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  1. well if we are assuming that this graphene narrative is true, then i believe you could use things that already exist for detoxing normal injections that have heavy metals in them. But as far as the gene changing ingredients i dont think we can help that, not just yet at least.
  2. i think chris sky here in canada would do that would he not? I know he forsure never took one upon landing back home in canada at the toronto airport, and he seemed to have pretty strong feelings about not getting the swab just to leave the country.
  3. lol i just took a screen shot of those other news articles how ridiculous
  4. sounds real 'Q' like to me *After a quick google search it seems to be on a lot of so called news websites, and this theme isnt new either this was claimed a couple months back as-well.
  5. lol, dudes 50 talks like a wigger wearing fitted hats walking around like "yo yo, take the vaxxx. all my black friends got it"
  6. "hes at the 20... the ten... TOUCH DOWN"
  7. Canada Requiring Vaccination Proof for Interprovincial Travel - Charter Violation? [Violation of Canadian Charter right to freely travel between provinces] Viva Frei Vlawg / July 28 POLICE CHECKPOINTS AND VAX CHECK BETWEEN PROVINCES
  8. but pedophiles are protected nowadays.
  9. yeah its getting ridiculous. today i heard on the radio a host explaining the "minor" complications, and then said it was 100% safe for kids under 7 years old... It's honestly kind of funny how retarded one person can be.
  10. yep, i wish i remembered what documentary i watched awhile back but essentially what it was about was how good these systems were. Not only can they tell exactly who you are they have some sort of software to determine if you are together with a group or not. Its a lot more dystopian than most people even imagine it
  11. yeah im the same, lost my cool the other day abit walking my dog. Guy walking towards me opposite side of street put a mask on about ten yards out... He had the audacity to wave at me and i just replied with a "BAAAAAAAAAA" I dont know his response as i was listening to music and couldnt read his lips although i do believe he said something
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