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  1. Hi BC, thank you for your moderation as I was myself shocked about these barbarian acts. I put the address where I did find the pictures on my post (https://t.me/AllyShellyandHolli90/) and I saw that many members already knew about the telegram account. It seems to be managed by two former child abuse victims and they don't want to shut up. One of the picture I saw represents a 10-12 years old dead girl, wrapped in cardboard and adhesive tape. Reading at the comments, some suggest that this girl has been photographed several times earlier together with Obama, last time on a yacht, and I can remember having seen similar pictures some times ago. Should it be the same girl, it would be a damn proof about the evil collusion of the el-ites. Concerning the rest, the dead babies, the dead bodies, their flesh served on a plate... my gosh. I read it several years ago from David's books. But reading is not seeing. My imagination didn't go in such deprevation, holy Christ. This should be the main topic on the news. And what about the police that made the discovery? why do they shut up? who is covering up? Knowing what David and others wrote on the subject, I feel ill just thinking about these jerks. Last but not least, there was a picture of Elen De Generes (degenerated, yes) showing up proudly her new sweater with scream words written and a bloody face on it, some saying that it should celebrate the facial skin of a young child Hillary Clinton removed from him alive during a latter sacrifice. Just looking at her degenerated face bring my blood to boil. I fully understand why you did choose to remove these pictures. On the other side, I am following the work of David since almost 20 years and I knew already that such things happened. Seeing them in pictures with my own eyes is extremely disturbing but it gives a reality to these atrocious malevolent acts of barbarity. I, personally, will not forget, nor forgive.
  2. Sorry folks, I don't know if I'm in the right topic but I found on Telegram some very disturbing pictures of child abuse that, for me, are proof that at least our governments, the justice, the police and the media know about this plague. And everybody shuts up. We should take these pictures as a wake-up call. Stop the silence, for the memory of these bright souls sacrificed on a satanic altar for mentally disturbed people. Please, St.Simon of Trent, pray for them and for us. https://t.me/AllyShellyandHolli90 EDIT BY MOD. Graphic images removed. BC
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