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  1. Bury Us Beneath Occult Books: The Ritman Library Digitized | Haute Macabre
  2. "You can see, firsthand, the world’s top vaccine experts expose what’s really behind the COVID-19 vaccine agenda… How the TRUE number of injuries and deaths far exceed the “official” government figures — which rely upon voluntary reporting Why Big Pharma and global governments are pushing unapproved, experimental vaccines upon billions of people worldwide — and how their allies in Big Tech and the corporate media are censoring respected doctors who uncovered the real science"...watch the video for full content. https://vsecretscc.com/episodes-1-live/?mpweb=1603-487-808507
  3. Thanks for the info. I watched the entire video, twice. I tend to think she's for real. She revealed a lot of things I knew to be true. And I never trusted Trump so I was happy for the info she provided about him. Of course, not many people are going to believe that.
  4. I have been a follower of David Icke for many, many years. He often speaks of how we're all living under a spell, an enchantment. Who cast that spell?
  5. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/12/01/omicron-variant-movie/
  6. Travis Scott Astro World Festival a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice? Concert From Hell
  7. Naomi Wolf Sounds The Alarm On Vaccine Passports And A Social Credit System In America
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