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  1. Same here along with sympathy as well but my stupidity spotting ability is off the chart with these fraggles,wonder if little Jakobs mum has a swollen heart shaped emoticon in readiness to plaster all over her inane babble ridden posts ?
  2. Who cares i hope the rest of his life is unhappy the misery that man has caused will be felt for generations
  3. Except he's a nurse,just thought i'd point that out
  4. I actually lolled at that,you could see the insecurity creep over him the minute he realised A they weren't scared of him and B he was totally on is own with his big dildo firing splurge gun
  5. Don't knock those silly games,they are whats been missing for years never mind covid,let the little sods free in the woods with matches and knives they'll learn more that way ( and i was in the woods with matches and knives when i was about 6 or 7 and learnt how to melt down lead and cast it in the top of a brick to augment the pocket money i didnt get)
  6. It may be pointless from a legal pespective especially given the stitched up judiciary and legal system as a whole but it may also cause certain heads of schools to stop and re evaluate the actions they are about to commence If thats the case it ceases to be pointless and is doing a job long overdue
  7. KFC are rubbing their hands with glee hoping that Mrna and crispr technology will allow them to breed the worlds first 6 legged chicken
  8. A doctor as well,perhaps he got a bit script happy and was self administering a bit too much a la shipman,he wants striking off before he's sectioned
  9. It's sad that it's the older folk who are perhaps less tech inclined that seem to be the most brainwashed and trusting of government My own parents were a case in point,my sister in hospital after her second jab for 11 days and they both went and got their second jabs flatly refusing to believe the jab was anything to do with my sisters hospitalisation,pair of them struggle to send a text message and if it aint in the sun or on bbc news it hasn't happened
  10. £1.17 ? i pay about 2 quid for 2 kilos of co2 in out of date fire extinguishers,admittedly i dont use them for a sodastream ;-0
  11. They are asking the right questions because they are coming to the dawning realisation its going to effect their little darlings directly,the unvaxxed thread meant they could vent at us filthy unjabbed and blame their own stupidity on someone else They can't blame anyone for the kids being jabbed except government (although many will still try to blame us) little realising that they themselves are in all reality the ones to blame,if they hadn't been so quick to put on their masks and run out and get jabbed maybe they wouldn't be coming after their kids
  12. More fear porn on food shortages courtesy of sly news,they keep banging this drum so its pretty certain its going to happen (orchestrated by them on orders from the facless ones no doubt) https://news.sky.com/story/co2-shortage-poultry-pork-and-bakery-products-could-disappear-from-supermarkets-within-days-industry-chief-warns-12413428
  13. I'd love to go in and post the mhra figures for deaths.blindness and spontaneous abortion but even with your silver suit i wouldn't feel sufficiently protected
  14. Old enough to get coverd in tatts but acting like a full grown adult baby ,i wouldn't know if i was meant to read her like a book or change her nappy if ever encountered it
  15. Warning this little excerpt is a thread i picked at random,this is the level of blind faith we will be dealing with for years to come (if we get that far) https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4353574-To-think-that-unvaccinated-people-whining-about-rights-and-freedoms-when-they-can-t-go-to-a-concert Enter at your own risk
  16. Has anyone let mumsnet know ? Be a brave person inded that delivers that little gem to the completely calm and rational harpies that appear to make up the most vocal residents of that forum
  17. Now if some community minded person/s could do the same with all the members of oooh lets say the members of the SPI- B sub committee or something similar they wouldn't feel so protected if say wanted posters started appearing with their full details on them Not that i'm advocating doxxing them however it might be a useful way to let the public thank them for all the sterling work they have done and the enormous benefits to the population their decisions have made to society as a whole I'm sure many people would like to send gifts for them advocating lockdowns and social distancing and the threat levels being enhanced by their black magic and voodoo
  18. Expect to see either no numbers in future or delibrate obfuscation of them same as the UK plod have done with protest policing Heartening to see them being identified so quickly though,same as that dog handler bint in Newcastle recently Make it personal and it strips away their protection afforded by being a member of a big club,if its all 100% true his future is not going to be the one of comfort he imagined
  19. Julian Assange bastard lovechild convention 2019 ? At great personal expense i have had some nametags made for the filthy little mudbloods,i shall dispns them to the cultists as i come across them
  20. As you said a costly exercise if you get banned ,can't see people taking to the streets if they are financially invested in it no matter what they do,If and when it happens it'll be done slowly with apparent benefits for the users/society and the slow drip will continue until people wake up one day and think wtf? how did it get to this.Google did exactly the same
  21. If it has the word smart included in its desciption its going to cost you money and possibly more alexa recording,smart tvs filming and recording you,ring doorbells doing the same ,it's here already and celebrated and the majority are clueless as to where this is going Time to become a Luddite
  22. Just read through the Steam wiki.Absolutely reeks of digital i.d/social credit/vax status incorporation including China The infrastructure is in place all it'll take is a few switches thrown on command and full integration into any governmental digital future and completly customisable to allow for country specific roll outs Sinister in the extreme Edit just been reading some more and looks to me like its also going to be used as the platform for all education when those costly schools have served their purpose as central jab points for kids.The steam wallet is ready and waiting to take your government approved credits as well and can be monitored and picked over,China already hs punitive actions available to them for 'excess online game playing' and an integral part of the social credit score Not being a game player of any kind online i was almost completely unaware of the depth that steam has (i had an idea it was connected with online gaming but that was it) however the more i read about it the more i see that its going to be playing a bigger part in everyones life in the not too distant future
  23. I suppose the proles need their entertainment ( at home of course in their capsule house ) and who better to to turn steam into a propaganda tool of government
  24. Pack mentality and cowardice ??????????? Describes exactly how the msm have been behaving for the last 18 months
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