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  1. Ere,on about medals i have a battledress blouse dating from 1946 with three medal ribbons on and a small oak leaf cluster (mentioned in dispatches)....This guy was a hero...he drove a flail tank up the beach on D day because he believed in what he was fighting for...what do we have now ?...self appointed arseholes telling us we are in the midst of something more deadly than the plague and we all know they are full of shit Time to take our freedoms back ....if that means by force so be it Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face
  2. West africa ? some of the most degenerate shithole countries on earth (Angola,the two Congo's Gabon etc)...are we about to see a migration ? or are we about to see a raising of the stakes as a precursor to mass migration ?....a fancy building wont stop em
  3. I remember that and how vomit inducing it was first time round....kill it with fire and acid ,circus freak show...the bearded lady
  4. I'm intrigued by the reference to the 'Holy land'...Many years ago i used to spend quite a bit of time in Cyprus and there were short cruise trips from Limassol to the 'Holy land' ....never ever called Israel,to see it in print again surprised me .Luckily i could never go as i had a Lebanese visa in my passport at the time Holy land is the soft face of Israel ...Except when they are bombing seven shades out of neighbouring countries and expanding their territory far beyond anything the Palestinians are happy with
  5. Eurovision? Bit of a misnomer there,Since when did Europe include Israel ?...or is it because the control of the entertainment media/radio/television industries is controlled by the chaps in small hats and their knowledge of geography is shit ? Questions Questions Eurovision ? ffs ,its the televisual equivalent of watching paint dry and dogs take a dump
  6. If a 'nurse' came near me dressed like that i'd have no option but to tell her to give her dad his socks back,cant imagine theres many T72's and BTM's gently rocking as the drivers and passengers gently thrap themselves to sleep whilst gazing lovingly at that picture of the losers of the Ukraine occupation fancy dress competition 2022 (I have the utmost respect for genuine nurses,i was married to one for a long time,this is just an obscene 'Benny Hill' stereotypical fluff piece,,,are russians really that backward in the humour stakes ?)
  7. Nice to see you have found your own niche and are curating your own little echo chamber Fireturd...It's actually turning into the best comedic thread on here Keep going ...i need the laughs
  8. The 'lost' technology ,supposedly much of the technology that enabled the 'moon landings' has been lost...what a load of absolute unmitigated horseshit.....talk about preying on peoples stupidity
  9. We used to get warned about carbon fibre particles when i worked helidecks in the north sea and in a crash situation that shit is going to be flying around at supersonic speed with a very real risk of it penetrating the skin and entering the bloodstream...and the best bit?...It cant be seen on x rays...so you are well and truly ducked if you've got carbon fibre particles in your bloodstream so imagine carbon fibre nanoparticles and the damage they are wreaking throughout your system
  10. Noticed quite a few videos on the same topic appearing over the last 24 hours on the likes of Bitchute and Brandnewtube The onslaught continues,its getting very formulaic now,Ukraine goes quite and its time to roll the convid scam out again ...Convid goes quiet its time to roll out Ukraine again The lazy bastards in the legacy msm seem to have hit on a formula whereby they can do the minimum of work by regurgitating bullshit regarding convid and poach Ukraine stuff from wherever they can online
  11. Those bills are very often used as back up proof of identification i.e you'll need a main form of i.d ie passport or driving licence plus a utility bill for proof of address etc which then moves on to digital i.d ,paying in cash still gives a certain amount of anonymity Not too hard to see where this is rapidly heading
  12. Was unsure where to put this but opted for here...anyway....MrTruthbomb (whose work i really enjoy) is,in the next few hours about to drop a 'Truthbomb' no doubt it will contain comments on Ukraine and or Convid,Enjoy the show https://www.bitchute.com/video/8aB3L6B4SqKk/
  13. Some good reporting from Coffee or Die magazine,Check out the 'Dispatches' series from the playlist,Very short but very succint dispatches from reporters on the scene in Ukraine https://www.youtube.com/c/CoffeeorDie/playlists
