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  1. Terms are important. https://www.vedantu.com/biology/virion So far I have only seen electron microscope images of SARS-CoV2 virions. So far I have only seen published papers that introduce SARS-CoV2 virions into a cell culture to demonstrate pathological effects of those virions. So far I have only seen theoretical ideas about viruses being the origin of those virions. So far @GeoffBhas only been talking about Virions. All of the science around SARS-CoV2 Virions may well be valid and true but it is never demonstrating the morphogenesis of an RNA virus. The RNA virus of the SARS-CoV2 pathogen has never been isolated or created to then demonstrate to have infectious transmission. All of the stuff out there starts at the Virion stage only, never before that.
  2. I'm intrigued as to what your definition of a virus is? IMHO It's a shit label these days because people are bandying it about to describe different things and then we are potentially arguing about apples and pears. Here's my take on respiratory RNA viruses based on my personal research: 1.An RNA molecule is considered the virus. It is an inert sequence of genetic information 2. The inert virus enters through the airways of a healthy person having been breathed out previously by another infected person 3. The virus initiates a replication process of itself 4. Somehow this results in a spike protein which exits the host cell 4. This bit is sketchy to me but in a healthy person the spike protein exists and does not infect other cells? 5. In a person with a compromised immune system the spike proteins attach to neighbouring cells and the damage results in disease
  3. I don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of modern virology to call into question the RNA virus theories so loved by the cult. And I certainly know more than you based on your very intellectually limited discourse on this topic. The forum has been waiting for quite some time now for you to actually start evidencing your dangerous views on virus theory. Alas, once more this conversation dead ends as you just dish out the one liner put downs. Socratic Method 0 - Geoff 1 I wonder if you or your buddy chicken pox nathan even know the very simplest concepts about the proposed RNA virus theories that you hold so dear. I ask you repeatedly for the papers that confirm the simplest proof about RNA viruses, that in a controlled environment the transmissibility of the alleged pathogen validates the DEAD cells cooked in chemical goop. They never have and they never will. Anybody selling the dead cell/chemical goop theory has no place in the alternate thinking realms IMHO. So burn your David Icke books, put on your masks, take your jabs and lock yourselves down, if you have any existing serious disease then take your Midazolam like a good boy. RNA virus theory, the fraud that is the SARS-COV2 illness and it's transmissibility is the complete bedrock of the most successful tyranny acted against humanity. We need people asking questions and demanding answers about flaws and inconsistencies in the science used to drive the destruction of society as we know it. As the facts fail to materialise then it becomes easier to make some MSM loving sheeple call their personal blind devotion into question. Then we have a chance for a better future as a species. Not sure people devoting their time to one liner put downs and googled links that are poorly interpreted by the googler are worth much of anything.
  4. The thread is about "the virus" in the covid-19 sub forum, so the RNA alleged virus known as Sars-Cov2 and its isolation is the topic under discussion here. I don't understand where chicken pox fits in? It's a deeply complex topic in and of itself and doesn't need to be pulled in any other direction IMHO.
  5. Nowhere did I offer that you have in any way hurt my feelings. Offending sensibilities does not translate to that if you use a dictionary worthy of the name. Anybody peddling the RNA virus myths such as the paper you linked makes me very angry because it is the foundational lies and deceit fuelling the worst example of tyranny against humanity in my lifetime. You have no clue about my educational achievement, what my professional history is or are seemingly in any position to judge my ability to grasp modern virology. You also haven't offered your credentials at any point to support your ability to judge the validity of modern virology either. So I'll assume that you are not an "expert" and are in fact just a random joe who googles for what you feels supports your belief in virus theory. If you choose to elaborate on why you are an authority on modern virology then we can really start getting into the line by line details of the paper you linked. Also answer me this, if virus transmission is not a theory but is indeed fact then you or any average joe can google to get the link to many scientific papers that demonstrate the experimental proof that RNA virus material of any coronavirus can be administered aerobically to a "healthy" human being and will then almost always result in a respiratory illness developing in the human. Why the need for this elaborate cell culturing and weird processing in chemical goop? I'll give you a clue, you'll fail miserably to do that because this simple experiment has never been successfully performed so I can safely assert that RNA viruses do not exist.
  6. No it doesn;t mean that. You're quite offensive to my sensibilities with no redeeming charms so once more I'll leave you to continue drinking from the vile cup of Fauci, Whitty, Valance and their legions of underlings who spout the same made up garbage that you so passionately defend and of course the uber turd who is the darkest of the dark lords, Billy G.
  7. You're really scraping the barrel. Did you even read these lines in your "Nature" link I'm genuinely gobsmacked that you would hold this article up as definitive proof that virus theory has been elevated to a fact. Your beloved quacks are a zillion miles away from proving anything. It's meaningless drivel dressed up as authoritative experimentation which is then used to drive justification of some of the biggest fraud and damage ever wreaked upon humanity.
