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  1. It's not a thesis more a 'feeling' from reading multiple news items,and watching the progression from the 'absoluutely no vaccine passports' to the rather sinister 'vaccine pass of some kind required to buy food ' and knowing that any new technology introduced will inevitably 'function creep' into uses that are A beyond the realms of possibility to B reality in a very very short time period.Couple that with murmurs of conditional web access in the name of 'online safety' ,id 2020 etc etc and it doesn't take much connecting of the dots to see where its headed,i would love to be proven wrong,believe me i would however i have seen how this phenomena of function creep happens time after time and is ALWAYS justified in the two most frightning phrases known to the modern technohuman ''its for your safety'' and '' crime/terror reduction'' there is the third one as well 'its for the childrens safety'' but that is used when the first two need bolstering a bit if the public are faltering on the uptake The technology for this already exists and wouldn't be hard to implement,especially if the phone manufacturers /isp's were ordered to comply on pain of legal penalties and or being shut down The demonisation of the unjabbed is still in its early stages yet but is progressing at a pace that should frighten the living daylights out of anyone even remotely awake,imagine exactly 1 year ago if you were told you would regularly be seeing twitter/facebook posts and comments equating you,an unjabbed person, to paedophiles rapists and mass murderers and caling for your internment and forced vaccination if not outright slaughter,i think even i would have found that far fetched yet 52 weeks later we are here in that reality The 5 eyes will lead on this as well and i see the poor Australians and NZ'ers being subjected to it first and possibly before 2022
  2. Some of it ended up in the fuel tanks of a tank that appared on the surplus market in the UK (if the story is to be believed !!) and are the rumours of the federal gold reserve being gone true ? (i remember gordon brown the wonky eyed porridge gobbling slug,apologies to my brethren north of the border, and his mass gold sell off) I've said it before and i'll say it again bic lighters andcandles will have a value far exceeding that of gold in my lifetime as an aside on that during the conflicts in the Balkans ammunition,food and bic lighters were the top three items of barter during that period,make of that what you will !!!
  3. This is all based on the assumption that the internet as you know it today is going to be around forever,the signs that is about to change are slowly filtering through, the covid pass will function creep into a digital i.d which will morph into conditional internet access and as of now i am not seeing any working alternatives or parallel internets,yes there are people seriously considering things but as of now nothing is running ,What happens when your vaccine status is tied to your ability to access anything online ? I don't have answers (and frankly i couldn't care less how much you make or lose) but i regard with suspicion the idea that crypto is some kind of solution to the moves being planned for the monetary systems used worldwide As for bitcoins early worthlessness ,It had to start somewhere and as you say hardly NSA stuff but wasn't that the intention ? making it the preserve of security agencies woldn't have helped it move the way it did and wouldn't have helped with public uptake of the idea I don't trust banks either so folks are pretty much in a corner, how they come out of that corner will be interesting to watch (i own nothing anyway but i'm unhappy,VERY fucking unhappy ! but not for reasons connected to finances) And finally what happened to all those millions of dollars worth of btc that the US government seized when they took down the silk road with the help of a mysterious hacker? did they put them back into the system or are they still sitting on them ? I have done a bit of cursory research into that but still can't seem to find a definitive answer
  4. I'm still to be convinced by anyone that crypto is a good idea,Yes decentralized it may be but 24 hours into an internet outage affecting a whole country and exactly how much is crypto worth at that point? and yes i know transactions can be done via ham radio but c'mon seriously how many people are actually geared up for that eventuality ? I also know people who are invested in crypto will rush to its defence,but please don't waste your time on this occasion as i simply don't need convincing which crypto is more anonymous than another or which way its going If you are profiting off crypto i'm pleased for you i really am and more power to your elbow but for those ardent defenders of crypto all i want ot know really is how you will cope should the internet go down in your country and the crypto of your choice is suddenly either made illegal/every transaction subjct to scrutiny (bidens every transaction over 600 dollars comes to mind here ) /replaced by a government crypto at some predetermined value and which you are compelled by law to exchange your current crypto into Look to history and private ownership of gold and what governments have done with that in the past (USA UK and a myriad of other countries) I still firmly believe bitcoin is being used to get people used to the idea of a one world currency and establish the infrastructure for its implementation which WON'T be bitcoin and that day when the one world govrnment decides to implement it is getting closer by the day