  14. Daughter https://www.weforum.org/agenda/authors/nicole-schwab Son Nepotism?
  15. Herr Schwabb does have a son as i remember him giving a speech a couple of years ago,A rather effete minime if i remember correctly but installed in a position over and above his apparent abilities I'll try and find the video
  16. Thought i would start a seperate thread on this sinister organisation which has affected the lives of millions and not in a good way whatsoever.This was the brainchild of Herr Schwabb and initially included people to age 42 years,this had to be extended somewhat to accomodate the dumpy little little Frau Fuhrer Merkel to age 46 which makes it suspect from the get go . Looking through the latest crop and class of 2022 there are some gems there (check out James Kwameh Mensah...i burst out laughing at his picture ,he looks like a ventriloquists dummy) but joking aside there are some serious players here in this cohort who will come to the fore in the foreseeable future and will be installed in positions of power making those unaccountable decisions for the people . The site needs more exposure and scrutiny and the cohort of 2022 need even more scrutiny especially in the coming weeks/months/years You may need a sick bag whilst navigating the site being exposed to the blatant lies couched in florid language so don't say i didn't warn you https://www.younggloballeaders.org/
  17. Bit late to the party on this one but i digress..I had the 'Rabies vaccination' many years ago due to having to go and work in some of the worlds spectacular shitholes along with a whole host of other 'vaccinations' I felt like death for a couple of days after dose 2 ,wasn't too bad after dose 3 and could lick my own arsehole and scratch my ears with my foot before i got dose 4
  18. My point exactly,regardless of 'side' he's clearly suffering from what he's witnessed and no doubt if anyone offered to help him he'd refuse in some misguided belief in the moral high ground and or 'hits' for his channel .The man is as much as a casualty as the guy with the gunshot wounds to his legs .I sincerely hope he makes it through and out the other side
  19. I watched some of this guys stuff earlier ...the man is a swivel eyed loon and its going to take some heavy duty psychotropic medication and/or counselling to bring him back down once this conflict and subsequently his reason for being are over ...and thats only if he survives
  20. Cant believe they are still peddling this shit ''To increase awareness of the criticality of wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19, Jeremy Howard and a volunteer team of data scientists started the advocacy campaign #masks4all. Countless YGLs from around the world supported the campaign by talking to policy-makers and raising awareness through their local media markets.'' We aint out of the woods yet folks
  21. This brought to mind a question thats been bugging me now for a few days...If we are now seeing the architects of the global scamdemic from the Global young leaders programme (Herr Schwabbs baby) installed in office/s of power in many many countries and instigating or have instigated the devastating agenda who are the people in the new class ? Who can we expect to see in the future ? More importantly what doom and gloom are they being preprogrammed to deliver ? I did a quick ddgo....Druids? wtaf? Scary shit here...visit at your peril https://www.younggloballeaders.org/
  22. Pound to a pinch of snuff her new squeeze is fully jabbed as well...let them rut in hell (intentional misspelling).....How romantic cojoined cardiac problems awwww brings a tear to my old bitter eyes I'd pay good money to watch a fly on the wall documentary about the star crossed lovers and their progress in their new timebomb future
  23. My worry starts at 9 am monday morning and finishes at 5pm on a friday as most of the clown world performers work these hours ,making decisions that affect millions whilst remaining faceless and nameless and unaccountable for their actions.These are the most dangerous members of society,forget psycopathic killers on the loose snatching your kids off the street ,The real killers sit in comfortable air conditioned offices and talk of their last skiing trip to Gstaad whilst rubber stamping decisions that will cripple and maim huge swathes of society totally oblivious to the damage they are causing The day of reckoning cannot come soon enough and i intend to invest in rope....theres going to be a need for a lot of it !
  24. But will i have to shave my beard off ? and can i be a lesbian even though i've been neutered like a stray tomcat and had the snip ?. and can lesbians wear a facial panty liner strapped across mouth and nose and still munch rug ?..questions questions ...This nwo transgender philosophy is confusing for us old uns you know
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