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  1. Short video on Russian ammunition seizures (allegdley,although i have no reason to doubt it looking at the box markings)
  2. Cracking post Skitz,bravo mate well put together
  3. So the maximum height to my aspiration is transgender....I'm 58 ,completly male and unsure if i want to go trans...I keep asking myself 'whats in it for me?'...going trans appears to lead to a serious load of butthurt
  4. I think you are getting confused between relic and 'Relic'....Russian relics can be purchased in souvenir shops normally a painted panel or similar then there are the 'Relics' like the toe bones of St Yosemite or some such other canonised individual or the nails off the cross or a knife and fork from the last supper get my drift ?
  5. How many of you died though? Deadliest virus known to mankind and all you are describing is nothing more than a mutated flu
  6. Still just another dose of the flu though...Not some deadly virus you need 4 jabs for and putting your life on the line through the jabs...theres a word for folk such as yourself....Cyberchondriacs....poor me...poor me....pour me another
  7. Maybe a cold or GASP a mutated seasonal flu virus (they mutate every year regular as clockwork)...Goodness me imagine if you'd just had what used to be called seasonal flu....It would Call into question everything the msm are telling you to believe You had the flu ...get over it
  8. Looks like they can't decide on numbers either https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  9. Nazi's Nazi's everywhere..its the new McCarthyism...i mean ffs how many do you think there really are in this mythical ultra right wing ghost 'Azov battalion' ? I think people need to realise how many people comprise a battalion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battalion The population of Ukraine was at last decent estimate 41 million You are being led by the nose like a pig to slaughter if you follow this 'Nazi' narrative that is being rammed down your throats Utter unmitigated horseshit More fear driven tactics to get you to obey and bow down to your new overlords
  10. Spidey senses on fire (and have been for a while regarding this company)...Gilead is the name of the republic in ''the Handmaids Tale''...Coincidence? hmmmm
  11. Still dying with alarming regularity And thats just the tip of the iceberg https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  12. ''May be suitable for a subset of PAEDIATRIC patients'' ?????? Last time i looked paediatrics referred to children and young adults Is no one safe anymore ?
  13. A few more since that total? Cracking website keeping a total and no doubt many more unreported https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  14. To quote' Nelson' from the Simpsons.....Ha ha
  15. That NZ womans teeth...that tooth gum ratio is all to fuck
  16. Until i am instructed and the WHO & WEF have decided i need to obey orders,issue orders (under emergency legislation) anf keep th fear going....for my little hat tribe masters
  17. References to Ukraine,Little Odessa and the actual Yuri Orlovs life story (google him...wow!) https://moviesjoy.one/movie/lord-of-war-v704/1-full I've just watched it again....some serious undercurrents in it !!
  18. Morning DarianF,Cannot agree more,and oh so very very prescient right now and considering it was made in 2005 ? was there a hint of what was coming?.Yuri Orlov who the film is based is now long gone however we now have less ''Independent'' arms dealers ie governments slinging near end of shelf life stuff into Ukraine and thus the cycle continues ...We have donated so many missiles and manpads and javelin and stinger we need new stuff ...arms manufacturers get building we have defence budgets to spend ...We need everything cry the governments spending other peoples money and the arms manufacturers get their tins of glee out,rubs their hands vigourously,think of the profits and start a circle jerk Think i may chill out this afternoon and watch it again as i haven't seen it for a while
  19. Can't resist it ...Who is going to inherit the earth ?...arms dealers
  20. Yury Orlof (sp?)...or ....Nicholas cage in Lord of war...Great film
  21. Does anyone else think he looks as if he's got either herpes or impetigo round his mouth and nose ?...You can get cream for that fella
  22. Must admit its not too bad down there now,With added bonus of many Eastern European languges to listen to whilst they shout into smartphones !
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