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  1. Excellent piece by Dave Cullen (computing forever) on dystopian and superhero films in relation to our present situation Very thought provoking https://www.bitchute.com/video/AECU058CcEE/
  2. It'll be given a fancy name like 'reconstituted beef' made from 100% british grown reconstituents and buried in the increasingly small ,small print will be the 'tell' contains less than 0.5 percent beef by volume and 96% british farmed non animal protein Welcome to Bugmince
  3. Love the little rebel in the middle with his mask at 'half mast' position Kids aint as daft as we think
  4. I'd like to introduce you to 100,000 people moving in a human wave towards mr gatling gun and his big case of bullets,be a brave gunner that continued firing in the face of that The East German security forces had more than 1 machine gun ,they had armouries full of them,they also had a wall protected by them with a mined strip,electronic sensors,dogs and barbed wire Non of which stoppd the human wave bringing it down Numbers count
  5. Been watching several videos this evening of Ben Griffin,ex soldier (2 para sas) about the indoctrination and 'moulding' of young people into basically order following automatons with no capability for independent thought ,a lot of the techniques he discusses crosso ver into what the msm and the likes of spi-b in the uk is doing to populations worldwide (and don't forget the UK sold this technical expertise to Australia some years ago) but thats a different avenue getting back to the police i have no doubt whatsoever that the techniques employed by the forces have been used to train the robocops,and much the same as not everyone will fall under the cheap stage hypnotists commands (most of the unjabbed f'rinstance) there will be coppers still able to think from the front of their brains without solely being base brain thinkers . Hopefully that proportion of those still capable of independent thought will over ride the fuckwits completly indoctrinated and as the training for the police can never be as 'immersive' as the forces training and subsequently not as so deep rooted, that proportion will begin to see what has been done to them and hopefully they will be awake enough to perhaps see the writing on the wall and react accordingly
  6. Be interesting to see how fast the government U turn should the police start to make noises against the mandate
  7. Interesting new video being premiered a week today by IndependentPOV called 'The man who knew too much' about mi5 black ops and black propaganda,should be interesting from a historical perspective but also a timely illstration of the lengths th state will go to 90 second trailer for the feature
  8. Good video on the tax havens and how they were 'invented' and are still run from london As for the health aspect i think that has been ceded to the pharmaco's who will be answerable to someone/thing further up the chain,or should i say further up the pyramid maybe making a stop over in the financial centre before travelling further,the profits are in the trilliions they need somewhere to wash it
  9. No camp for me,i'll make my own arrangements which dont include government hospitality !!! The proximity of that new built crematorium adjacent to hmp five wells here in the UK convinced me that government hotels might be a very bad idea !
  10. I watched a quite old video the other day can't remember who the woman was but she was talking to some huge ex marine guy and what she was saying matched very much what is happening now and she said there is a 'panel' of 7 men directing this Who those men are i didn't work out but it doesn't take much to think of some very real names that might fit.The 3 nation states within nation states i.e the vatican controls the spiritual and religous aspect city of london the financial aspect and washington dc the military aspect Makes perfect sense to me especially as the pope is now the black/white pope combined for the first time in history which leads neatly to a certain order Edit ,remembered the name Rima Laibow and Jesse Ventura https://www.bitchute.com/video/tVbkNF2lPA8h/
  11. If using a pc or laptop opera browser ( i know theres a phone version but i have no idea how it works)is good for watching country or incitement to hatred videos,just don't use it for anything secure
  12. I think most people even remotely awake realise its no point looking to blame China as the sole instigator of this,best leave that to rabid commentators on the various online media platforms,China is an integral part of this whole scheme ,the USA is to be finished as the powerhouse of the western world which is pretty self evident given events of the last 18 months and given the Deagel predictions (yes i know i bang on about them,but try and look past the sensasionalist headlines of massive population drops and look at the reasons why they reached the conclusions they did in 2014) that the industrial and wealth might of the 'traditional' west is to be moved east to Russia and China and it all starts to make sense .This is the formation of a Chinese empire that will encompass the world, however, that empire will be short lived the goal is one world government with China being the 'mangers' of it ,Australia is to be an outpost of that along with a multitude of African nations .Migration is also predicted to be shifting east with Russia being a buffer zone due to its size and ability to accomodate mass migration Peoples of the 'oriental' countries are to make up a large part of the half a billion 'they' need as they 'are obedient already' Western Europe is to be financially crippled and like the inhabitants of the various countries is to be reliant on someone or something possibly the unaccountable world bank I could be totally wrong and there is no concerted attack on the 5 eyes countries and its just coincidence
