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  1. Can anyone please help me out here. Somebody said to me that I am wrong to say that using the crown motif is illegal because it is not a Crown commissioned document. They then showed me this link and argued that it would be illegal if the civil servants didn't use it and refers to the Crown copyrights and database rights 2020 OS100019153. https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/re-using-public-sector-information/uk-government-licensing-framework/crown-copyright/ Can somebody clarify here please as it's important I know what I'm talking about? Is this because Parliament appears to have deposed the Queen as of October 2019 and so they aren't acting for her, rather for Serco and Leidos?
  2. Regarding the so-called Indian variant that is allegedly threatening us all, please read this report and watch the video, straight from the horse's mouth: https://awakeningnation.com/genocide-and-starvation-in-india-pandemic-corruption/ This is all about genocide and land theft. Remember, a lot of Indians rely on traditional local farmers for their food against the onslaught of Monsanto et al. Bill Gates and his cronies are stealing land everywhere.
  3. Thankyou for this great information callmenuts and Mr Chinnery. Callmenuts, I love the muppet mugshots- what a giggle Annie Bee, I absolutely empathise with you. Being alone (or maybe not with a cat, lol!) can feel harsh and I think you are very wise in your strategy. No contact, no contract! I do not purport to know anything about legalities so please don't quote me on anything; I am just trying to join dots. But as far as I can see, if they address the form to "the householder" and the warning is to "the householder," then unless you actually give your name to them, I cannot see how they can enforce the process. Also, with allusion to their scare tactics already highlighted earlier on this thread of using the crown logo fraudulently, I was horrified to discover that parliament appears to have deposed the queen of sovereignty. This explains why she wasn't wearing the imperial crown at the annual opening of parliament in October 2019. The following article explains what's been done well: https://www.thebernician.net/parliament-appears-to-have-deposed-qeii-of-sovereignty/ So Britain has no reigning monarch and no legitimate parliament, which means that what has been done by the so-called "government" is criminal. People need to know this! I have it on good authority that Canada is now rolling out their census whilst simultaneously, having more draconian covid measures. One difference is that they have a deadline stated, whereas we didn't, so it would be interesting to understand why there is a difference on this point of their practice. So obviously, this census is a NWO dictatorship protocol and if the UK and Canada is anything to go by, it appears that the pattern is the same- doing the census during lockdowns! Ah well, I look forward to seeing more of the muppet show here by those who have the means and the technology!
  4. So, just received a warning that I must submit it by Monday 24th May to avoid legal proceedings after which it is passed onto a legal team with a possible prosecution and a £1000 fine if verdict is guilty. But still addressed to "The Householder," so how does that work? Can they really prosecute and fine on this basis?
  5. Well so far, no more visits, just another standard letter to "The Householder" asking you to complete and submit it "as soon as possible." So again, this issue that there is no stated deadline really does call a lot into question. I have perused it carefully and I also find it really odd that the declaration and signature is on the front. Generally speaking, they are usually at the end of a form. It seems to me that what we actually fill out is more or less irrelevant and I am thinking that what is important to them is collecting the QR code, number and your signature together for AI with the ONS connection to Leidos Innovations and Lockheed military interests. Also interestingly, if you look at the legal basis to process the data, it states, aside from the decoy blurb about public interests, it states "Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject." That is, the ONS as data controller. Then it says that "Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller." So I am wondering if this census procedure in part is also necessary to fulfill some legal situation under maritime law- that is, in addition to coupling your signature, address and QR code to the newest AI systems and quantum computers. I know a census is being brought out in Canada so is this happening worldwide? Some great thoughts and information on this forum and good to know others have questions too.
  6. This is a really curious point. So am I correct to think that actually sending something in with false or missed information could be more problematic because the very act of doing so has created a document? So for example, if someone returned it unsigned with the house number and postcode on squared brackets and simply filled in as "the householder," would they be deemed as "breaking the law" because in doing so, they would perceive it as the individual understanding the dictate that it "has to be filled in" and apparently deliberately perverting it- even without a name?
  7. I have not filled mine out and have some questions because this census doesn't make sense in the way it is presented. There is nothing on it they couldn't already find out about you, even the questions marked as "voluntary." It was disseminated right in the middle of a so-called"pandemic" when such things would surely be a major vehicle for spreading a so-called contagious virus. The pressure to fill it in and the amount of time and money spent on it rings alarm bells for me: the governments never do such things unless it is serving and furthering the world power structure. So can anybody illuminate the following for me? *What is the legal relevance of the word "census 2021" being in lower case letters? *What contract are we making by filling it in? Has it some kind of relevance to the power structure's planned games with us as digital units being owned? Because really, it makes no sense for something which is supposed to be merely data to help local communities being funded and run through organisations such as Serco, Leidos and the web with Lockhead Martin- defense, AI, data etc etc.... *I note that there is not a deadline and yet within two weeks of March 21st, they had yellow jackets knocking on the doors of "offenders." If there is no set deadline, why the harassment and actually, how legal is that anyway without the set deadline? I mean "as soon as possible" could surely be anytime? *I am also stunned by the ridiculous irony of their statement about doing it online to save paper. Yet on every visit, there is a double-sided glossy leaflet left as a reminder to fill it in. This is aside from the letter. I already have five of these leaflets: how many trees are they using and how much money is being wasted paying for the printing (let alone the teams being sent round)? Talk about hypocrisy and also BS as to their reasoning!
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