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  1. something about that guys mask screams cuckhold
  2. You believe in Santa clause still aswell?
  3. Women comedian: "My Pussy" Crowd: *Goes fucking nuts*
  4. God: Triple vaxxxed isnt enough to teach her a lesson Angel: But shes also a comedian God: Oh word
  5. His last sentence can be applied to every single political leader world wide.
  6. So im not so crazy, I kind of thought I was just hearing the loudest voices mentioning a light at the end of the tunnel so to say. I should have known most know its just a transition period into the next phase of this transformation.
  7. this type of shit makes me think the whole awoken crowd might be getting a little hopeful, thinking this pandemic is at somewhat a end. Still in Ontario Canada PCR tests are used and masked people are everywhere, no sign in any of it dying down anytime soon. Yet people think its over, idk I guess I could be living on a different planet then others.
  8. sir this comment is nonsense my windows hasnt slowed one bit
  9. Something bad happened to the people who have controlled the world for thousands of years?... if they want revenge its most likely because all other attempts have not been successful, at least that's how i see it
  10. stopping windows updates do not change any programs update schedule if there is a new update for any usb drivers like a external harddrive it will ask permission to update like usual and do so if accepted. I have also heard of people trying to do the metered connection dont allow updates and appearently they still will update on some occasions, albeit rare. *** ***
  11. well 'Covid' isnt even a thing, so the only thing you should be worried about is the tyrants tactics to make people think it is and go and get a half dozen injections to mitigate essentially what is the common cold
  12. well with the internet you can do things from across the world.
  13. I think youre going about this completely wrong will all due respect. maybe go for a body autonomy type of discussion with you're sister, these companies and government are not trustworthy no matter the situation they can make a list of ingredients but that begs the question do you even know any of these materials being used. If we cant tell what ingredient does what and most of these things could change over time whats the point of that discussion, i think the response from her sending the government site actually confirms that most likely it wont matter what you say.
  14. nah, it just confirms what i thought about doctors since i was a teenager. Bunch of stuck up cunts with a care only in having a benz in the garage with a big home and a trophy wife/ husband.
  15. Its simple really, Mark Passio says it often on his show from episode 200 on. Most people are just retarded they are slowed they literally cant fathom it because the brain they have is unable to process information, so they just believe what is told with out a question.
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