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  1. European used to offer immunity from a lot of things which i did enjoy and exploit i must admit,however the world changed,i spent quite a few years travelling as a 'European' with the much vaunted spy in your pocket the red passport,however the world changed and so did the demarcation lines,even if i wanted to class myself as a european again it would be exceedingly difficult in our new clotshot reality ,i think i'm gonna identify as chinese in future,purely for the confusion on peoples faces when i tell them so,and enjoy watching them try to comprehend a 6'4'' tattoed fuckwit northern european skinhead standing before them
  2. Superb quote !!! All trying to outdo each other 'Oh we went to Tenerife for our two weeks holiday in other peoples misery'' ...'Oh WE went to twentyrife and the misery was far superior' Absolutne i całkowite pochwy psów ich mnóstwo I dont speak Polish by the way but google translate has its uses
  3. I'm English (i was actually born in England) then i'm British after that i perhaps may become a resident of the UK and a citizen of same i'm no longer a european and nor do i have any wish to be but over and above all i'm me,i fly my own flag and march to my own drum and find flying flags a bit naff n'orl,although i do understand the tribalism aspect of it,it was once a rallying post on battlefields now most flags are brands to be hoiked out to the highest bidder My flag ? 6ft x 3ft black oblong with 'FUCK YOU' in pillar box red letters ,to be flown on high days and holidays
  4. It's given them a reason for being,nothing people like more than trying to outhealth each other ,get two fuckas talking about their aches and pains and it can go on forevr,now everyone has it as a topic of convrsation,its replaced the weather,football,what they watched on tv last night and what they are having for dinner,its become the be all and end all of their social intercours skills.Its givn people 'life' a new purpose and belief system,a common grounding with people they would never normally talk to bcause they have been reduced to having the personality traits of root vegetables Threaten it,challenge it and you risk their ire and outright anger The only cure is a blunt punch in the face and a stern telling to 'stop being a cunt'
  5. And that fix has been generated by corporations using the brightest minds available in the fields of human behaviour to do just that,spending untold billions working out just what makes people 'tick' and how to make them tick faster and purchase more,got to give credit where credit is due,theyve done an amazing job
  6. You ever noticed how limiting accessing the web is using a phone or tablet compared to a full blown pc or laptop ? I don't think its by accident either,they cannot access the breadth of information in one place and are limited to the screen size,whereas with a laptop i can sit here with 20 windows open and switch between them effortlessly and have multiple pages open at once on the same screen They are like dull knives Good for fuck all
  7. First episode of 'Blood of the vikings' ,think the rest (2-5) are also on bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/M7oqqDFH11wN/
  8. Like the various pictures of the 'elites' maskless but the servants waiting tables all scurrying around like slaves at th g7 or the pictures of various ministers and education board grandees maskless and all the little uns masked up No doubt the mps have made themselves exempt in the uk,same with everything,however the msm dare not report it more precisely hav been told not to on pain of advertising revenue pulled
  9. Ill walk out the minute they start insisting or trying to force one or making it conditional,i've been fully prepared for it several times already but been surprised at the lack of insistence,and thats at my local gp's surgery and in 2 different hospitals now,I'm normally quite sympathtic to the nhs (i was also married to a staff nurse for quite a long time) but im quite prepared for the ''caring'' nhs suddenly to morph into something that does NOT have my best interests at heart
  10. could be ,thing is ive spent no time with my sister since she got jabbed (no love lost tween us,not close at all),could be the result of the two boken ribs i got a few years ago,could be th fact i smoke 40 cigs a day,so many variables i don't want to go all exclusive and blame one thing,thinking about it could be my head as well and another mri scan i had but thats another story ,although today for th first ime i got offered th flu jab when i phoned my doctors,in fact more than once during the short convrsation,but the call was terminated with ''i'll mark you down as declined then'' quite sniffily,think my barcode now has a mark that i'm an antivaxxer
  11. I don't think i've visited any country on the planet and not come across a 'Bong' (and i've been to some right shitholes as well) we're like a global rash of dogshit,everywhere !
  12. Wiki on the 5 part series Blood of the Vikings,it was the BBc but a series not a doc,well worth a watch if you can find it online https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_of_the_Vikings
  13. Viking army sailed up the river that runs about 100 metres from the bottom of my garden and about 3 miles away set up camp in 873ad then proceeded to rape,pillage and actually settled round these parts,this was the edge of the danelaw,BBC (bless em,bunch of cunts that they are) did a good programme a few years ago where they sampled the dna of present day folk across various parts of th UK and looked for Scandi bloodlines (think it was bbc anyway) ,i shall ook for the link TO VALHALLA !