  13. The UK is in a similar position in that the NHS is the biggest employer in western europe with circa 1.5 million employees,couple that with regional and local government,emergency services and armed forces ,then all the ngo's and charities reliant on government grant money,the school and further education system,benefits system etc etc and as you add up the figures you realise that the working population (and many others not working) of the UK is vastly over represented by government money That money pays for an awful lot of compliance and reliance
  14. Some heavyweights speaking out and the intriguing part is who was the MP that attended ? Sounds like some attempt at an underhand deal with government to save their own skins now the dawning realisation that they are potentially going to be hung out ot dry for their complicity https://www.bitchute.com/video/N2FQFVLwppMp/
  15. according to that interview, posted a few pages, back, Nick and Mahoney, they seem to allude to the idea that the 5g towers are not yet turned on yet Not sure, if there is a link, though know, how radiation, makes me feel and it aint good, Perhaps this video might help make sense of it,it did for me and i firmly belive there is no 5g YET,only 4g plus being sold as 5g,the bands they are presently using don't corrspond to what is officially recognised as 5g and given the past introductions of the 'G' technologies in that each one got a plus period before full introduction so makes sense Have a listen to Rob Braxman, i trust him far more than the majority of stuff online on the subject
  16. I'm beginning to question why Australia was chosen to be the testing crowd for an engineered societal collapse Was it to show the rest of the world what to expect if they dare try to stand up to the ptb ? Was it becaus the brainwashing amongst the ptb is so complete they believe the hype ? Or is it because they need to show China that they can be just as ruthless with their own population as China can with theirs prior to the full implementation of the antipodean belt and road initiative ? The figures being punted in the media ref covid are laughable compared to the scary numbers we have been subjected to in the UK/USA ,so that leaves the bri and brainwashing,i don't think Australian politicians are that dumb and are willing to overlook anything and go along with anything for their $ cut So that leaves the BRI ,and more importantly what it means for the rest of the world
  17. I'd read through the comments on twitter if you believe this is real
  18. I spent 25+ years working in Scotland,i have a rough idea how you drink ;-)
  19. Proper snakebite recipe 1 can tennants super 500ml of the cheapest white cider you can find (bargain booze used to do a particulalrly delectable brand called zeppelin) half n half in a pint glass,drink and relax to stupefication The good old days
  20. Same as the UK's 'hundreds' when the footage clearly showed 10's of thousands,must be a new thing to employ journalists who are absolutely shit at counting and it's strange that it's a worldwide phenomena
  21. This one has flown under the radar,the wretch Hancock is in the spotlight ,hopefully for all the right reasons this time,however i think its more theres bus coming and its time for him to go under it as some kind of appeasement to keep the sheep satisfied https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/matt-hancock-covid-contracts-emails-whatsapp-b1924417.html
  22. Thanks for the Europereloaded article Skitz,i hadn't ralised that in all probability the death star troopers are not even police but hired goons and the article is littered with references to some perennial favourits Chatham house ,soros b & M etc Ties in with what a lot of protesters in the UK were saying from 2019 onwards that the 'riot police' were in actual fact private security companies appearing like cops ( it goes back a long way in the UK,as far back as the miners strike and military dressing up as cops,allegdly). They can have all the kit in the world but one thing they can never have is the numbers,i just hope Australia can reach critical mass and walk right over the fuckers
  23. Got a good friend who runs a large cash n carry,must get in touch as he's 'on the pulse' regarding anything food and food supply stuff thats going on,If it is being engineered he'll know and know exactly whats being affected
  24. Seems like the Oz police went on a shopping spree for all the latest in 'less lethal' crowd control tools and spent spent and then spent some more,and coincidentally all before covid surprise surprise It's looking more and more like Australia has been selected to see how far they can go to subdue an entire populace ,one things for sure the worlds law enforcement are watching ,getting moist at the prospect of being able to let rip in their own countries with their latest 'toys' All the clobber,bunch of knobbers,beware the dildo firing splurge guns !!
  25. I actually noticed it yesterday with no granulated sugar whatsoever available in my local supermarket,even asked and told 'had trouble with deliveries' even at the height of the 'great toilet paper stampede' of 2019 sugar was never in short supply Was i panic buying ? yes i was, gotta feed that still project somehow,for fuel you understand ;-)
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