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  1. I have a real problem with people that do this.....dangle a carrot infront of someone and give them a pissing riddle instead of just saying it!
  2. Puzzle

    New 5g mast

    When you look in the search engines, there's no mention of this mast. I'll post photos of the mast when I can upload them. How can anyone think that's appropriate?! I'm exhausted. I have such dry eyes and can't catch my whole breath in without wanting to cough my guts up but the cough won't come. It's not a cold, no runny nose, no phlegm, no chest problem. The sleep depravation is ridiculous, I have for want of a better description, a car engine running inside me. Sounds ridiculous, but my body is relaxed and still yet there's this 'fight and flight' adrenalin rushing through my body and I just lie there, unable to drop off to sleep. I obviously do drop off at some point but before you know it, it's time to get up and it's exhausting. My pet is affected with dry eyes too and is secreting a strange grey/white coloured sleep in the corner of it's eyes. The whites of the eyes are red. The vet can find nothing wrong other than dry eyes, perhaps feels it could be an allergy! It's restless and not sleeping either. Yes it's an allergy alright....to 5 fucking Geeeeeeee So how must the kids be getting on. I can't find anywhere that people have fought against this.
  3. https://thecountersignal.com/bill-gates-germ-team/ Who the fuck put this twat in charge.....he really is a fucking liability! This nuisance needs taking apart limb by limb.
  4. The problem is that your mindset regardless of where it's at isn't going to be able to over ride someone with the technology to raise or drop your vibration at their will.
  5. I hear that all the time....people can't comprehend why but you'd be the easiest of people to play with because they don't just do it to kill you, they like a bit of fun. Some people believe it because they experience it. They're not nuts, they're not stupid and they don't come forward because it does make them sound crazy. This technology is years old. It's not new but they've had a long time tweaking it
  6. They've been bombarding us with tons of stuff from every pissing angle to annihilate us, a fancy light show isn't too far out at all!
  7. This is what it looks like in my area every two or three days. It's relentless.
  8. If I wanted to control the human body and the brain.....I'd use frequencies. 100% effective, silent, deadly, UNSTOPPABLE!!!! How are we going to stop that?!
  9. People are angry, frustrated and pissed off. We try and fix the symptoms....we need to fix the root cause. We won't be able to do anything about the situation we've found ourselves in soon. Some of the dumb fuckers who don't appear to care about anything or anyone are being made to be that way.
  10. Oh dear, that'd be me locked up in a jiffy. My car is my place to de-stress. I scream at the top of my voice to let the anger and frustration out because it works for me and I can't do it at home, my neighbours would have the pooh-lice round in a shot and off to the nut house I'd go. Fucking hell, you really can't do anything anymore can you!
  11. All illness, all symtoms of anything and everything is made by using and manipulating frequencies. Controlled testing/experiments of individuals/groups carried out on all of us. There's no virus, only clever technology with another human behind it. It's the perfect, silent, deadliest weapon and they don't want anyone to know what's making them sick but a shit cover story such as a virus and a vaccine will keep you looking the other way. Confuse the masses, make those who haven't had the fake vaccine ill with some of the same symptoms as those vaccinated and woohoo, none of them will know which ways up and which ways down. There is absolutely no virus, just tricky little human fuckers. Tweaking the symptoms for fun of a made up illness on randoms no matter what status they are. All illness made to bring big pharma big bucks! Imagine being sat in the doctors waiting room, rammed full of people. Next day everyone's got flu, they must have picked it up in that fucking waiting room....no, they didn't spread it to each other, they didn't have what they've been programmed to believe is something called flu, they were just all hit with the same frequency! In my opinion!
  12. I'm sick of the whole shit show. No matter what they do or spurt forth, Klaus and his clan can FUCK RIGHT OFF.
  13. Amalgam is an antenna for electro magnetic frequencies and you know, just in general, no kind of metal should be anywhere in the body which is already an antenna. It leaks and it's toxic. None of us want to be more of an antenna for these mental grunts lording it over us than our bodies naturally already are. Frequencies are everything! You know, years ago in my childhood era, amalgam fillings were put in kids teeth even when the teeth were healthy.....evil was still a thing then. My family's dentist was a fucking butcher and whilst it was free treatment then, that greedy fucker was still getting his money's worth.
  14. I haven't been jabbed and refused to test before every shift at work. They've kinda left me alone about the testing but it's only because nobody else will do my job. I initially wore the masks when they made them mandatory for us but after 2 months or so I was sick of being ill with a sore throat and snotty nose which I'd go round in circles with. I refused to keep wearing them at work and put a visor on instead. They weren't happy and you could tell it pissed them off but they didn't dare say anything to me and I was left alone. At one point I was off with flu and they wouldn't let me go back without a PCR test. Since I did the PCR which tested negative because it's not testing for anything, I kept telling them that if it tested positive I'd be kept off work for no reason because it would be a lie. I've never hidden my feelings or kept my mouth shut about how I felt and I've resented everyone I work with since. I go to work, I do my job, I'm not unpleasant or nasty to anyone but I only speak to everyone about work only and don't engage in any other way with any of them. I got told, you're not the same, you never have a laugh or talk to us anymore and I say that's because I have no respect for any of you and I won't be a hypocrite. Yes I changed, I started to see you all for what you really are....incapable of having an open mind and the balls to think for yourselves pretty much trying to make someone feel shit because they don't think the way you do and have a bloody mind of their own. Every single one of them jabbed up to the hilt and constantly testing positive and having time off. It pisses me right off because they're off with no fucking symptoms of anything at all. I've gone off on a rant, anyway, you can imagine how delightful it is working there. So basically, at some point I've worn the mask and I've had a PCR so that's me right royally fucked. I'm pretty much vaxxed without the fucking jab! GREAT!!!!!
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