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  1. Well for everyone here on this website i dont see it as being a big shock, ive known about this for a long time even back when i was in public school. I would tell the dentist i didnt want fluoride tooth paste when i would go in for a appointment in grade 7 lol. I 100% agree though that the damage has already been done more money in dental plus the chance it calcifies the penal gland and or causes cancer. Win, Win in the globalists book.
  2. have fun with tap water i guess... that does seem like a direct hit piece on RO systems, i mean if it requires professional maintenance then so does every other water filter system. We can go back and fourth but im guna say if you trust the government saying chlorine is safe in drinking water you are a little screwy. alkaline water is a interesting, but who the heck knows what that will do and if we should ingest alkaline water.
  3. Yeah he needs stopping, but people also need to understand that they need a R.O. water system they are like 300$ and the best drinking water around
  4. Subject of fluoride is pretty important. Check out this documentary https://www.bitchute.com/video/frURQpRUm2wF/ for more information I know it told me some stuff i hadn't known before watching.
  5. In canada i buy online maybe try there, in this country i dont think you can buy fluoride free toothpaste anywhere in stores last time i checked
  6. thats heavy viewing for an early morning in canada
  7. https://odysee.com/@iceagefarmer:42/oregon-bill-to-ban-livestock-stunning:8 Well i dont know what happened with this but in Oregon they wanted to ban livestock making it an animal sanctuary, this guy talks the most in-depth about NWO/Reset attacks on growing and raising food and the human race in general.
  8. Honestly that would probably vary person to person some vegans seem to be a little more holisitic as in they wont touch the Beyond beef b.s. and some think it is fine to eat. I assume both vegetarians and vegans would be the same as far as the bug proteins go.
  9. Well first i will say that one could survive with non animal proteins, if i chose to go vegan with what is available in store in my country at the current moment i would be very much able to survive and actually thrive on the products. Now as far as the actual question you asked to do with the shortages and lets say they did implement restrictions on growing food, 100% they would not be able to survive the vegan lifestyle would fall apart.
  10. Im almost certain you can eat Vegan without touching soy at all.
  11. What I think is just as interesting will be too see is if the police go against the mandate and don't just follow orders like they have for the past, especially the past 21 months.
  12. *while wearing masks looking like complete BoBo's from clown world 7
  13. welcome to the retarded canada, where people have guns but think you have a right only to kill animals and not blow away a tyrant and his guards as they walks through a crowd.
  14. these post remind me of something mark passio puts out there, something along the lines of people complaining that the tyrannical oppressors are not going after a certain group hard enough. When in the end the problem is the tyrannical forces.
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