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  1. Paul Levy talking about Wetiko on Glitch in the Code: https://www.bitchute.com/video/isQEoIAbmXsn/
  2. Obviously we are not going to get to a point of agreement! I don't want to antagonise anybody and I hesitate to post this because it might seem combative. But for the sake of others in the future who follow this thread I do want to counter your points which are common criticisms of Wim with my own experiences and observations. I do think it's unfair to accuse Wim of simply reselling old tricks. His work does stand of the shoulders of ancestor wisdom and he frequently discusses that point and acknowledges it. He specifically talks about Tummo on his website and acknowledges the benefits of the practice. On his fundamentals 10 week course, for each weekly group class he also has a yoga teacher beside him teaching Vinyasa flows and pranayama breathing alongside specific Wim Hof techniques. They are complementary but each is a different practice targetting different issues. So to my mind, his unique contribution is how he has pulled apart this ancient knowledge that is practiced to this day, researched it heavily and reformulated it into simplified technique provided by one teacher covering breath, cold and most importantly mind. A lot of people seem to suggest that one can simply follow Tummo or other yogic breathing traditions and get results too but when I investigate those practices the timelines to achieve strong results are at least months and often years. So a key point is that Wim Hof Method delivers life changing results for alot of people in days and weeks (including myself and several friends). The traditional practices, some of which I have practiced myself for years, are systems that seem to require many years of dedicated practice to master. So that's a key difference for Wim's method IMHO and something Wim deserves acknowledgement and credit for.
  3. It does look a bit grubby. Hmm, I would have preferred the expose video to run unedited and clearly show the whole conversation. For all I know Piers is just seeing an opportunity to fleece some chaps of their cash with no intention of stopping criticism of AstraZeneca. The only way to know for sure would be if they then staged an event where Piers went on to hold back criticism of AZ at the request of his "sponsors". No such evidence is presented in the vid posted to youtube. It's a group of film makers with an agenda to show Piers in a bad light and maybe Piers gifted them that opportunity. I've met Piers briefly once and my gut feeling was of a genuine bloke. If these guys were to release the unedited version of all the footage captured then I would know more clearly if my gut feeling was completely wrong.
  4. I get the cynicism. First two weeks of practising his techniques I wondered what the hype was. But then I "got" it and for such a short practice - 15 minutes breathing, 5 minutes cold shower/ice bath the results are amazing for me. I also pranayama in my yoga classes for 5 years, Wim Hof Method is nothing like any yoga breathing technique I have ever practiced before. Of course I'm not an expert in yoga breathing styles. I do not now of any widely practised yoga technique that includes up to 4 minutes of not breathing.
  5. His online courses have online training for a cold water bath topped with ice cubes like you see in the documentaries!
  6. *Yawn* - another tech bubble grows with VC cash pouring down on vapourware startups and silicon valley crooks try to corner another market. More and more cash chasing, in this case, the handful of engineers actually capable of delivering the chips that can drive the adoption of the technocratic agenda. Too many nefarious plans and not enough oomph to see them through. The elite dream of enslaving the masses in an AI prison. But our dystopian nightmares, are meeting with the cold light of day as the reality of realising a digital tyranny is shown to once again to be unachievable. Every way the great fourth industrial revolution turns, progress is blocked by lack of resources be it chip designs, manufacturing capacity, physics, software teams and so on.
  7. Bit late to the party but here's my two cents on Wim Hof. I've done his ten week online Fundamentals videos and I'm now working through the Power of the Mind course. You're gonna get out what you put in but I have had fantastic results so far. I felt the free stuff he puts out was quite boring and I found the courses far more engaging but you'll need to be putting in effort most days of the week. I love his style, shouting, swearing during the guided practices and just a real crazy guy. Feels quite spiritual as you get into as well IMHO. Through his teachings I've finally nailed some chronic hip pain and I can run again. The psychological benefits, mental health, have been very welcome too. All without any pharma.
  8. Reagan's Star Wars for the Technocratic age! Whether it works or not, will consume vast amounts of public dosh no doubt
  9. Amen to that. Epic set of links, cheers!
  10. £1000 bonus for HGV drivers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57983698 A significant part of this HGV driver fiasco is absolutely down to the disgrace that is IR35, blame landing squarely on Rishi Sunak and gang for persevering with this draconian tax hike for contractors across all industries. See this from 13th March 2020 https://www.itcontractor.com/brexit-ir35-mess-as-contract-hauliers-dumped-by-road-haulage-firms/
  11. My clicking through of the CDC links indicates that the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test is merely being replaced with another RT-PCR test that additionally tests for influenza A and B viruses (allegedly) Isn't this just swapping out a test for one genome sequence for a new test that will cover three genome sequences? It doesn't seem to be the CDC admitting that RT-PCR is not fit for purpose.
  12. Daithi

