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  1. Deca, you're not the only (what you call) genuine targeted individual. There are millions and no, they really don't all know what they are dealing with. You didn't know at some point either. The sheer number of people going through this shit is on a mass scale. You do know that a v2k controller is able to broadcast the same message to a large group of people even though they'll all hear it individually don't you! Now try asking someone with nerve damage if they think the electric jolt/shocks or head zaps are because they're a 'targeted individual' or maybe someone being broadcast personal messages if they understand what's happening. The immediate response would be that they're going nuts and having mental health issues. It's not all just about v2k either and no Roberts not dumb.....just a low life, scummy coward who really should be rotting in jail.
  2. There's no such thing as a 'targeted individual' anymore than there is a 'conspiracy theorist' neither exist. What people are, is HACKED. You're a hacked human, hacked by your own species. There are millions of people in this position. The term targeted individual suggests being alone, isolated. Target, makes it sound personal and is a very suggestive word to trigger distress. Not only do people feel isolated, millions of people don't even know they're being hacked. Millions of people are being used against each other to create distress in others and don't even know. No two people are being hacked in the same way. Mass hacking has been going on for years. Robert Duncan claims to have invented and developed some of the technology used yet didn't think for one minute it was going to be used nefariously. He had a change of heart? PLEASE, the man can't discuss anything to do with it without smirking. If he's to be believed, you can't stop it, you will never prove it but he'll expose a little of it, that he's allowed to or thinks he can get away with. If he had any shame, he'd be exposing everything even if it meant him being silenced. He's a coward and a player. He's dangling a tiny carrot in the hope people won't find out how big an experiment his invention has been involved in. 'Oh well I did my bit to try and help, maybe they'll forget the massive part I played in it' so people won't crucify the fucker. HACKED HUMANS comes in many forms, describing this as 'targeted individuals and gangstalking' isn't helping. Don't give them any credit by using their names for it.
  3. That right there, the myelin sheath, everybody will get symptoms if they haven't started getting them already. The disorders that are associated with wrecked myelin sheath are plenty and that's what the GP's and doc tors will be pushing when it comes to diagnosis.
  4. I've been looking into this for a long time. The reason being, I feel like when I hear anything in 432Hz, it sounds out of tune to me! Maybe because I'm so used to things being at 440Hz?! I haven't found anything else to explain why 432Hz would sound out of tune to me. Something about it doesn't sit right with me, dammed if I can figure out why though! Interesting that the Schumann Resonance is named after someone with 'human' in the middle of his surname. Hmmm! Can't imagine that frequency is doing much for the planet when you've got GWEN towers everywhere. All these shit frequencies put out there by mental fucking men are surely going to affect the so called frequency we've been told is the Schumann Resonance. I swear I don't believe fuck all anymore
  5. From my experiences, I'm thinking it doesn't matter if we're jabbed or not, ALL of us will be given different *odd* symptoms of varying similarity and everyone will be as confused as fuck about why they're ill when they haven't ever been jabbed or tested for fake convid. Frequencies being fired at us which can mimic any symptom/illness they want it to. Sudden adult death syndrome is drop, dead, kill switch. You absolutely can't stop your body responding to frequencies. If you think for one moment they can't and haven't already been controlling your body from under you, you've underestimated them in a big way. I'm talking about your body. Now, shall we talk about the mind!!!
  6. It's exhausting being in a place that's invaded with the cunts who want to kill us.
  7. You know that presence in the room with you that you can't see....it's not a 'ghost' and it's not magick.
  8. What makes them think it's coming from their homes? It's an outside source hitting YOU not your house etc. Your hearing this false hum internally and it can be just you or groups of people around you, it has nothing to do with the houses or surrounding area. It's your own personal noise. It's being given to you!
  9. ....or, they're quite simply just being manipulated by technology with a human behind it to do that.
  10. Yeah, I didn't think of them removing clothing to see where injurys may be. Makes a lot more sense of that photo now.
  11. DEW's are 5g. None of us, jibbed or not can get away from them. Not now! The central nervous system is a bugger when manipulated by external sources. We are being toyed with.
  12. Does a crush make your trousers come down, that photo of them is weird. How do we even know this isn't acting, a test/practice run? Since when did you take someones pants down when you're doing compressions?
  13. Imagine how many people they can kill covertly during a planned blackout.
  14. Buy an Island, stock up, grow your own produce, get some animals and make it so you won't have to leave the island. Self sufficient, oh and shoot anything coming towards it that looks human!
  15. I'm not a violent person although I recognise we all have the potential to be depending on the circumstances. I'm sad to say I would do time for those two cunts!
  16. Puzzle

    New 5g mast

    The smart street lamps went out over a week ago here, it was pitch black outside. For a split second I thought have they started pretending to cut back on electricty with the black outs already. I also thought they were possibly up to no good with the 24th Sept (we'll remember where we were shite) but they came back on a day ago. Has to be to do with the 5g mast up the road then. Isn't it exciting to wonder what's coming next?! No it fucking isn't!
  17. Psychopaths have no place in a world run by e-motions. They're on the wrong fucking planet! Sadly, e-motion is the reason they're not being removed.
  18. Give people of all ages the opportunity to leave and the chance to go with dignity and no pain/suffering. All people, healthy or not. How many people do you think would leave? I think the world would be nearly empty.
  19. Errrrr guys, the smart street lamps have been out for three nights now and it's very foggy outside right now. Just saying because it's a bit fucking creepy
  20. But those DEW's are not just for the jibby jabbed, they're for those that haven't had it too!
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