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  1. *while wearing masks looking like complete BoBo's from clown world 7
  2. welcome to the retarded canada, where people have guns but think you have a right only to kill animals and not blow away a tyrant and his guards as they walks through a crowd.
  3. these post remind me of something mark passio puts out there, something along the lines of people complaining that the tyrannical oppressors are not going after a certain group hard enough. When in the end the problem is the tyrannical forces.
  4. Patient: Im worried about the vaccine side effects 99% of doctors: Oh thats all conspiracy theories now would you like AZ or Pfizer
  5. joe rogan had covid 19 so it must be true right, right?!?! i swear this man has got to be half nano bots from the swabs he is putting in his nose everyday since the Rt-Pcr test was put on the scene
  6. i believe the term for what they are doing via the television and movies streaming is called 'Soft Programming'
  7. wont help a thing, the only thing left for hope is those with the battlerifles and the very little willing to die to oppose this
  8. its nearly been two years, these people dont deserve sympathy. Most never do the research to realize health care is actually negatively effecting health this nurse can go fuck herself
  9. most likely are getting the flu and or common cold, also effects of wearing masks can cause respiratory problems which will in end be deemed, ding ding ding we got a winner... Covid-19
  10. Nah Mark passio is right we are fucked because of this idea that we are going to get out of this by voting or even a mass awakening. Any country without firearms readily available is pretty much fucked right out of the gate the only ones who have a chance are the ones who are heavily armed and prepared to use DEADLY FORCE against the perpetrators, As far as when this needed to happen i think it was somewhere within the first week these governments announced they were going to enact legislation against fire arm ownership and lawful defence of ones self. Fuck me im grim today sorry lads.
  11. is this comment sarcasm i really cant tell, Tomatoes and eggs?!? how about live fucking rounds thats what these cowards deserve
  12. my union in canada brags about being the first union giving the ability to test its members with the PCR test... So yes this statement is true
  13. from what sherri tenpenny and that group of doctors they say when the next flu season comes around so this fall/ winter im assuming is what they mean by that
  14. sounds familiar but cant put my finger on it
  15. https://www.bitchute.com/video/2w1JmzI3Z5kU/ if this is how graphene acts inside the body my lawd is that something
  16. if you gave a junkie 100 dollars they would be dead, especially a fenty head
  17. I think this is a good look at graphene in the pfizer vaccine, originally produced from a spanish study. This whole video is great but the time stamp is 1:05:00 https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/Whitney-Webb-Interview-7-23-21:2
  18. The food shortage is a card in the deck of the elites just because it creates more subservient from the people, Go stand in line with youre jab form to get the grains to eat. Internet would be easy to go after as well, Just inact the same B.s. they have in china and boom, Cant access internet without government i.d. therefore if you are not a good little slave you cant get on the web to give alternative views too the sheep.
  19. Interesting a variant of something that hasnt been isolated. No sadly i dont think we are the nuts, these people injected are getting sick from the injections. The script reading doctors say woaw look at that this person has covid even after the Jib Jab must be some sort of super variant.
  20. ive heard multiple doctors say you can make youre on hydroxychloroquine. each of those recipes had pretty much the same steps as i have heard before. Everyone should know though this isnt a product you take everyday(I know I know people say they take it) But it does not have the effect unless the illness is in the process of doing damage. From some of my favorites Tom Cowan and andrew kaufman they say it doesnt improve immunity like Zinc or Liposomal vitamin c does, also really should consult a doctor for dosages of the HCQ
  21. "NO FUN" yeah because Myocarditis and Guillain-Barre syndrome sound like a hoot
  22. well this is interesting because someone posted something along these lines earlier like two weeks ago, let me just address this as a canadian(Ontario Resident). You would not know that this is the case with all the stores in compliance with the so called mandatory masks, social distancing and following guidelines. From what i understand for about a week though mask wearing from alberta too British columbia was completely stopped, East coast is pretty much fucked especially the maritime provinces (anything east of Quebec, Quebec is probably fucked too though)
  23. i dont know about this, I have stated on *many different platforms what i would do if someone tried to test mask or vaxxx me with nothing done yet. mind you i also use to use the dark web for buying drugs so im probably already flagged for that.
  24. Canada doesnt like this video apparently... i think i know what one it is though
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