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  1. Quite a good article which explains how UK commandeered not only Canberra but a host of other merchant shipping to make up th armada heading for the South Atlantic Smells a bit like a rerun and the UK doesn't have to go that far this time....quick dash across the puddle and into Germany,then Poland and onwards https://beyondships.com/PO-Canberra-Falklands.html
  2. These were my first thoughts the minute i read about P&O getting rid of crews,The merchant navy has always been the same...you work for agencies and get 'paid off' when your voyage or contract ends and the cycle continues...you get another job either on the vessel you got paid off from or you go elsewhere,I imagine the actual amount of registered seafarers on cross channel ferries wouldnt have been massive per vessel<40 ? per ship the majority of employees would be bar staff catering crew,waiting staff, vehicle marshals, duty free shop staff cleaners etc . For this to happen wholesale so suddenly reminded me so much of the Canberra and the Falklands and its sudden commandeering and rapid refit in its home port of Southampton into a troop ship after the refit it sailed to the south Atlantic Somthing sneaky is going on that the powers that shouldn't be know about....this is no contingency measure....This is part of a plan
  3. How coincidntal UKColumn is talking about the online harms bill right now
  4. Just lik to clarify my above post ,I'm thinking future pandemic reporting from the likes of UKColumn,21st Centruy wire etc etc We are already seeing 'them' trying to ramp up the fear again ably assisted by that Ferguson clown and the rest of the wretched creatures
  5. I used to use a paid for vpn especially as i worked overseas a lot and sometimes access to stuff was blocked from wherever i was in the world so it was handy but as i worked less and less overseas i found i didn't really have a use for it and have always managed should i need one now and again to get by with the free ones or Opera browser which comes in handy...However i have noticed that the UK government has gone balls to the wall with Russia Today and its attempts to excise it from being accessed from any UK basd ISP and with DDGo jumping on the bandwagon it doesn't bode well for the future and is perhaps a small taste of what to expect in the not too distant future concerning the whole web not just russian topics
  6. This is for Orange alert....a p take of the BBc news theme from Bill Bailey Part Troll
  7. Just happened upon this in the Lancet....total pile of gobblydigook to my ignorant eyes however note the second name in the list of authors He's still peddling his shite even though he's been out of the public eye for a while....That man has more lives than a scabby cat https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(22)00462-7/fulltext#
  8. I see Wales online are pushing the ''one of the most infectious diseases ever seen says expert'' Guess what this 'Expert' is ex world health organisation.....He's perhaps not as ex as he would like us to believe ? An expert says a new variant of Covid-19 is one of the most infectious diseases the world has ever seen and he says almost everyone is going to catch it. Professor Adrian Esterman, an epidemiologist and biostatistican, says the variant is up to six times more transmissible than the original strain of Covid. Prof Esterman, a former World Health Organisation scientist, was speaking as cases of Covid rise 48% in a week in England, double in China to the worst levels that country has seen since the start of the pandemic and triple in part of Australia. The surge is believed to be driven by the new variant, BA.2, reports The Mail.
  9. Totally agree with you there TP,The only BBC i can watch regarding news is by a Youtuber called 'The Angry Bootneck' who does a series mainly weekdays around 7pm UK time called ''the BBC Spews'' where he rips selected BBC stories to pieces He's an ex Royal Marine but his ripe choice of words and absolute disdain for the BBC does make me laugh Be warned not for the faint hearted !!
  10. I like to get the broader picture using an arsenal of online services ,some of my preferred are Deutsche Welle,France24,Russia today ,Offguardian and UKColumn plus many others.Admittedly some of them are regarded as MSM and will be pushing the 'party' line regarding whatever they are told to but it is refreshing to see the viewpoint that isn't London centric Anything but the BBC ITV CH4 and 5
  11. Thank you EM the gab link works perfectly...much appreciated
  12. I've tried accessing RT using Opera and the built in vpn (admittedly limited in which countries you can use) no chance 'Error 404' ....Downloaded and installed tor browser,took all of 5 minutes to get it up and running and still no dice ,one avenue left and the instructions are contained here (its the blank email option) I cant comment on the Android app cos i refuse to use a smartphone...Good luck folks if you are looking for your RT fix https://www.rt.com/russia/551256-how-access-rt-censorship-bypass/
  13. Just goes to show a perfect example of someone with a doctorate and a head full of knowledge and suceptible to the hypnotism.....or is it a case her trying to drum up a little work for herself ? Stupid bint I used to enjoy her programmes as well...if i saw her on a tv now i'd spit at it
  14. Another great film by MrTruthBomb 'Putin Vs the Deep state' although a lot of it is taken from the Oliver Stone film 'Ukraine on Fire' ,Mr TB's film does bring us up to the present day https://www.bitchute.com/video/VhmAW958NLMs/
  15. I can't believe she's still milking it Sooner she's exposed and cancelled the better
  16. I did think all that Biolab balls and then the threat of nuclear weapons which have strangely taken second place amongst all media now would have been an excuse for the jab manufacturers to have gone full on producing anti chemical warfare agent jabs and anti fallout protection fuckery Seems they missed that boat
  17. Her constant whining about her (incredibly well looking) man reminds me of Zippy from the original Rainbow TV series....when i hear her speaking i can hear Zippys voice
  18. If Benadryl Cabbagepatch is poking that i want to know his secret formula
  19. The government line https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-truth-about-porton-down Labs? we've had them for years Now get a grip and realise you are being led down a ''narrative path'' You WILL believe what we tell you
  20. You are not as powrless as you think ....for 3 years now i have paid no mortgae paymets (grand a month) refuse to use phone and refuse to answer the post or even open it.....Yes i understand its very difficult to do ...but once you've done it it gets easier....what thy gonna do ?...send you more red letters ?....you have the power
  21. I suppose i'd better post the link (my bad) to whom i'm alluding to,i got carried away with a blind rage https://www.bitchute.com/video/LcC6uEoq9fVy/
  22. Who is this women with the strangest set of tits i've ever seen ? Are they belly warmers or kneecap warmers ?...there is summat wrong with the bra she's wearing and as for charisma....like a tombstone Don't think she going down in history as memorable for anything except her odd tits
  23. 2027?...if she had balls and meant what she has alluded to it would be stopped now.....2027 gives them 5 years to await the outcome...Pish and piffle to placate the gullible Strong words ? She's as full of shit as the rest of them
  24. I will quantify my last post by saying if you are under 45 years of age there is a very good chance you perhaps won't be aware of the hysteria that went on in 1990/91,the death of David Kelly (suicided apparently ! ) and the wholesale destruction and future invasion of Iraq and lets not forget the 13 ''enduring bases'' constructed by the ham shanks to protect the stolen oil and future supplies of the black gold Putins actions (are they really his own actions?) is just a re run of what happened then....the similarities are amazing ....It's like having my own wayback machine and travelling back in time watching this crap shoot unfold
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