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  1. In the U.S.A. you can be arrested for being a holocaust denier and for making anti-semetic comments. He's been fucked over by the Jewish owned companies he's doing business with and contracting with. Now he's pushing buttons.
  2. Ye is off the psychotic meds and has broken free of the control he was under. He knows how far he can go with this and he is pushing the limits.
  3. You can go back in history and see how the truth sayers have always been discredited, called crazy loons, etc. I believe Sandy Hook was a media scam.
  4. That's not new. It's the same video we saw the day it was destroyed.
  5. That is a good question and one I don't have the answer to. The UNC has been dissolved for years.
  6. According to the Elbert County Georgia Tax Assessor’s records, the Georgia Guidestones property at 1031 Guidestones Road, Elberton, Georgia is owned by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners. It was gifted to the County in 1979 at a stated value of $5,000 and has a current land value of approximately $16,965. The property consists of 4.93 acres.
  7. I live near this area. The time capsule is no hoax. I've visited the location many times.
  8. Blood doesn't dry purple. Dried blood just looks like a dirty brown spot.
  9. I believe the message is a post apocalyptic standard for life. I don't believe it is satanic at all. Neither is it a plan to get rid of the world's population. We'll do that on our own.
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