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  1. Surprised me as well as i was always of the same opinion and aware of the fact/myth/urban legend that a true JW would never have a blood transfusion regardless if it was going to save their life or not,For the Elders of the church to wholeheartedly accept the jabbery and even promote it given the evidence available is incredibly surprising
  2. I'll ask you again...What is it exactly you want to see?...Lines of advancing troops?....battles being fought hand to hand and street to street ? and as for the reddit link if you cant deduce whats happening and claiming it doesn't show where or when you are beginning to sound like a petulant child screaming and stamping their feet becuase things are not being shown 'How you want them to be' . War is not as you want it to be....War evolves ,its dynamic and one things for certain it isn't a video game so lay off the COD Get on a plane get over there,come back and give US the truth,because as it stands you have as much information as everybody else at your child like fingertips Time for you to go on ignore my friend
  3. You aint looking hard enough...I'll ask you the same question....What exactly are you looking for ?...Define independent? How much more independent do you want ? https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/
  4. Less money in sniffing out cancer than convid....Billions being poured into the scam from every aspect but cancer now takes a back seat https://www.rd.com/article/dogs-sniff-out-cancer/
  5. ''Actors taking part''....Hmmm.........The majority of them from the young global leaders programme from previous years cohorts (including Putin) and who are now in place in positions of power and influence....Uncle Klaus may appear as the saviour of mankind in his pound shop Darth Vader outfit and sort it all out
  6. Because your initial post regarding this came across as somebody sitting there expecting warporn, that was reliant on Telegram with not an ounce of compassion for the people dying just a whine about the 'same 4 clips' THATS what i found offensive ''Oh the age of the smartphone'...''They'll film anything'' What is that you ACTUALLY want ?...the truth?...its war mate the truth comes later and what good is you knowing the 'truth' going to do right now ? going to change the shape of war ? be a historical record ? Do you want to debate the veracity of the reporting?...do you want to debate the authenticity of the PROPAGANDA coming from both sides ? Perhaps you'd like to debate the wire services i.e Reuters etc where a lot of this comes from ? I'm out
  7. Yes its all cgi and fake and no ones dying and the propaganda from both sides is shit because the 101st Chairborne Commando's of the DI forum say so I'm out guys Wait for the history to be written by the winners but for now use multiple sources across that big bad internet and form your own opinions
  8. If you want 24/7 war porn i suggest you ditch the smartphone,All you are ever going to get is a truncated view of the world and has it ever crossed your mind that the people on the ground doing the actual fighting and those 'under siege' as you so cutely put it might have more important things to worry about like staying alive rather than providing you with smartphone warporn ? (cue Bee Gee's ) Try some of the foreign news agencies DWTV France 24 UATV
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/ https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html Theres a whole internet out there,I wouldn't just rely on Telegram,If you look hard enough you'll find it,admittedly not a great deal but this isn't ww2 it's a war being fought from afar with sophisticated weaponry and drones
  10. I actually watched the Christchurch NZ video earlier for the first time ever in all its 15 minutes of horror and the similarities are striking from the video i posted earlier of the Buffalo sowdjer (since removed,look hard enough you'll find it elsewhere) Even down to the graffiti on the guns and magazines I don't deny many died for real however it does seem to be a pattern that defies description under 'normal' circumstances And why are they always known to security services/law enforcement/blah beforehand...exactly the fucking same with 7/7...Manchester etc but without the guns
  11. Do not worry,Uncle Klaus (all hail) has said you wont be owning one ...or anything else for that matter Be Happy
  12. Real as in objectives ? Real as in Who is taking part ? Real as in people dying ?
  13. Lots of chatter on this being a classic FF,Very VERY graphic video has been released...DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED ...DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU https://streamable.com/lluqso And senile Joe the paedo sniffer is releasing a statement on gun control tomorrow........make your own minds up
  14. Interesting 25 minute Doc by RT about life in the Donetsk peoples republic https://odysee.com/@Екатерина:8/Donbass-Under-Fire_OK:f
  15. Quite a few threads on GLP about the 40 billion and baby formula being sent to the border,All a bit too USA for me to worry about https://godlike.com/forum1/pg1 Ps you may need to use the search function,the speed that place moves at, things drop off the front page rapidly
  16. My thoughts exactly SM,And of late i keep hearing Africa mentioned which again is all manufactured tosh unless they really do want more income for the jab manufacturers,but with little to no 'free' healthcare in Africa who is going to pay ?....Countries with Red arrows i suspect and i dont mean Raf jet aircraft dispaly teams
  17. Fully agree with you there OA ,The implied threats and trial introductions were a precursor and a 'trial run' for the big event.The groundwork has been done and as you say nothing has gone away just put on hold for a while Where and when this materialises i have no idea,but its not going to be pleasant
  18. From other forums in visit it comes across that although we in the UK generally seem to have conveniently forgotten about the shitshow of the last two years (and i'll NEVER forget) our cousins across the pond are still heavily invested in the jabbery and even muzzling to a certain degree Is it still being pushed ? My simplistic explanation is that they have to pay for it over there and the greedy jabbers still want their pound of flesh and their dollars
  19. Cut out the middlemen...go straight to the den of eniquity and vice itself...takes a sickbag and fresh undercrackers you'll need them https://www.younggloballeaders.org/
  20. If you look at the infamous Deagel map which shows basically the world being carved into two you'll notice Ukraine is a missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle,depopulation for the affluent first world countries and static or even positive growth in the likes of Africa and Asia. Jabbfuckery and war....It's a start innit
  21. Shocking However watch for the Magic Scooter (not the roundabout...couldn't resist that Morpheus !) it appears and vanishes Are the Russians going into battle on scooters now and are they electric or push along ? (handlebars at 2pm)
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