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  1. Thank you, I'll look into this as well.
  2. Thank you Nobby Nobody, I'll have a look into this.
  3. I Out of likes RobinJ but yes totally agree that fear manifests in the body in so many ways. I see this in my work every day. It can be literally disabling if you don't control it. I think the idea of like minded local groups is great its just finding people out there amongst the zombies. Is there a thread on here with positive mindset music? Maybe we could share some happy music?
  4. Makes you wonder whether the next thing will be a definite blaming of the unjabbed for continuing restrictions?
  5. Just watched a bit of this... some of the people are actually laughing and saying they're not bothered
  6. Well done for getting out of the UK, I agree that we mustn't give in to fear but stay strong and send out positive energy.
  7. I know people on this forum are saying that some sort of transmission from "vaxxed" (or should we say those taking part in the medical trials) to those who aren't daft enough to be injected with a untested experimental concoction is disinfo but I'm just looking at my own experience. I was around my colleagues when they got back from being injected and they were all unwell, I felt unwell at the same time but just put it down to coincidence or even maybe it was just psychosomatic. However my female colleagues developed changes to their menstrual cycles, I have the same issue now and even worse so do my daughters.This of course could just be coincidence or down to something else in our environment - god knows theres so much crap literally floating about or in our food but its still strange.
  8. I wonder if this is on the cards - I am being harassed daily to get the injection - despite colleagues having been told by their Dr that it doesn't stop them from picking up or dying from the "virus" and they should still shield, social distance and mask up! I've been sent texts by my colleagues with excerpts from media saying "no jab no job" and am being told I'm causing my boss untold stress and sleepless nights as I'm the only person not injected. Its getting me to the point where I'm considering handing in my notice but then I think why should I! I'm standing firm but am starting to be treated like a dangerous leper and am definitely seen differently by my injected colleagues. As I've mentioned on here before, I'm sure there is a greyness about them and they have all been ill in one way or another since having the injection, some of them more serious than others. They are all saying they are fatigued, beyond just being tired and many have developed what I would say seem like the start of autoimmune symptoms. Of course none of that has anything to do with the experimental injection and mass clinical trial that they are taking part in.
  9. Seeing this gives me some hope. Like the fact that the websites are on it.
  10. I would say the same thing, probably just my imagination but seems like they're washed out. I've been noticing it for a while. Apart from the fact that most of the people around me are complaining of fatigue all the time amongst the other side effects.
  11. This is what I keep questioning , what is different about us that we stop and question the insanity going on whilst others blindly accept and enter the cult?
  12. So...I've just got off the phone to a friend -Him- "Ive never felt so ill in my life, absolutely exhausted, most painful headaches ever, pain so bad in one eye, I have to lie down all day, had to reduce hours at work as can't get through the day - all since I had the 2nd Pfizer vaccine, funny how some of us are more affected than others..." after listing all these awful effects and even acknowledging its the Jab he follows it with ... "By the way, when are you having yours?" you couldn't make it up
  13. Thank you Fluke, I have been feeling as if I'm on a different plane of existence for most of my life - seeing things differently, challenging things when others just blindly accepted, trying to be kind and not harm when others were just taking the mickey etc I know I keep saying it but this has been the only place I seem to have felt connected with other people, enlightened and knowing. I am astounded by the completely brainwashed Zombies around me and feel very much surrounded by strange people operating on a completely different wavelength, - this feeling is the strongest its ever been (obviously).
  14. This is only my second post so go easy on me, firstly I'll reiterate what I put in my introductory post - thank you to everyone on here for all the information sharing over the years. Its been a place of sanity in a mad world, I've finally taken the plunge to actually post now as I cant just stand by anymore. Thank you Slickster for this post - I was going to say the same thing. I have experienced something similar and actually even wondered whether my colleagues were "transmitting" something, this was before the talk of "shedding" and "transmitting". I too felt unwell despite not having the injections - all my "vaccinated" colleagues have been unwell in one way or another some with long term illness since having their injections. They of course are happy about this as they see it as the jab working. Several ladies have severe disruption to their menstrual cycles - one stated that her Dr had said its a direct effect of the "vaccine" and is because it disrupts hormones, my colleague seemed very blasé and accepting of this fact ! The worst thing is since they have been jabbed - my periods are disrupted and now my daughters too - irregular periods twice monthly, cramping and ultra heavy flow when this hasn't happened previously. I have no proof whatsoever that this is connected and of course could be an absolute coincidence but it is very strange!
  15. Hi Nurse doNOHarm From one NewB on here to another. I'm in a similar position and understand the frustration, we know that the "system" is f*"ked so no one listening there and we're surrounded by the brainwashed masses. I have nothing but admiration for the healthcare professionals that have spoken out especially those that have sacrificed their livelihoods. Maybe as suggested you could try UK column but anonymously, I've even considered that myself. The other thing is to share on here. Depending on what your role is how about making changes on a very local level - that's what I'm trying to do. Everyday through my work I can help people through these dark times, I can be there for them and try to give them hope and show them kindness and empathy. I see despair and despondency every day but can try to get people through on a practical and emotional level.
  16. Hi Everyone After over a decade of "lurking" and briefly joining the old forum before this one came about, I have finally taken the step to rejoin. I am getting far too frustrated not being able to comment and join in. Why now? - Whilst frantically trying to catch up with the Coronavirus megathread, I saw an exciting post from OddsnSods - exciting because to my amazement recognised a local bus stop and unfortunately the local Vaccine Hub made me happy to think there was a fellow conspiracy theorist, nut job, tinfoil hat wearer, or whatever else we may be judged as on this forum, nearby! Gave me hope as I currently feel like I'm surrounded by brainwashed zombies and am operating on another plane of existence! I would like to say thank you for all the knowledge and enlightenment I have gained from this forum over the many years I have "lurked" around and above all feeling part of a community of like minded humans. Light in the darkness and Love to All
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