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  1. Hi, Please share and help sign the below petition that I set up based on UK one which I also signed https://petitions.gov.je/petitions/200670 They plan to bring this in here in May for returning travelers then we know what’s going to be next even though they say it won’t be used internally where have we heard gov say that before! https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/04/15/jersey-could-be-a-leader-with-covid-19-certificates/ This was the bs headline in local paper and mentioned my full name never seen a petition in paper and mention person by name I think the uk and msm will then say they have brought passport thing in Jersey and it’s working well and all that rubbish to try and get it in the UK please sign and stop this as try Jersey first then try to get this UK and much worse for us all thanks
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