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  1. Maybe they're not chat bots / AI........ and the programmers aren't allowed to disclose that it's just mental fuckers i.e. ill eats paid grunts behind it having a laugh as usual. AI not being what you're told it is. You work all your lives, you pay tax, after tax, after tax for those cunts to tell you you're a useless eater! What is it they do again? Oh yeah, sit on their arses spending fake money they took off you. I know who I class as a useless eater!
  2. Bullshit, as you well know. Like I said, shame on you.
  3. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  4. Well now they have advanced tech to stop you doing anything about it and it’s only going to get worse. Being interfered with mentally and physically when you know it’s happening. I’d say when it gets to the stage that they’d stop you checking out of your own accord but it’s not ‘when’ anymore is it! The sheep don’t know they’re someones ’bitch’ Yet. Until something changes to stop that tech, we’re fucked. No one’s coming forward to show us how to stop it. Knowing what it is isn’t stopping it. You can change your thought pattern all you want they’ll change it back again for you.
  5. Ahhhh yes, I've seen those spiders, they are fascinating, yes. Don't see them that much but I know the ones you mean.
  6. I didn't get close to it and it shot out towards my magnet. The webs I've seen in the garden, on my car wing mirrors etc have always had a particular pattern to them but to be fair I'm no expert on these things. I've never gone near one with a magnet either so you don't know how these things will pan out but I feel less freaked out now. I'm going with that, electrostatics, it makes sense. Mind you, I've been reading about birds not all being real, maybe many things, flies, insects of all kinds may not all be real either, as in minute drones/electrical gadgets of some kind.
  7. In other words.... As with all the other ridiculous excuses we use, we'll carry on firing the fuck out of you with bad frequencies and thoroughly enjoy ourselves doing so, since we know you know there's no way for you to stop us! The part we love the most though is taking the piss out of you knowing you know it.
  8. Okay I just tried that, put a magnet near whatever that is on the pic and that stuff is magnetic. Doesn't look like any kind of web I've ever seen either. Fully creeped out here.
  9. I'm not vaxxed but I've been ill 4 times and it's no convid shite. It's nothing I've ever experienced before either. Weirdly, on the start of the last occasion it happened, I was just sat reading when I suddenly got a really strange taste in my mouth. Thing is, they can manipulate the air and space around you so it's not just about making you ill.
  10. Puzzle

    New 5g mast

    They held all the traffic up at the roundabout this morning to remove the old mast that was left there when they put this DEW weapon, sorry I mean 5g mast up. I can't believe how many smart street lamps there are round here either. My nerves are absolutely screaming!
  11. They bombarded us with chemtrails here yesterday afternoon. I shut all my windows for the night. Does this look like what you guys may be talking about regarding webs etc?
  12. This one? https://odysee.com/@januszkowalskii1979:e/The-Truth-about-Russell-Brand---The-Hidden-Hand-Freemasonry.-33-Is-the-Public-Brainwash.-360-is-the-Top:8
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