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  1. Failing that you could always use Hong Kong armour using old phone books and magazines ,umbrella's ,baseball helmets and laser pointers
  2. The qualifying bar for the status of celebrity is so low now that it's on par with a snakes belly
  3. They can also use sound to make you shit yourself,and in light of that i suggest if anyone is intending to take part in any demo's anywhere Take ear plugs and toilet roll
  4. I just read he was jabbed last month
  5. Unafraid of what ? barbers? i detest locks on white folk Ymmv
  6. The thing is Simon,thats actually for sale on amazon !!!
  7. In a weird way i wish they would hurry up and start the forced vaccinations,within 5 days of that happening everybody would have a good idea if there is hope or the country is going to fall completely it would be the barometer of push back,and i like to think theres more of that than they would dare to contemplate
  8. Complete non story tarted up as if to be significant,the article says what its related to,they are geothermal drilling so for a completely uneducated guess they have been firing seismic charges
  9. Use Opera browser with built in VPN,you may have to use asia as preferred location as US seems to be down at the moment,plays fine that way i just tested it out
  10. Just wait until monkeypox gets a grip
  11. 20th april Hitlers,21st the queen and me but i only get 1 birthday,she gets two
  12. I agree about it being uplifting and good to see that Fuellmich and co taking it onboard,the original committees three questions seem almost superfluous now and B Gerrish giving it in a calm straight forward manner,no hysteria or hyperbole just incontrivertible facts Towards the end of the video he actually comes to the conclusion that a lot of this whole thing is being orchestrated from the UK
  13. It was an oil war,check out the Berlin to Baghdad railway and Robert Newmans history of oil first broadcast around 2013 i think
  14. And the average age of death in the UK is 82.5 years Convid is the ONLY 'deadly' virus in the history of homo sapiens to extend life spans
  15. the comments below the article are telling
  16. Just seen this ffs sake monkeypox covid and tb all wild and loose in the UK oh no what will we do https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15128481/covid-vaccine-test-uk-cases-monkeypox-tuberculosis-latest-news/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9673015/Britain-hit-MONKEYPOX-Two-patients-North-Wales-test-positive-killer-virus.html The cynic in me says if they can't lock down because the covid narrative is falling apart they will use something else hmmmm wonder what
  17. Expect him to get cancelled shortly including his identification as female weightlifting records to be scoured from the interweb (i have to admit i had never heard of him before)
  18. I started looking further at the Galton institute and from their home page The Council of the Galton Institute is actively deliberating a name change and a working group has been set up to address the issue. Please do check back for further news in due course. Why in the middle of a deadly pandemic would that be important ? and looking a little further came across this https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/exploring-the-oxford-astrazeneca-eugenics-links/283482 Like an onion layer after layer of diversion and distancing
  19. How come you sometimes type in faltering English (to a native speaker and writer such as me) and other times its word perfect and grammatically perfect ?
  20. Has anyone looked at the numbers that would be required to completely 'infect' everyone with the mrna poison based on the assumtion that shedding or self propagation of the 'vaccine' is taking place ? For instance assume 66 million in the UK would it take 22 million jabs or 44 million for complete coverage ? and if it is self propagating why the insane push to have everyone jabbed if it sheds a payload ? Somebody somewhere has a set of figures for the rollout of this crap and i wouldnt be surprised in the least if they also had a list of numbers of the population of every country on earth that they require to survive after the event (gotta have the slaves to service their lifestyles) There are 193 countries (194 with the vatican) every single one of them is vaccinating or intends to and given the service requirements of the 1 million upper echelon members gives 499 million future serfs that are required,how are they to be protected if shedding is occurring ? and how are they to be selected ?
  21. Who said it was a joke? put your paranoia on hold,1 i do not give a flying fig how the president of tanzania died 2 I have no idea of radio relay (though i do have an operators licence for aeronautical vhf) and i know a little about tropospheric scatter receivers but what the hell that has to do with this mans head ?. The mans head is elongated,no one as yet has come up with a rational explanation as to why some humans have heads like that,lots of theories ,lots of ancient skulls but no conclusive evidence beyond doubt as to what its caused by As to your singular attention span to radio frequencies which i admire btw it is just that, singular in its theme however it doesn't register with me personally i do not have time to adopt is as a research subject now if that means i suffer because of my lack of knowledge so be it. There are far more pressing things going on that are killing people faster than radio frequency fog and i would prefer to devote my time to that
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