  8. You're entitled to your opinion but my humble opinion is it's actually you who is completely wrong and you are peddling absolute rubbish yourself. The living, breathing human is operating from a mind blowingly complex internal environment. You have quoted nothing that changes my mind that this environment is faithfully replicated in the manner you describe and supports worthwhile experimentation. The methodology described seems to be a means to an end in justifying the virus theory narrative for the sake of keeping glorified lab technicians under the spell of the autocratic monster of medicine onside with the lies and deceit. One of my key points, unanswered is that I am not satisfied by this cell level validation of virus theory. If it all behaves as you describe then we should clearly see the transmission of respiratory disease from a diseased individual when passing RNA material aerobically to a healthy individual. I am not seeing this far simpler, yet obvious validation of your beloved theory being published in scientific papers at any point during the lifetime of virus theory. Your dogged determination to keep peddling the validity of virus theory makes you very dangerous and an unwelcome enemy of truth.
  9. Ex vivo culture - so just more fraudulent laboratory rubbish that they have found when growing their so called "virus" in an environment that bears no relation to the respiratory tract of a living human being. It's the study of dead lung tissue in chemical goop. It makes my jaw drop that this can be held up as prime evidence of the behaviour of a "virus" when it is clearly highly questionable experimentation because a living human respiratory tract is a complex thing. Dead tissue in chemical goop doesn't cut it. So I'll only believe RNA virus theory when somebody takes the results of this supposed RNA viral behaviour that they have found in dead tissue cooked in chemical goop and can robustly map the results onto human test subjects and prove that by passing RNA/mRNA viral particulates we develop disease. I've looked and I find no such studies. I have found studies across the last 100 years that show RNA virus transmission DOES NOT occur between supposedly infected people and healthy people. People are getting sick with disease labelled as RNA virus infection by autocratic forces but the facts beyond this ex vivo quackery just don't support that.
  10. An interesting opinion to hold. When was this pollution/stress free existence and what historical epidemiology are you referring to? My research suggests that coronal mass ejections from the sun are an example of EMF radiation that has been bombarding humanity since forever. There are obscure branches of scientific study such as Physical Radiesthesia that suggest that even water flows and other natural sources can be toxic to human health My understanding of documented modern history is that the downtrodden masses have lived in oppressed squalid poverty for at least the last two thousand years.
  11. Can't tell if that's a quantum joke! If so , lolz
  12. In my research since March 2020 into the modern history of human diseases the most interesting was Antoine Bechamp and his terrain model experimentation. Contrasting his work against the "theories" of his contemporary, Louis Pasteur, led me to discover the Carnegie/Rockefeller roots of the autocratic inhumane modern drug and slash "medicine" peddled as a wonder of our age. I think we cannot get a strong handle on causes of many diseases but we always seem to completely discount obvious things like constant exposure to volatile organic compounds, poisonous chemicals, EMF radiation poisoning, oxidative stress from wage slavery and unnatural living conditions and so on. It's interesting that somebody on this thread recently (mis)quoted Quantum Mechanics (that unobserved light demonstrates both particle AND waveform behaviour at the same time), which clearly shows our pathetic grasp on the nuts and bolts of the physical universe including our own meat suits. That in itself is enough to persuade me to ignore all theories and quackery such as RNA viruses because such concepts are above the human pay grade IMHO.
  13. Hmm, folk still want to bang the virus exists drum. I'd call into question using blind faith in the published papers of the autocratic scientific and medical apparatus to prove the theories proposed by the same autocratic scientific and medical machinery. Anybody in 2021 still offering google as a font of truth is on shaky ground in my humble opinion. Arguments against virus theory are being fuelled by people hellbent on raking in cash? Really? Tell it to Bill Gates and the utterly gross levels of coin he has banked off of fake vaccines for these fake virus theories, just one example of many.
  14. I had 10 years working in the energy industry, this is what I also understood to be the case. And before electric car owners get too smug today they should also ponder on how the juice for their ride gets generated. 40% of their electricity comes from gas powered stations in the UK, much more in winter. Ooh, stratospheric price movements in the wholesale gas markets, enjoy the cost of charging going through the roof. Suckers. Also I suggest looking at the April 2021 rollout of the IR35 changes in the UK. Consider it's impact on the freelance haulage contractors who played a crucial part in plugging the gaps in HGV shortages for many years. Now the powers that be destroyed the value in doing that pretty horrible, shitty job and like many other freelancers in many other sectors it's just not worth it today. Let's not forget the march of progress towards mega consolidation of all supply chain logistics from small, widely dispersed warehousing, depots etc into a tiny handful of megaliths, guaranteeing that even the smallest blip would ricochet into major crises on a regular basis because there is no redundancy.
  15. Paul Levy talking about Wetiko on Glitch in the Code: https://www.bitchute.com/video/isQEoIAbmXsn/
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