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  1. And Morphine just make absolutely sure
  2. That'll be similar to that Novichok stuff ''one of the most deadly nerve agents in the world'' that could be got rid of with a wet wipe
  3. I remember seeing a documentary about Russian mail order brides a few years ago and one came over and was absolutely disgusted at the standard of living of her prospective new husband and fucked off back double quick time,Wish i could remember the name of it as it was funny Do you reckon Ukrainian women coming from a metropolis like Kiev and with a war shattering the Eastern fringes of her country would find a shithole sink estate on the fringes of Skem so different ?
  4. Russia should aim every Grad rocket and whatever hypersonic bollix they have got and owt else they can rustle up and aim it at that metro....there will be collateral damage but that is acceptable if we rid this tortured world of this bandwagon jumper once and for all
  5. Athletes...yer avin a giraffe Heres the real Jocky Wilson
  6. But you know what Cod is and have probably played it along with many similar 'games'...Do you not see the strange dichotomy here ?...This is reality,you cannot exist in a cosy fantasy world forever.
  7. Still cracking pictures fake or not...until you've stood alongside a 155 firing how can you pass comment ?
  8. I'm sitting laughing,A Resusc Annie (yes she had a name)...can you imagine 20 hungover rig workers trying to give her one at a incredibly hungover training session ?
  9. Years ago we used to get the ''PVP'' list off the council...potential violent persons ...They were some of the nicest people you could wish to meet,flash there would be a cuppa and you'd be sitting dahn with them and stroking the dog or cat and chatting bollocks....These people were victims of the state,of stigmatisation because of circumstances ....It's got worse now,once upon a time it was localised ,now its nationwide and that big slap with your 'identity' on it will fall....Avoid at all costs
  10. And there was me (years ago having a 'patch' on a horrible counil estate) thought it meant Council Housed And Violent....No difference really
  11. Not too far from me,Why on earth are people not seeing this and joining the dots? Plain as day to me somethings not right but it seems like the general population have been put in a trance by some dodgy hypnotist...Perhaps that was the intention all along ? I do fear for our future Stay with friends and family,keep your networks of like minded folk open and accessible and most all realise 'they' cannot win
  12. Amazing pictures TOK, Thank you for posting them
  13. I loved his content and watched the content of all you mentioned),he's naturally gifted and a true polyglot however the Lebanon and Syria videos set my spidey senses tingling,there was something very very off with them....Erring on the side of caution i hope he's just a traveller caught up in world wide angst but something (and conversations in certain forums indicate) is not all is what it seems He is ostensibly very patriotic and makes no apologies for his 'Englishness' which is refreshing so i cannot fault the man for that and its incredibly funny to watch at times ....Time will have the answers (hope i'm proved 100% wrong....however ? the element of doubt should always remain)
  14. My apologies EW...dyslexia doesnt means words are back to front or inside out,sometimes they are upside down and inside out !!!
  15. Cracking post EM,Thank you for putting it together
  16. Just like to add that many years ago it took me a month to get the required permissions and a short interview with the Mukhabarat (Syrian secret police) just to get the coveted visa in my passport allowing me to enter Lebanon ....Wonder what magic his passport enables ?
  17. I used to enjoy Balds content prior to the Russian moves,Then suddenly he's day tripping into Lebanon and Syria and then he got a bit too glowie for me....He's working for one of the alpha betty spy getty agencies,Whether under threat or duress or because he's a mercenary bastard i know not but i hope his youtube channel collapses
  18. I'm ready,prepard and will not starve
  19. It needs something as brutal as that TP,I honestly feel that our future is fucked up beyond all recognition and the herd just keep nodding and staring at the tv screen.We need a war,a brutal all out war similar to Ukraine/Russia but centered on the 'ruling' class....wipe them out,then perhaps we can start again ?
  20. Ruffle all the feathers they want,The problem is the whole political system in the UK wants collapsing....What we will replace it with i have no idea (open to suggestion here) but this two party shite that has become apparent in the last ten years has crippled us as a nation and with each elected 'mouthpiece' we slide further down the hole ....More laws,more restrictions ....and look how far they have taken the law making in the last two years....They are riding the crest of a seemingly omnipotent wave....Time to smash it down
  21. Slainté...with you on the Dram medicine
  22. Thank you for the advice,Made the mistake of going to a gig last Saturday where i reckon i picked something up,In a crowd of thousands not a mask in sight though which was brilliant...Its just a bluddy cough and sniffles ,in the olden days you'd get a couple of paracetamol rammed in you and yer granny would make you a hot lemsip and tell you to stop feeling so bluddy sorry for yourself
  23. I've got the dreaded 'cough' and feel like crap,some might call it covid but years ago when i was a kid it was called a summer cough and cold ,Lemsip and hot whisky toddys will sort it....Why the rush to rechristen everything as covid?.....Who is making cash from the generated chaos?....papers sell more issues with glaring headlines,doctors get to hide more and do telephone consultations ,government ministers get airtime and gravely warn us of impending doom even my local local shop for local people ie the co-op make their employees wear muzzles as the 'covid con' fades into the distance ...Oh well the threat of nuclear armageddon should keep everyone focused for a while,and all the time thats going on big pharma is still at it. The world has changed in the space of 2 years And i'm still angry as hell at how it was foisted on the general public but whats even worse was the mass gullibility I'm sometimes ashamed to admit i'm British when a massive amount of the population (and all with the ability via smartphone to look at alternative views) couldn't even do that
  24. Have a wonderful Sunday Steve,There are many friends you have never met before waiting to meet you
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