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  1. I think your hammer found it's nail,MH is being equated to antivaxx sentiment thus enabling 'them' to cart people off under the auspices of 'helping them' as they are ill and subsequently the sheep keep grazing
  2. Possibly the most disturbing film i've seen on the subject (nothing graphic and its all subtitled) https://www.bitchute.com/video/cOHQanxoDUoy/
  3. that is so close to the truth that its not even surprising
  4. Tom Daly Frank Bruno Countless others are they wheeling these ''celebrities'' out to order ? ok bruno has a book to push but its becoming imcreasingly obvious theres a formula being used here
  5. The people doing this are to be applauded and are truly heroes ,standing there in the pissing down rain getting the message across,same for those folks at the marathon sticking it in their fucking faces (legacy media that is) long may it continue and i send every last one of them my heartfelt thanks for their efforts
  6. Get a dog,faithful ,will put their life on the line for you and soothing for the soul for the pair of you and you can't connct them to the grid (especially if you don't chip them) :-)
  7. Is he selling new book? or looking for some love and understanding / or has he been got at ? answers on a postcard to the usual address https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16312078/frank-bruno-sectioned-lockdown-mental-health/?utm_source=newsshowcase&utm_medium=gnews&utm_campaign=CDAqEAgAKgcICjDQiPwKMJHAiAMw6Igg&utm_content=rundown&gaa_at=g&gaa_n=AYc4yssmzIibh8b3o10WA8TxTxLG4BT4TPu0PwSOl4B_nXlGqQCdBV-m1N3QQNhJjs5bWJcIO7W5iiLaKJGc1hw7Bzt9SrESxvhdBVQ%3D&gaa_ts=6159c40e&gaa_sig=e-XOjCu9rIHSxaz4SEDJ4A07KPvFMWdpe1zUsuorUUtg7H9D5W2UDEbBrg1BkxZnCMa0-SU1afgxUy-8GhHm2Q%3D%3D
  8. Not your fault,and thats the sneaky pernicious way this technology is being introduced,the majority of people fail to realise that they are the 'product' to be milked for every penny possible and now with added sauce in that you are connected to the grid just that little bit more Strip of black insulating tape sorts its 'remote eye' capablities,disconnecting it from your home router makes it dumber than a brick
  9. Some of us 2% ers have surprises,gift wrapped and with a ribbon
  10. The vaccinated HAVE to be right ,they have taken a gamble,if thy have chosen unwisely they die,they are predisposed to defend their choice at all costs,the outcome of losing is death,and as we know 'the house always wins' We,the unjabbed , on the other hand are not worried about contrcting a supposed disease that has a 99.7+ % chance of survival if you perhaps stay at home and dose up with a lemsip or 2 sweat it out and right as ninepence in 48 hrs
  11. any arsonists out there with an itch might find some ideas in this article Evrybody else might find this a bit disturbing because it doesn't take a genius to work out th biggest threat ,according to government,is not foreign 'actors' or foreign nation states but YOU Youe/We/Everybody other than 'them is a target make no mistake about that,to believe otherwise is best left to the braindead fuckwits with sleeves that go up and down faster than a whores drawers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-58779337
  12. Doorbell cam ???????? Wouldn't be ring would it ? Come on Ziggy scissor kick that fucka into oblivion,it's spying on you more than a phone and calling home more times than a homesick teenager Doorbell cams are part of the surveillance network
  13. Ivermectin with a molecule change and added 'Oomph' with vits and minerals They didn't do a hit job to wipe ivrmectin from the market,they did it to make room for their branded,patented ,expensive version of same
  14. The societetal collapse has been engineerd aross all the 5 yes nations,some are advancing faster than others but all seem to have one goal What can we do ? Buckle up it's going to get intresting
  15. Bide your time and when they are slowly but surely dying or suffering adverse reactions,quietly whisper in their ear ''why didnt she just fucking get it'' Karmas a bitch sometimes
  16. Italy up and at 'em..go Trieste,i have fond memories of you !
  17. I wouldn't be at all surprised that companies now are utilising social media and every other avenue open to them to compile blacklists of 'antivaxxers' or people that support antivaxx,I know for a fact that in the early 90's an industry i worked in compliled 'blacklists' of people who were pro union or were even suspcted of being pro union which led to them being unable to find employment even though eminently qualified for whatever position they were looking for,in fact the companies maintained the list for exactly 1 year and 1 day after the strikes were over which were taking place at the time Imagine what they are capable of now
  18. Great ad lib from the interviewer
  19. From a gent named Giordano Bruno fom anoter forum i frequent and some superb logic Anti vaxxers don't have to be right What's the worst that could happen? You get something that is VERY survivable. (99.7%) Pro-Vaxxers on the other hand, HAVE to be right or they are dead. They bet their LIVES on this. They HAVE to be right. While I could afford to be wrong. Smart choice vaxxers - My life is too valuable to roll the dice.
  20. I'm still waiting for the roar of those estimated 450 million guns in america,18 months in and they are deafeningly silent I need more popcorn and to be honest im sick of eating it waiting the biggest trouble is they will turn those guns on each other instead of pointing them in the right direction espcially given the rumblings of states seccedeing Just looking at a red/blue map shows the country is being divided into sides ready for the civil war.The US can't carry out the genocide like the other 5 eyes nations are doing because of the guns,simply get them fighting each other win win My 0.000002 digital cents
  21. He's the national treasure of the less dull tools in the box
  22. Change the word 'people' with children and that is the exact wording used to push kiddie jabs through
  23. Every cult needs a leader/s or figure/s of worship,they cannot exist without one and cease to be a cult The panel of 7 men espoused by Dr Rima Laibow makes more sense now than in 2009 when she first aired her knowledge and thoughts Please don't get hung up on the Jesse Ventura is a shill blah blah blah nor the sensationalist aspect of the whole programme,it was 'way out there' material in 2009,take onboard with your new covid eyes what she is saying and consider that this is 12 years old https://www.bitchute.com/video/naf5Ku6wOfYa/
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