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  1. sir, how do you make youre own is it relatively cheap compared to the iodine you buy via vita shops?
  2. i agree mate Micheal Yeadon said it was a big issue cause they dont even tell you the mRNA turns on in the body https://rumble.com/vf8fz5-dr-mike-yeadon.html
  3. what isolation process did they use though?
  4. probably not she seemed pretty happy jabbing kids in africa these people dont have remorse at all for anything lol
  5. this is 100% they never stood up for the unborn most likely probably tell people to get the jab... sad sad here in canada we got like two pastors that seem to be not buying the fear at all and have been charged and prosecuted for it
  6. https://odysee.com/@sayerji:7/vaxxedeffectsontheunvaxxed:0 Mhhmm maybe more information on the shedding im watching it currently figure i should put it here for anyone who wants to know more about the mRNA
  7. i cant remember if they said it worked for metals but in that critical thinking show/podcast (dr sherri tenpenny) that was posted on icke news like 5 days ago said something about hot bath with alfalfa and then you take a shower after and wash off with some specific soap and from the theory's of those doctors it would help if one was too transmit something from these vaccines to you. i believe its all speculation though
  8. ouuuu, youre right that is a side effect maybe we shall see i guess
  9. yoga in the park mixed with some tummo breathing yeah ive been feeling that way for abit
  10. police here in canada are very much compliant with these orders, I know our activist Chris Sky really respects them but just the fact whats going on in alberta with the churches thats enough for me to say the majority dont give a damn. I remember DI said in one of his videos "i feel like walking up to them and just snapping my fingers" they are so alseep it is incredible, some are waking up but i think it may be to late. Now as far as Ministry of labour those people have always been trash, i remember being on a jobsite and was asked for my Identification an since my tool bag was on anoth
  11. ummm this is Alberta I think in Calgary to be specific. little back story for ya in this town/city(which ever it may be) Mayor is a islamist appearently has cheated elections also had mosques open while trying to shut down this pastors church
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