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  1. Worked wonders for the Albion and took it from what was a scratch pitch with wooden stands and a cup of Bovril if you were flush to something worth admiring I still hate football
  2. Cloughies lad had a lot to do with a club very near me (like 300 metres away) but he did a lot for it so maybe he'd got some of his Dads grit instilled in him,Great to see the very polite kids from the acamedy in my local co-op and what he's done for youth football in the area And i hate football with a passion !
  3. Who the fuck is Gareth Southgate? and apart from being a vastly overpaid tool that happens to be handy with a football why on Gods green earth should anything he utter have any affect on my life ?...Frankly if i met him i'd tell him to fuck right off and keep going
  4. She looks like a crappy toilet brush...good luck dancing on those bricks luv
  5. Just a little reminder https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  6. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
  7. Spot on there Dale,I have recently had to go into 'the system' and it shocked me to the core as to the deterioratian of the whole f*****g thing..Left me gobsmacked I fear for the future Left brain/right brain they are coming for you Stay safe,sane and aware
  8. I said it in 77 when i was full of the vigour of youth and i'll say it again now i'm nearing the twilight of my years Fuck the jubilee
  9. They let the public know because they are visible However for the purposes of radar and other electrnic wizadry they would go 'Dark' ...When i worked offshore they would hide behind rigs with all electronic systems switched off when there was a multinational exercise taking place ....They wouldn't even answer on vhf channel 16 (universal calling channel which they would be monitoring)when you called them up and told them to f*** off as they were in the flight path of incoming choppers.....they'd just ramp up the engines and steam off
  10. IMSI off due to operational reasons ? and playing the part in the exercise?
  11. That portion of Wales has a long history of being used as a training area (check out the 'Mach Loop')...Combat readiness...oh yes
  12. Bang on there GO,glad to see someone else sees the crafty ways of the retailers.I have a very close friend who runs a rather large 'cash and carry' and over a couple of pints recently i asked how he would cope with shortages in the supply chain....''I'll just put the prices up'' ..Can't blame him he is running a business after all,however what if all retailers started doing that ? (and they will)
  13. Also don't forget Tesco is also linked into ANPR (advanced number plate recognition) and thus linked to DVLA so all your vehicle details are known along with your driving habits ,this data is merged with their other sources to produce a 'digital identity' of you which can be exploited at will (and for $$$$$$ by being sold )
  14. Very good doc with a totally Russian perspective on the conflict....Nice to see actually compared to the constand bombarardment via the msm of Ukraine being the poor underdog https://www.bitchute.com/video/FdCg1lCXzgMI/
  15. Decent doc about the shameful use of midazolam and morphine during the 'cull' of eldely people during the convid scam https://www.bitchute.com/video/Jgc6smKYJiXq/
  16. I was one of the unfortunates that got taught 'imperial' initially at school then had to convert to metric (including currency) so i measure things in 1.2 mtres long by 3'5'' wide...not a problem....always managed,However the yank system uses a strange version of 'imperial' ...The american gallon for instance bears no resemblance to the old imperial gallon and the same for the 55 gallon drum ...USA totally different to the UK I see it more as a ways and means to extract more from the consumer simply by changing weights and measures...So much more profit that way
  17. Still got the original on 7'' vinyl in exactly the same cover
  18. We now have the monkeybollocks,another attempt at instilling fear and the petty tyrants just waiting in the wings,However in my locality i see a bit more 'rebelliousness' in that the general public aint going for it in quite the same way They are now relising they got conned with convid19 and are slightly more dubious even though the msm keep pushing it...But the petty tyrants?...come on out of your holes...We are waiting...and our sticks are bigger !
  19. And not only the most public or prominent people that infested the msm but down to the petty tyrants who,given a modicum of power could start to flex muscle and demand 'wheres your mask?' ...'you need a mask to enter these premises'....'i cant take cash sir' (whilst hiding behind two layers of perspex a mask and an armoured till !)....Where are all those petty tyrants now?...crept off back into their holes hoping people have forgotten....some of us have very long memories
  20. I personally think this is the tip of a monumental iceberg that will break in the coming months/years...We will see the public facing cowards who propagated the 'get jabbed' message whilst doing everything in their power to avoid the jabbing...Media whores 'celebrity' spongers and governmental freaks should each have a lampost allocated to them One day......and hopefully in my lifetime
  21. Ukraine as the original aggressor ? Decent doc,originally in french but now with English narration and subtitles https://www.bitchute.com/video/aXjn16qFoLVo/
  22. I think in the rest of the world there has always been the msm pushing a tenuous link with jabbery and climate change,one riding on the back of the other and vice versa,Seems like Russia and Klauses bitch Putin have finally got the message from the WEF (and zee young global leaders programme jah) Better late than never eh ?
  23. Thinking back for years i worked on rigs and ships in the North sea and although you would see vapour trails from the aircraft going on the transatlantic routes or perhaps even military aircraft going supersonic and leaving a trail there was never the geometric layout that i see today over land,I live quite near the approach to two large Midlands airports so am used to aircraft coming in to land depending on wind direction but always above them is the criss cross pattern,My own assumption is that its becuase its over the largest population density area after London in the UK I don't know if residents within or just outside the M25 have noticed any kind of correlation with this ?
  24. Can't stop the signal...They missed the boat on this one..check out the FGC9 ...now they resort to alarmist tactics...White supremacist ? (notice how they got that one in)Bazooka's ? ffs....An unarmed popuace is no threat and the gun grab will happen in the USA It's only going to get worse folks...get your ender 3s quick whilst you can
  25. Why is this incontinent 99 year old being given so much adoration by the msm?.....sooner he cowks it the sooner we'll see who 'they' have in line for his replacement.....I'd much rather know who the new enemy is than a doddering old fool that needs feeding from a tommee tippe dribble free cup
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