuse not only someone you only met 3 times (yes I trusted my intuition and knew you were an odd fucker) but to use it on a child less than 2 years old.....times up cunt! This ass wipe has been using technology on me for quite a few years now. Mind rape, no privacy, no freedom. Frequencies used to attack emotions and cause physical suffering. Symptoms of illness that when you go to get checked out by your GP/Hospital etc find there's nothing wrong making you look like a liar and an idiot. Symptoms suddenly just stop. The utter shit that he's spurt forth using thoughts is ridiculous. He's not using it anonymously, he tries talking to me like he's on the fucking phone. His sheer arrogance and my unpredictability (which he didn't count on) are about to be his downfall. Only a psychopath would do this to someone. While I'm driving he's used forced sleep on me and thinks it's funny! I call that dangerous and attempted murder! Constantly invading my dreams which are always sinister trying to make me believe he's using magick. This is all done using frequencies! There's so much more, just so much more! I don't care if people think I'm cuckoo....I know I'm not and that's the only thing I care about. Telling me he's thinking of using it on my Grandchild......nah, that means he already is! May lightening strike him down, not to be dead but vegetative, before I get my hands on him because death is too peaceful for this cunt! I apologise to all others who read this, I've never used such bad language. I'm not a targeted individual. Nope, this is one lone fucker with a gadget. One that I know and I can guarantee I'm not the only one he's doing it to. Barrie Trower knows everything about this technology and he tells the very basics! People would never get their head around what's really going on. Again I apologise for the bad language. I'll go to the ends of the earth to get this out there and stopped. When you're dealing with this day in and day out, if I didn't know who was doing it, I don't think I'd be here, I'd have taken leave of this body to get away from it. I'm not very good at articulting myself when I'm angry but this has just poured out in sheer anger. I've re-written it 4 times and started again and I still can't write it without seething in anger. Not being able to tell friends/family, no one to let it out to. Thank you David Icke for talking about this and lucky for me I saw the video!
  2. If you get short bursts of tones in different pitches in either ears, (this never happens in both ears at the same time) I can assure you, it's nothing spiritual. These tones are resetting you to a frequency you have no control over and it doesn't benefit you in any way shape or form. It keeps you in a particularly bad frequency that stops you creating your own vibes! I have a real piece of shit human using technology doing this to me all the time. People think they're communicating with spirits/angels/guides/demons etc. No you're communicating with 'humans' that are using technology to deceive you.
  3. I don't know but nothing surprises me anymore. The world is crackers right now that's for sure.
  4. Oh dear.....that's me fucked then! I've only just joined the forum and all I've done is moan haha! I guess I'm like millions of others, angry, frustrated and have no outlet for it. Nobody around me thinks the same way I do and of course I'm a conspiracy theory nut job to those that are around me. I'm not keeping quiet about my beliefs anymore. I've said for ages, the swabs need to be looked at under a microscope and the masks I wear for work....some of them smell odd. These worms etc.....well, it doesn't surprise me!
  5. My job requires me to mask up for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Since they made it part of my uniform I've had what can only be described as flu like symptoms which went to my lower respiratory tract and I needed 2 lots of anti biotics to help clear the worst of it. I figured this isn't viral, it's bacterial. I've had it 3 times within the space of 3 months and it's back again, thick green phlegm and snot (sorry too much info) Basically, the mask has made me ill and I was absolutely fine before this, very rarely ill. A normal cold turns into something nastier when you wear these masks for long periods, I mean, how are you meant to recover and get rid of it if you're breathing it back in for hours on end. I'm lethargic, fed up and so, so tired of all this shite! Much to the point that I can't be arsed going against what my body and mind don't agree with anymore just to pay the bills. I'll be leaving soon, I'm done!
  6. My apologies if there is already a thread about this...so they're rolling this saliva test out across the NHS, to be done weekly. I've only just heard about it even though University students have been using it for a while now. So basically, testing (more like monitoring) your DNA on a weekly basis to see how it changes following the vaccine. This test is apparently more accurate. No isolated samples available for Covid-19, IT DOESN'T EXSIST yet many people following the narrative will be giving their 'guinea pig' results willingly without a second thought! I despair!
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