  5. I know its not funny my antipodean brethren but...
  6. And on this subject of sublimial messaging,the other night i watched 'They Live' in its entirety for the first time ever and apart from being corny as hell kinda touched on the subliminal aspect of things with the glasses that show what is really there
  7. I think perhaps you are confusing subliminal messaging with product placement,pp is in your face and is on screen for multiple amounts of seconds whereas sub mssaging is one single frame inserted randomly,it happens so fast your eyes dont register it into your consciousness but your mind 'sees' it Hard to describe but if you go to the likes of youtube and look for some examples you'll see what i mean
  8. It's been happening since we were young,look at the subliminal messaging in Disney stuff,dildo's ,paedo code symbols ,illuminati calendars on the wall yadda yadda yadda It didn't stop at advertising,they just shifted focus
  9. I think we are far far past the point of a universal phone smashing ,we are basically as a species too far gone for that to ever occur,some of us have no problem whatsoever leaving them at home when we go out and basically using them just for calls as and when required but who in their right mind is going to smash up 700 quids worth of tech because some tinfoilers think they might be a bad idea ? Making the phones hardware operating systems redundant might be a better option,i.e masts ,I had a dream that a single car tyre can make any phone mast inoperable,very weird that one ;-)
  10. Subliminal messaging is actually illegal on tv in the UK and the last time i remember it being done was in episodes of the young ones,many many moons ago and when videos were still betamax or vhs ( the frog,the dove etc) i told my daughter about them about 10 years ago when she was just discovring the young ones and she spent hours tying to freze frame them ! .Not sure about in video via online platforms and the legality but if its advertising i would have thought its the same but private videos ?....
  11. Go to the link and use the contact button to let her know how you appreciate her fight against covid and her quest for a computer for her grandchild (use a disposable email addy should you feel it neccsary) I have
  12. If she is real i believe her cards are marked The interweb has a long memory
  13. Just looking at some of the twatter replies You would def have turned in Anne Frank Hahahahaha
  14. I had a similar experince when the UK death toll on the mhra figures was around a thousand and an old acquaintance came to visit proudly told me he was jabbed so i asked him if he had made a will,cue nervous laughter then i told him the jabs had caused nearly a thousand deaths already ,he never batted an eyelid it was if i hadn't spoken,i then told him over 200 people had been made blind as a result of the miracle in a syringe and it was if a hypnotist had done the 3...2...1 back in the room BLIND ? and he appered genuinely shocked,i'm gussng the plum still went and got his second dose,haven't seen him since
  15. I still swear at the tv when the WWF begging adverts come on,they have become nothing but a political pressure group and a powerful ngo in the UN/WEF stable their charitable status should be removed forthwith much the same as all the other beggars on lesser tv channels especially during daytime tv unicef/christian aid blah blah blah
  16. One word Utopia (original ch4 series not the us bastardisation)
  17. Nahh they love nature,look at the rewilding plans for the USA and even little old uk ,trouble is the nature they want has no place for yoomans Theyve reintroduced the beaver in Scotland i was reading the other day and its been so successful they are now thinking about reintroducing the lynx and the wolf as the beavers have no natural predators apart from man They WILL have their wildernesses,getting rid of us first is the priority i believe !
  18. I think NZ is readying the bolt hole for those wretched members of the elite who plan to use it as their base of operations once the western countries start collapsing inwards
  19. More likely its part of a push for animal vaccines for covid,there is a continual slow drip of stories in the msm about animals and covid mainly domestic pet related and i have a sneaking suspicion that the jab manufacturers being successful in getting the child market sorted are now looking for anothr income stream to add to their portfolio,most responsible (!) pet owners have already had their pets chipped in the trial for human chipping so jab passports for animals isn't beyond the realms of possibility and would also act as an inducement to humans to accept the implantable chip Imagine the profits if it was deemed every cat and dog got jabbed and rechipped and which responsible pet owner is going to turn that down even if not having them jabbed and chipped meant their pets being put down by government decree
  20. There will be the usual excuses of born in captivity so won't be able to survive the wild to 'can't risk giving all the wild gorillas the covid' Their fate is already sealed and it enables the zoo to get rid of their gorilla's reativly cheaply,compare the cost of a single bullet to the cost of rewilding one gorilla If they don't get rid they are finshed as a zoo,can't imagine many normies wanting to visit a zoo with a population of hairy covid spreaders
  21. Which now means thy will probably be slaughtered as a precaution
  22. Take the vax and its a death sentence so forging a cert is nothing to particularly worry about
  23. All new homes have to have offroad parking now and any new office/industrial buildings the same,I believe its written into planning law as part of agnda 2030 and 'sustainability' at least for the UK anyway
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