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  1. I heard that some parts of the engine are made with the help of 3D printing and if necessary, there is the potential for co-investment in equipment to allow for future use at different the location https://www.skyrora.com/skylark-l
  2. Unlike previous detections of water in permanently shadowed parts of lunar craters, scientists have now detected the molecule in sunlit regions of the Moon's surface.
  3. I guess the fundamental question they'll be looking at is whether SLS is so expensive because of the contractors working on it (ie could a little NewSpace™ magic fix this) or because the architecture is fundamentally expensive. I suspect the answer is both, even if the hydrolox-sustainer + SRB architecture was economically comparable, the use of the RS-25 dooms the budget.
  4. The deal is a huge success for Nokia, which is competing with China's Huawei and Sweden's Ericsson for lucrative 5G contracts.
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