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  1. I'm in the same boat Odds, my colleague at work the other day moaning about all the idiots on the tube without masks (me being one of them) and how she's worried now that so many double jabbed people are catching the old Convid. But she can't wait for her booster and she really wants the vaccine passport to be rolled out so that she can be separate in a "safe world away from the unvaccinated". The irony! and she didn't even realise it! Crazy!
  2. According to my colleague at work who was updated by NHS England, lo and behold we can expect a particularly severe and virulent flu season this year. It will be returning with a vengeance after mysteriously almost disappearing last year and apparently being replaced with a highly infectious respiratory disease. She advised everyone to make sure they get their booster jab and their flu jabs as people will be dropping like flies from the flu and the double jabbed are particularly vulnerable. You couldn't make it up.
  3. This is what needs to lead the MSM headlines - no doubt will get deleted from Twatter Poor little mite
  4. Went on the tube for the first time since the nonsense began. Was disheartened to see a full platform of nappy-wearers on an outside platform but when I got on the train it was surprisingly about 50-50. What struck me was the atmosphere, very odd and a distinct vibe coming from some of the nappy wearers towards the rest of us fresh air breathers. On the way home, I sat opposite a very large nappy wearer who proceeded to give me evil looks throughout the journey and then started to pull her mask up and down and cough loudly beneath the mask (very bizarre) - I had turned away to ignore her and just kept on talking with my masked friend which was obviously frustrating her more. She ended up pulling it down and leaning over to me and coughing and spitting over me . She then got off so had obviously saved this demonstration of disdain to the end of her journey (coward). My double jabbed masked friend turned around said "I dont understand why she took her mask off to cough ..very odd" I don't know what I was more surprised about - the coughing or the fact that my friend was completely oblivious to the maliciousness of the event. But shows you the mentality of the masked.
  5. Hi Truthspoon I lost someone close recently, these words have brought me comfort "The good die young because their souls have nothing to fear" Thank you
  6. I'm being threatened and coerced every day at work, I've been deemed a risk to my vaccinated colleagues and am made to stay away from them like a leper. This is good as it keeps me away from whatever crap they may be emitting its about to get a lot darker as now the ridicule and hatred is being directed not just at me but at anyone who doesn't take the Convid poison. I have some savings so am seriously thinking of jacking it in. The daft thing is my colleagues are all living on fear as they know the vaccinations don't work and some of them are still suffering serious side effects yet they still think I should have it.
  7. I know what you're saying and it feels like the attacks on the unjabbed are stepping up, its funny I even joked this afternoon and said we'll all be rounded up and taken to the gulag - used that exact word too. I know on a personal level the battle has started, I've been getting daily harrassment and coercion to get the Jab from my boss and am now classed as a risk and my jabbed colleagues have to stay away from me. Theres so much more going on but just to say I've started fighting back with info and research to counteract their but its been a lonely fight, today helped me find a bit more strength.
  8. Yes its given me hope that I'm not alone. I find solace and sanity here but there's nothing like feeling the energy of the crowd and being around like minded people. There were kids playing in the fountain in the sun whilst we sang, I took a friend who did not have a clue about anything and they had their eyes opened. It was great to see David and Gareth in person. I know people are criticising it all but for me it definitely gave me a boost and hope!
  9. Hi Jikwan For those that are aware, what do you think they should be doing? Just an honest question as its hard swimming against the tide if you know what I mean. All I can think to do is fight it on a local level, grassroots type of stuff. Its hard though when you have a family to feed and need to provide a roof over their heads. Some people don't have the resources for revolt.
  10. No need to worry, they'll have a vaccine for it in a couple of weeks
  11. Information for anyone with an autoimmune condition declining the jab: Your Right to kNOw - stop discrimination against the autoimmune | Alliance For Natural Health (anhinternational.org)
  12. Don't listen to MSM so don't know what might be going on in Israel - heard a 5 minute excerpt from one of the talk shows on the radio this morning, probably LBC. English lady rang in from Israel and said things are worsening out there again, the double jabbed are going on holiday and coming back infected with scariants and spreading these in the community. Rather ironic! There was a brief discussion about how selfish people are wanting to travel and she was extolling her own virtuousness saying she would not travel to see her family even though it had been two years since she came back to the UK and that everyone else should follow her lead!
  13. I have Tinnitus all the time, I just played the above and my dog and daughter could hear it but I can't hear it as I'm assuming its the same as what I hear all the time.
  14. The dwp have taken on loads more staff for their "job" centres - as you said expecting a deluge of new claimants for Universal Basic Income - oops I meant Universal Credit
  15. Oh No - its starting to get real ugly
  16. Thank you for this, received exactly this text today
  17. The one greatest instinctive fear I have is my kids accepting the jab - they are completely against it but I can see the pressure is about to be turned up big time and there will be kids out there who will be turned. Nearly everyone around me has had the jab even people who I thought would resist, the compliance is stunning. I feel like I'm living in a mixture of the Stepford Wives and V
  18. I agree there's definitely a balance especially with the little ones. Luckily my kids are awake but I can see when its getting overwhelming so try to stay positive as much as possible we have to remember they're kids still and explain it at their level. Unfortunately they're in the indoctrination camp they call school all day, we have to offset that crap and teach them how to get through it, how to deal with the other kids, the system they're in etc these are the warriors of the future and we know they will be few and far between if the current situation is anything to go by
  19. Apologies if this has already been posted Doctors resigns and breaks truth of vaccine dangers | (tapnewswire.com)
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