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  1. Men think with their dicks though which is why all women are programmed to make themselves look like blow up dolls.
  2. Interesting that Camilla 'chose' not to be hidden. Probably told she couldn't be hidden as she means nothing to them in the grand scheme of it all. The previously anointed ones along with Charley boy probably have a baby/child strapped down and drugged which they stab as an offering behind that screen for all we know.
  3. Kate is the one to watch in my opinion. Nothing to do with her resting bitch face, just that she looks like she relishes in the power a little too much! A ritual to give his masters full control and a realisation that he has to be sacificed for it to be. And we thought they had full control before Was that whole thing meant to be a celebration of a new king or a funeral!
  4. Makes you feel uneasy watching it too...yes, every single horse looked out of sort. That's very disturbing, not good, not good at all.
  5. Well I never! The timing of it right before the shit show ritual tomorrow. I hope it pisses down all day. What an opportunity to wipe them all out in one go! One can only dream eh! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12051131/World-Health-Organization-boss-says-pandemic-no-longer-global-health-emergency.html Hang them all from the DEW's they've erected, I mean the fake 5g masts.
  6. They have their perfect weapon, tried, tweaked and tested. We've left it too late. Those that still comply to the whole shit show are, IMO, hypnotised so I don't blame these people for their lack of backbone. They really won't see it. They needed that fake 5g up and we let them crack on with it. Also, not sure if anyone knows but the NHS have now stopped all mask wearing, no more testing needed and you can go in work with covid if you don't feel really ill with it. Fantastic turn around of events isn't it! I'd like to think people working for the NHS that have flowed along with all this bullshit will put 2 and 2 together but they won't. The perfect, silent, YOUCANNEVERPROVEIT weapon has been working a treat. You know, it's not so bad not knowing what's going on when your thoughts and emotions aren't your own because nothing is worse than knowing and not being able to stop it.
  7. Nothing can override frequencies forced on you. Sorry to be a debbie downer an all.
  8. I'd happily let my dog piss on that stone!
  9. I've been through all the 'spiritual awakening shite' and I call it shite because I realised it's not what we're made to believe it is. I know once you're a hacked human you won't be able to meditate anymore and you certainly won't be 'raising your own vibration' again IF you ever THOUGHT you could before. My fake time here is controlled and not by me. There are no 'ghosts/spirits/demons/angels' etc, etc. Just other humans with technology and cheat codes to the universe. The manipulated dreams are done purposely to shape the tone of my day. People don't realise what they should be worrying about is when they go to sleep, how vulnerable they are. I'd say frequencies are fucking frightening in the right hands but they're fucking terrifying in the wrong hands. We're fucked.
  10. I've got nothing, may as well not be here voicing my opinion of what I'm experiencing that can't be substantiated unless you're experiencing it yourself. So that's me cancelled then. Good times!
  11. If they want to kill somebody with a frequency, best to use someone that's jabbed to allow that deceipt to surpass for a lot longer than killing someone unjabbed where questions might start to be asked. I didn't say anything about how frequently and how fast the rate of each jabbed and unjabbed are dying however since you and nemo mention it of course the jabbed can be wiped out faster, you can blame it on the jabs. What are the unjabbed going to blame it on? The point is, it's not just the jabbed that are dying, both are, regardless of the rate. People aren't taking on board that unjabbed are dying from the same shit. Nobody knows the true extent of how many of each are dying, the figures are made up.
  12. They absolutely don't need jabs to be doing what they're doing to us. They can do anything to us mentally and physically with frequencies. There's something much, much bigger than just the jabs going on. If they gave everyone saline in all those jabs, people would still say it was the jab that made them ill even if they showed them the technology they use to give them that illness via a frequency.
  13. It's not just people who've been jabbed that are dying, they want us to blame the jabs.
  14. The problem is that you can't trust your phones settings any more than you can trust the weapon; sorry I mean phone, itself. For all of us who won't have a phone, 2g or otherwise switched on, think about your surrounding area and people in it still having theirs switched on. I'll be in the middle of nowhere, not going to be listening to the neighbours phone going off when I won't be listening to my own. Walls like fucking paper!
  15. Is that the noise/frequency that'll have us all foaming at the mouth when we hear it then! Or will it be kill everyone around you, the more the better. Or one big round of sudden adult death syndrome! Maybe it'll make everyone who hears it do a hissy, fit, tantrum dance before exploding. Everyone stuped and petrified! Where's this emergency alert been all these years....now they want one. Oooo my minds gone wild with all the possible scenarios. Each day that goes by I see them getting cuntier and cuntier.
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