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  1. Have you heard of the 15 minute cities? Where everything your heart desires is within 15 minutes of your abode in your tiny lego house and travel out side that '15 minute zone' into the rewilded countryside will be punished with social credit score reduction ? And yes even in the UK the spineless albino jellyfish has already mentioned it more than once about rewilding for the UK,However in the USA the plans are far more advanced https://rewilding.org/
  2. Link to the excellent 'Manchester the night of the bang' on Richplanet tv 40 mins long for each of the 3 episodes but very thorough https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=283&part=1&gen=17 Just to compliment it heres the link to '7/7 The Ripple effect' https://www.bitchute.com/video/M5g4oSy8SDNn/
  3. How bizarre,I was watching a lot of the content on richplanet on Fri and Sat and watched the 'night of the bang' again,some incredibly compelling evidence that it was all fake and why is the BBC (spit) still doing its poodle impression for the security services ?...one and the same perhaps ? Are we due another 'event' shortly to ramp up the fear levels again?
  4. Seen quite a few video clips of the ''Chugging for ammunition'' ...Maybe we could start it up like the adopt a ' snow leopard for only 3 quid a month' propagated by the WWF (also part of the cabal) Yes i'd like to adopt a graz rocket for 3 pounds amonth....But perhaps it would be better served if it was fired on Westminster
  5. Goodness me Saved thats flushed a memory out of the hole I was about 8 or 9 and going on my first holiday with mum stepdad and sister, dad had borrowed the works transit and we had a wonky 4 berth tent and we went to Tenby in Wales,unfortunately on the way home dad blew the engine up on the tranny,no AA cover and going to take a week to get it fixed,this farmer allowed us to camp out in one of his fields and he was into his football. Theres some really important match on and me dad and farmer go into the barn to watch it on a crappy b & w telly and sitting on hay bales and he'd got his home brew out and they let me have a shandy which hit me like a brick...me and dad get back to the wonky tent and into those horrid nylon sleeping bags We woke up half in half out of the tent cos we'd pitched on a slope...wish i could remember what match it was...I'll have to ask him next time i speak to him !
  6. Unfortunately you are spot on with the word 'commodity' and only set to get worse
  7. Hello folks been away for a couple of days so just catching up Do they still 'take the knee' ? Don't have a telly so not caught sight of anything footy related for years And more impoertantly are the youth sides doing it as well? If they are i find that abhorrent and well done Hungary fans
  8. Short clip which combines one of my favourite books ever 'Trainspotting' and THAT goal
  9. I was there as well !! and me dad telling to run on the spot to keep warm I also remember getting my leg broken after queuing all night for tickets for some championship play off and an impromptu game of football broke out and was like a street brawl i was about 7 and got a reet dirty tackle after i'd scrapped to get at the ball...They took me into a house where a very nice lady looked aftr me till the amblance arrived and she had a wonderful little yorkshire terrier called Archie after Archie Gemmel,Another old school powerhouse on the pitch,Used to love seeing him go for it Got reported in the Derby Evening Telegraph....i've had my 15 minutes of fame I still hate football !
  10. Ramsey Hunt? I can think of one word that rhymes with it
  11. Pieabities gets us all in the end ! My sister had a dalliance with Mr Yorke got a great picture of my nipper when she was about 4 bouncing on the seats of his car and ragging 7 bells out of the upholstery in his open top Bmw like a feral cat whilst him and my sister stood there gobsmacked !!
  12. Getting back to racism...my step uncle was 7 years older than me but a proper 1970's skinhead DM's levis, braces and listened to shit hot reggae tracks and a die hard Derby fan,He never went to the matches for the football he went for the aggro...He didn't give a monkeys what race creed or colour you were if your colours wern't black and white and you were up for a scrap he was in there...Then everyone went home for tea and sticky buns Nobody cared years ago everyone got on The msm is the biggest propagator of 'racism' and its doing so much damage and Mr Southgate needs to shut the fuck up
  13. I did actually see Steve Bull play at Wolves and goodness me that man was fearless on the pitch,a proper old school footballer and the polar opposite of the preened and pampered fairies that infest the grounds the length and breadth of the UK today And don't get me started on Scottish football....pub teams that play in the pot noodle league or whatever its called now ( I do quite like Inverness Caledonian Thistle...the team with the most letters in its name in all of UK football) I still hate it !
  14. Makes me scratch thee old noggin and think 'that tnucs just fell over and he's getting more than my house is worth a week' ....Where did it all go wrong ?
  15. Really enjoying this thread,had some great laughs,got educated by some knowledgable folk and laughed quite a bit ....Keep it going folks !
  16. Fair comment,watch out for the encroachment of the 5 eyes to the neighbouring states it is and will happen then we have to prick our ears up
  17. I must add...get rid of the rigged voting system as well particularly Dominion....Crooked cunch of bunts
  18. Oh lawdy not another one,My American cousins your 2A is under sustained attack,Fight with every fiibre of your being to stop it...or vote or impeach that incontinent senile old fool out of office who keeps signing executive orders
  19. Some British people know this is absolute bollix and as resolute as we may be we have to remain vigilant,Dark forces are at work,Make provision and look after your family and loved ones....make no mistake the dung is heading for the fan
  20. Late 70's it started with television then it ramped up during the 80's then the 90's it exploded once Sky started throwing millions at it...Kept millions entertained and hungry for more....No more driving hundreds of miles,simply slip off yer shoes slump on the sofa with the remote and a couple of cans and you are there Hypnotism of the masses ;-)
  21. That is so insightful ''Stolen from the working man'' almost poetic,Yes we can wax lyrical about the 'olden days' but it really was stolen,commercialised and intended to rip as much cash out of you as they could,Jeez Louise if you want to see something being commercialised study English football from the late 1970's
  22. Great being a Derby fan....Black and white....even used to work on black n white tellys...Dead simple
  23. I should explain why i hate football....My stepdad came into my life when i was 5 and took me to every home and away match DCFC played in a Mk1 capri with air horns that played La Cuchuracha (best bit of going the air horn) but throughout the very late 60's and into the early 70's i did get to see some of the giants of football play....i hated it,i'd much rather be off with my mates climbing trees (and falling out of them !) poking sticks in holes i shouldn't have and generally being a normal rascal of a child but the closest we had to a football team where i lived was Gresley Rovers and they were so poor they didnt even have grass to play on and it was a cinder pitch made of ashes from the coal fires of the miners who lived nearby It's grim up north you know!!!
  24. Cloughie was the epitome of 'Northern Grit'...Read quite a lot about him and my dad is a die hard DCFC fan through to the core...No nonsense plain speaking management style which always impressed me....Last of the managers from the era of bobble hat,Bovril a meat pie and a rattle and a scarf in your clubs colours if granny could knit fast And i still hate football
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