    City of London

    For me, even when it's a rally format that's not my favourite, it's important to be there. A visual display of protest against this tyranny. Clearly a lot of effort had been put into organising it and I respect that.
  13. I'm hearing a lot of talk about how the London protests do nothing. I get that point of view but I don't agree. But these protests are happening, they are real world events. Where are the efforts of the protest critics to actually plan and execute something different? Surely the critics need to make something else happen to tempt us protesters to your way of thinking. Moaning from behind your keyboards definitely won't achieve anything but that is the sum total of alternative options so far as I can tell.
  14. Daithi

    City of London

    I had a nagging doubt that Saturday wouldn't be my cup of tea, reminded me of the earliest ones I attended which were rallies rather than marches. I love watching these speakers from the comfort of my home but standing for hours trying to stay interested is a struggle! The I felt the collective fatigue of the rally killed the energy when the march got going but the "Brick in the wall" performance near London Victoria was really good, more of that please.
  15. Daithi

    City of London

    I have met tens of new amazing friends directly through these protests at a time when we're not supposed to be able to do that. If that's all it achieves then for me that's plenty. No more rallies though please! Bored shitless on Saturday in Trafalgar Square.
  16. Anybody driving a newish car needs to educate themselves on privacy and reconsider their choice! Shitty old cars with zero tech all the way for me these days (until they're outlawed, then it's horseback, push bike and Shank's pony)
  17. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time!
  18. Isn't it because the plod will then make sure the route is blocked off on the day, denying me the once a month joy of watching them run around like headless chickens as they try to keep up
  19. What a shame that pegasus malware gets installed using mundane hack attacks like spoof email links etc. I hope lots of organisations fighting for freedom get to see something like this and get educated on how to not end up with spyware on their devices.
  20. 100% yes, that's the real agenda of that article
  21. FFS - as an aside the irony in this article is laughable - it's the abysmal failings in cyber security companies and their products like Check Point that open corporations and governments to cyber attack anyway!
  22. That's a really well written paragraph. I think I am 100% onboard with you on your general point? This is also a great thread because I'm not so arrogant that my ideas will definitely play out! I see full caveman as being a good road for humanity from here. My growing feeling is that caveman life could be far more sophisticated and healthy than corrupt history has taught to us. It's a lifestyle that brings us into balanced harmony and collectively opens us back up to being free range, organic humans. Where I might differ from you is that for me the devolutionary bottomless pit is a choice based only on a fear porn pipeline rather than real quantum AI/transhumanist anything. I see this as continuing to hold true for the foreseeable future of humanity. That's my key point that I'm driving about AI and transhumanism. It's an idea with no tangible delivery beyond slick sales videos and contrived simple demos that deny the complexity of a real world product. I feel there is a schism forming already where the caveman crew are breaking away and building a parallel society. It doesn't feel like a revolution as it unfolds in my life, it is more a gentle evolution towards new, better ways of living. More and more MSM and sheeple wage slave existence is disappearing from my life. It feels like we all have a stark choice today between buying into the AI/transhumanist fear porn slavery or not.
  23. I believe it is also using geometric facial measurements of landmarks such as the eye positions and the nose etc. So at a level there is plenty to be worried about around privacy. But I don't believe that perfection in these systems is possible. I don't see any technology platform that could be deployed across the globe and track you in real time. That is still very hollywood imaginings rather than reality. A lot of the operation of these AI algorithms and neural nets is still very heavily dependent on humans on the back end peforming checks. In the developing world there are vast white collar sweat shops where people are paid a pittance to feed the neural network software with validated and prepared data. I.e. this stuff is not at the "matrix" level where computers can support themselves in building a vast virtual prison to enslave us. Instead the growth in capability is constrained by classical physics, Moores law and such and smoke and mirrors are being used constantly to make this stuff look far more menacing than it is. But we need to stay awake, even at the relatively crude level of achievement this tech is evil privacy destroying stuff. Worse, there will be many imperfections and outright frauds peformed in preparing and validating the models used, innocent people will be seriously fucked over by this stuff.
  24. Out of likes, brilliant stuff. I've seen these symptoms in several of the double jabbed sheep recently
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