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  1. Its all there in the Bible, you just have to dig deep, it is often stated that 'Elohim' refers to God, Elohim actually refers to Gods or 'The council of God' that is why in Genesis 1 verse 26 it says "let us make man in OUR image" and so they made both male and female, In Genesis 2 verse 7 it states The 'LORD God' formed Adam from the dust in the ground and breathed into him the holy spirit, the Term 'LORD God' refers to the Supreme Being, the Elohim were created by the Supreme Being and rebelled because they wanted to be above the Lord God, the Elohim are the fallen angels spoke of in the Bible, (The Reptilians) I think The Lord God outwitted the Fallen Angles and formed Adam to be the 'Good Virus, in a corrupted simulation, and this software fight has been going on ever since So two creation stories, male and female biological bodies created by the Elohim for them to inhabit and experience a physical realm and to entrap souls/sprit energy from our true home into these biological bodies to sustain their system here because they have been cast out of Heaven and 'Adam' The Lord Gods representative and DNA link to our true home infused into a false manufactured simulation that is an inferior copy of our true home elsewhere. Jesus even said this is the world of The Flesh and to enter his kingdom you have to born again of The Spirit, (released form the bondage of flesh and back to your true state) I'm not religious, but I do believe in Jesus Christ, religions are just man made systems of control, belief in Jesus Christ is a personal relationship. I do believe Christ incarnated in here to tell us all this, and to pay the ransom on the cross for our release at death, but only if you believe he was who he said he was and he resurrected to prove it, when here Christ said "my kingdom is not of this world" why would the Lord God want to or even need to make a kingdom outside of his world? . This world we think is real is just an Illusion to entrap us, if you've figured this out before you die and you accept the truth that Jesus told us, that's your ticket home at death, if not I think you end up memory wiped and reincarnated for another ride in this illusion, The Fallen angels / Reptilians need us to empower their system I totally agree with everything David Icke says, The Reptilians , Illusory Reality, even his vision of 'THE ONENESS' that connects all, because its all there in scripture, but what he doesn't acknowledge is that the 'Lord God/Jesus/Christ is that 'Oneness' and until he does he's just as lost as the Cabal he exposes Jesus said "I am the light of the world" "the truth shall set you free"
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