  14. I saw that article earlier and thought hmmmmm buildings look like the middle eastern georgia guidestones without the scribble (and newly added graffiti)
  15. I watched waiting for him to utter 5G but it never came,maybe not as prominent in th consciousnss or in the roll out in Poland ? ,Maybe Human10 can chime in here?
  16. No heart problems although they did find a ''baseline issue that was unusual but not something to worry about'' Becase this all relates to what can only be described as sleep apnoea except i'm wide awake when it happens (suffered with the 'asleep' variant for over 30 years sporadically) and its accomapnied by lung pain (only one lung oddly) and chest pains i got the full 9 yards of tests,but amazingly never once asked if jabbed and in a hospital 50 miles away from my home,initially it was ecg then bloods taken and rapid results from them (luckily i ended up in a univrsity hospital thats quite well funded and equipped although it has a bad prior for killing people !) Now the way the cardiologist described it was we did a tst that looks for microscopic changes in your heart blood vessels and it was clear,with my limited knowledge thats a d dimer The problems quite recent and i'm still waiting on conclusive results from a mri scan i had done 2 weeks ago,but could be cancr or could be any amont of other issues ,proudly nver tested or jabbed but by fuck have i abused myself over the years so now i'm cracking on it's to be expected ! I did think bout th shedding stuff a few weeks ago,but personally im not too worrid about it,however ive related befor about my sister, jab1 immediately into hospital where she spent 11 days,once out she got jab two (cupid stunt) ,couple of months later they cut an aggressive tumour out of her hand ,10 days ago they removed her lymph glands,guess my sister didn't get the placebo,she was picture of health before any of the jabs,nevr smoked never drank fit as a fiddle,this story wont be the last that many people read in the coming weeks and months Although i don't spend much time amongst the blackbloods th shedding issue seems to hav quietened considerably however i'm still willing to be open minded however in th saturation point of information we are now in its difficult ot sort the wheat from the chaff
  17. I cannot take a man with a hair do like that seriously,fuck off mate,come back when you've shaved your head and had a go on your ventolin inhaler,all that gasping makes me think youve been overdoing summat you shouldn't 18 months in and a deluge of stories like this im actually at saturation point now and although enjoyable to watch,i now watch and wait,if theres any truth it'll ''take'' and will get wider coverage and then it'll be worth further observation and/or investigation until such time i shall refrain from squealing about aluminium based et eggs and being conned by someone holding up a length of string and tellng the audience they have 'THIS' growing in them when if folk listened he actually said the head was micron size and the 'horns 2.5mm. ,I'd liek to feed him some tapeworm eggs
  18. Seems a little more than odd that the camp stories only seem to be coming from the 5 eyes nations,Don't think i've seen anything from Germany nor france as yet,both countries with populations larger than the UK's The plan on this one is most secret and i ccan't bgin to work it out yet,however without doubt i will find out when they unleash their 'resttlement'' model
  19. Aus building or built them ,USA had them for years,UK building them under the guise of prisons for resttlement of offenders,Canada building them Shout out to NZ brethren,you got yours going yet ?
  20. Original with subs,sounds like russian not french to me,but at least you havent got Bubba waffling https://rumble.com/vnlxse-alien-life-forms-found-in-the-vaxx-they-are-multiplying.html corrction Polish i think
  21. We've had regional stereotypes for hundreds of years especially in the UK where we can take the piss out of each other especially at work etc,i think it just moved with the times and went online and the same as any closed user group it develops its own language idioms and tla's,look at management speak ,its much the same,it enables those 'in' the group to communicate at the exclusion of those 'outside' been the same since we were not much more than turd flinging monkeys If i had a penny for every time ive been called a morris dancer i could afford new clogs
  22. Have a look how they use the data by MP,they also filter out by country,amount of votes each mp gets etc Now imagine that being used or sold to the highest bidder or perhaps the names and addresses of ''GASP'' domestic terrorists being passed on to each mp who can then circulate them to whoever he/she/they/it see fit for a little visit at some pre determined point in the future by the mind police,especially if that mps constitents didnt vote tory https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/597665.json
  23. Have you made a will ? is the first thing i'd ask Then launch into 'well you've taken a gamble with your life the same as me but if you are wrong you die,whereas me, if i have got it wrong by being not jabbed i get a dose of a flu like illness with a 99%+ chance of surviving; If that doesn't work follow ziggys instructions
  24. Exactly the same virtually word for word as trotted out by various 'experts' in the UK a few months ago,all part of the psyop
  25. The problem being that many of those people on the list are edging towards the prime of their life,whats more intriguing is who are the unknowns we never hear about who are presntly being groomed for installation of one world govrnment regions ??
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